Matrix Av Request


I’d like a Merovingian av, if anyone’s got the time or is interested. Nothing specific, just the Merovingian. Go crazy.



i’ll do it but who is merovingina


google it.


The french guy holding the Keymaker hostage in the Matrix: Reloaded.

Here’s some pics

Merovingian 1

Merovingian 2

Merovingian 3

I’d have some more, but I seem to be having trouble taking screenshots of my media player. Hrm.


ok man i’ll do it tomorrow:)


Awesome, man. I figured out the screenshots, so here’s a better pic if you need them.


And a couple more.


what media player are you using? PowerDvD???



Actually, its good old fashioned Windows Media, God bless America.

The quality suffered a little from the transition. In a related note, I do actually use Powerdvd, but this particular copy of reloaded ran a little funny on it.


How did you take Screen with windows Media?..when i try its blank… ;/


I had the same problem, until Rei answered it for me.


here you go, let me know if you want anything changed:


That works, dude. Thanks a lot.