MattyP Presents: GamePad Streaming Fighter Fridays! $10 (NoVa) Nov. 5

Super Street Fighter 4 Fighter Fridays
RanBat Series One concluded!

Congratulations to Season 1 winner: Blue! His Fuerte is a force to be reckoned with in the NoVa area, and is deemed GamePad’s Finest! That is, until Season 2 starts later this year!

Congratulations to Bolt as well! With his dedication to appearing on almost all RanBats and an improvement in his game, he takes 2nd!

GamePad offers special rates for SF4 fighters! Every Friday is $10 for an all-day pass to play SF4! $5 of every entry fee will go towards a 70/30 split pot! Consolation prizes are handed out as well!

Come test out Northern VA’s competitors… Or use our cheap tournaments as practice for bigger weekend tournaments!


GamePad, located in Spotsylvania Towne Centre (Mall) between Wendy’s and LensCrafters. Come in the back entrance that says “Towne Centre”.

3102 Plank Rd.
Unit # 390
Fredericksburg, VA 22407


Gamepad, LLC - VA’s Premiere Gaming LAN Center

Fighter Friday RanBats

Every Friday
The Double-Elimination bracket begins NTL 7:30.
Players are encouraged to come early to warm up; we open at 10am!

How to get here:
From I-95 take exit 130-B West on Rt.3
At the 3rd traffic light make a left onto Bragg Rd. (Just passed the main entrance to the mall)
Follow Bragg Rd. all the way to the “T” and take a right.
Take the first left you can into the parking lot and try to get as close to the “Lens Crafters” entrance as possible (between JC Penny and Macy’s).
Enter mall next to Lens Crafters sign and Gamepad will be the next unit on your right.

SSF4 Rules:
Double elimination bracket.
3 rounds.
2 out of 3 until Grand Final, which is 3 out of 5.
Random stage.
Loser may change character. Winner may only change Ultra.
BYOC - no programmable sticks or use of turbo, officials may test controllers at random. Standard, wired Xbox 360 controllers will be provided for use if you don’t have one
ALL Characters Allowed.
Intentional pausing will result in a forfeit of the round.

All you need is $10 for all day play and tourney entry! Call us for any questions! Check out our website!

My only question is when did Freds become “Central” Virginia? :lol:

What would you classify us as?
Northern? I always say “central” because we’re smask-dab between DC and Richmond. :slight_smile:

I’m really looking for some more attendance… If you’re interested or have any questions, please post here!

Yes, Northern.
Not, Central.

Damn, I always heard that “Virginia stops at Roanoke” but this is the first time I’ve heard of Virginia stopping at I-95. I peeked in here because I saw Central VA and thought “Hey, Lynchburg isn’t far form Blacksburg, maybe I can go to some of these some time.” But hell, my girlfriend and I like to go to Fred for the weekend just to get away from people. So if these are still going on in a few months, maybe I’ll try to go to one.

Haha, thanks. I guess I’ll put Northern Virginia in the title now. :confused:

What exactly is a Marvel vs Capcom 2 “Custom” arcade cab?

Haha well basically it’s a cab with the actual game, unmodified.
However, the owner of the cab (not related to GamePad) put pieces of several cabs together… It works great, though.

Just letting everyone know that we’ve been having between 10 and 20 players every week show up, all with decent skill… So if you’re looking for a challenge, it’s still here!

Sorry for double-posting… But I want to put some results up from this week’s tournament…
I kind of get the feeling that no one knows how many people are coming or something, and that’s why there’s no posts/interest. This week we had 16 entrants, and 3 regulars were unable to make the tournament. At this rate, we’ll have 20-30 players every week in no time!

SF4 Singles 10/2/09

  1. Sage (Gief)
  2. Andrew (Rog)
  3. Blue (Ryu)
  4. Avery (Abel)
  5. Duane (Rufus/Honda)
  6. Arsenio (Gen/Vega)
  7. Tyler
  8. Scott (Guile)
  9. Yoho (Cammy)
  10. Adam
  11. Sherri
  12. Isaiah
  13. Ben (Bison)
  14. Brian (Ryu)
  15. Eric
  16. Jake (Fuerte)

Also of note: the 3 regulars main Sagat (myself), Chun-Li (Ryan), and another Sagat (Ant).

You should have posted up in some of the Area threads.

We had an 8 man tourney yesterday here in Richmond. And 14 a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe we’ll come up there one time and test our mettle.

Actually I posted a link in the Richmond players’ thread a week or 2 ago… Lol
I think it was in the middle of a discussion, it seemed like it was breezed over.
This week we had about 15 players, and we ran singles AND doubles… A combined tourney would put us at like 25-30 players… Not bad!
The venue’s a great size for a big tourney!

Results from 10/9
Singles (just top5):

  1. Blue (Ryu)
  2. Ryan (Chun-li)
  3. Anthony (Sagat)
  4. Sage (Gief)
  5. Avery (Abel)
  6. MattyP (Sagat)


  1. Andrew/Isaiah (Rog/Ken)
  2. MattyP/Sage (Sagat/Gief)
  3. Arsenio/Blue (Abel/Ryu)
  4. Ryan/Scott (Chun-Li/Guile)
  5. Yoho/Duane (Cammy/Honda)
  6. Darcy/Tyler (Blanka/Akuma)

thinking about it…

I hope you come, man!
It’s great practice for bigger tournaments that are usually on Saturdays!

*EDIT: 10/16 Results (Singles)

  1. MattyP (Sagat) $50
  2. Blue (Ryu/Balrog/Cammy)
  3. Avery (Rose/Abel)
  4. Andrew (Balrog)
  5. Sage (Zangief)
  6. Bryan (Blanka)
  7. Eric (???)
  8. Yoho (Cammy)
  9. Byron (Blanka)
  10. Arsenio (Gen/Vega)

one day, i will make it to one of these. are you guys going to throw in tekken seis?

I’ll stop by to play some SF4 and Tekken. :smile:

Hey, if people want to play Tekken we can set up a side tournament for that as well.
Will probably run that after the SF4 tournament is finished, usually around 7:30.

Yea, the past 2 weeks were really slow… But I’m pretty sure it was because of exams and whatnot.

Not one of the biggest tourneys last week but stuff happens. Hopefully this week’s will get a bigger crowd.

Yea, you’re right, it was pretty small.
Some of the regulars will be back at the end of the month.
Still, lots of fun this week!

*EDIT: Small Tourney turn-out, but we’re holding these indefinitely.
Singles (11/13)

  1. MattyP (Sagat)
  2. Anthony (Sagat)
  3. Blue (Ryu)
  4. Bryan (Ryu, Blanka)
  5. Scott/Arsenio (Guile/Gen, Vega)

You might be forgetting someone coughcough

i’ll make one of these eventually :\

Haha That seems to be the consensus I get from all of the non-locals. It’s all good.

I’m thinking about holding a BIG tournament right after New Year’s, I’ll have to schedule it around other local tournaments.

I just need committed players!