Matthew McConaughey Announced As Marvel's Black Panther

Seeing how everyone agrees, no further disdlcussion is necessary.

And I heard this guy is gonna be Claw…


I coulda sworn this was closed. Did they re-cast with Nick Cage as Black Panther?

Watching this thread for hilarity

Already know who would make Marvel MONEY playing Luke Cage…


[details=Spoiler]Rare footage of black panther undercover as a stoner bro fromthe 80s


Does this man the panther god gave t’challa the power to camouflage? If only GD had a resident expert on Black Panther.

Cant wait for Taylor Swift to start her acting career playing Storm.

You know who needs to be in this cinematic adventure?

Roseanne mother fucking for the people Barr

I figure she could play the president of Wakanada, or maybe the CEO of Wakanada Incorporated, or maybe King of Wakanada

Mathew McConaughey as BP? Huh?

You need somebody who truly embodies BP from the comics, the perfect actor in the world for that role would be non other than Andy Dick.


Slap some shoe polish on him and thats BP personified.

day late a dollar short. so it will have to be taken from someone made this!

nobody even knows how to spell matt Mconhey’s name anyway.

& owKEN Wilson from SF2 is pretty sick. "HEY IM WALKING HERE"
was in Shanghai Knights, which, they didn’t even sword really…


but only someone will get mad at this - and dumb guys following that disagree, like lolmaoinsightfultheydont big big fan of mister T’s family over here

I read the Black Panther comic books before it was cool
I didn’t read them to make a statement
I read them just because

I liked it

matt mccon
probably says atlanta
better than anyone you ever heard say atlanta

shit you can hear him in your head right now saying it

Somehow this thread has less impact when you know this nignog was banned for all of 12 hrs…smfh

People bumping his other thread too
He’s the spoiler onliner you deserve
Why does he get off on /that/

(because he is not good at discussion…!)


When he posted after a show airs, that made sense tho to spark discussion, just not where people are avoiding spoilers while they need to watch the show first not even really being-‘catchup’. They hadn’t watched it yet.

& don’t go in those threads until they do
avoiding reading the thread for that show/game
before they watch it themselves to experience stories

Now he’s doing the other part of not in the right thread, but the right threads and instead/again/like always no spoiler tag?

Speaking of getting off on that
This scared me


holy hell that R-mika ass is terrible

probably move as terrible as elena does in 3D

which is insane because she was moving Eddie Gordo 3D in 2D

through the power of real animation DIMPS you failure no quality company

ExposedD zoomed in avatar
on what is truly donkology
thirstydudes dot com .gif

“Bounce quarters and nickels off that butt”

and they wont bounce very far… whats the metric for that phrase, really tho. donk fell off apology edition.

(thinking it happened)
People got the R.Mika they wanted
now they got the one they deserve = gets no attention from the rest of development from now on

Who’s gonna play her for real, who even can play her for real, joke character fetish throwaway
Nobody to the story weirdo, Ryus gonna stick his fist in that ugly shit, now go back to the wall

yeah who’s playing that character for the whole life of the game
grinding her out, having fun losing all the time screaming out
in pain ultra murder whatever that name was psuedo masochist

of course
PHANtom PAIN’gle
but also, ya momma

[details=Spoiler]miyamoto’s credo
doesn’t hold up now

“a bad game is bad forever while a delayed game can be fixed”

in the age of patches, updated games
but he was saying that back then, thinking that in the old school console time to release software as is just once

too much time to patch, expansion game, put any fixes out there, not cutting losses by rushing a game to market, that will result in any sales, vs real market share -[/details] if they were smart they’d DLC charge $40 just for dumbass R.Weaka. Would anyone buy that? “The horse armor of DLC” or Strider company mock up copyright but license it out to junky games for greasy ‘those kinda gamers’ you want her, you pay the premium, like the rest of the characters the game is always about aren’t enough for those ppl. They only buy SF anything if that weird character is in it. 0 story after how many years because its a shallow design. Cheesecake, can’t even compete with Cammy/Chun/Sakura. How she gonna fight Bison with her flying peach buttslam doing 0 damage.

Put a damned Rival Schools character in SKEET Fighter V. The biker gang young adults might fit the theme they got going, industrial hoopity hooplah electric, not just boring Batsu everytime either. One of those girls had the ninja mask and a weapon, Zaki? Skull on her Motorcycle helmet Akira in the fatigues, spiky gloves. Or of course just put lame Juri in another outfit, kick a shoe at you VTrigga, invisible divekick teleport, or roll on the floor under a fireball.

WTF is going on in here and Black Panther was cast a while ago.

This seriously scared the shit outta me. Please don’t do that again…

yo it would be better if LL Cool J was the Black Panther. His action packed performance in Deep Blue Sea was really good and I could see him being the best for this role.

Boy, is Chris Evans gonna be mad!