Matthew McConaughey Announced As Marvel's Black Panther

…or at least that’s what I hope to hear.

Thank Dog there’s no poster on SRK who disagrees with this choice. After his stint in True Detective, there’s no actor better poised to take the role of a black comic book character in the Marvel movie universe.

Right? Right.

I approve of this casting choice. Blk Panther needs a legit actor of this generation to give him the crossover appeal to make it a successful movie

there is no one to disagree with this

NO ONE :relieved:

It’s the best choice, really. There’s no black actor available who can portray the ridiculous Vibranium plot armor that BP possesses like a man who, despite his filmography, won an Oscar.

This is almost as good as Leonardo DiCaprio playing MLK.

After this he can be in the next X-Men with Taylor Swift’s booty as Storm. It is the prefect casting job. There is no one that exists that can disagree with this.

Raz0r doesn’t care about black people.

I felt jake gyllenhaal should have been Falcon.

Wow… So you basically are admitting to being the rat now?

I think a lot of people stop caring what color superheroes were supposed to be a while ago,

What’s the matter? Offended they changed his race, bigots?

Those are the times that we need WTF-AKUMA-HAX and his paint skillz.

I’m hearing Paris Hilton snagged the role as Shuri.

Only now her name will be Sherry. Much easier to pronounce, sort of rolls off the tongue better.

I feel like someone in another plane of existence is trying to disagree but…I just can’t quite hear him over his posts getting deleted.

Mama Rock comin for you, Raz0r…

Melissa Joan Hart as Storm please…

I’m surprised Raz0r didn’t jump in here, see people concurring with the casting, and say “Nah, fuck that, racist!”

But I guess his klan card is the only trump card for his perpetual game of Devil’s Advocate.

We need westly snipes as the black panther or shaq.

^better casting call.

RockB thinks he like:

But he really like: