Material on the transforming DPAD 360 controller

On this controller, there’s this material on the shell that feels completely different than the standard 360 controller. I honestly have never felt a material on a controller that was this comfortable.

Does anyone know what they used?

Hrm… not sure. But y’all be sure to let us know how long it takes for your D-pad to pop off lol.

Ironically enough, the best D-pad available for fighting games on the X360 is the transforming d-pad, yet, it’s not robust enough to stand up the the constant demand of inputs for fighting games. I got a solid 3 months out of mine before it popped off though -.-

Oh, that picture above isn’t mine. My Dpad selfdestructed itself a long time ago. When I first got the controller, I started noticing this crack in it, I thought I must have scratched it. Few months later, it completely comes a part. I found out recently it’s a common issue heh. I replaced it with a black normal dpad.

Maybe it used Soft Touch Painting, otherwise matted grinding.