MattyP Presents: Super and Mahvel! -Fredericksburg, VA- 3/12


UPDATE New Tournament Date!
MattyP Presents:
SSFIV Tourney, and the introduction of MvC3! at GamePad
SATURDAY March 12th, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles
Marvel vs. Capcom 3
POSSIBLY Super Street Fighter 4 Teams
Other possible side tournaments (MvC2 on 360? BBCS? T6?)

3102 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

? $10.00 Venue Fee
? $10.00 Tournament Fee

? 10:00 AM ? Spotsylvania Towne Centre Opens/Registration Begins
? 10:00 AM-1:00 PM ? Warm-up period
? 1:00 PM ? Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Double-Elim Tournament
? Singles SSF4 will begin immediately following MvC3
? If there is enough interest, SSFIV teams will follow singles, time permitting
? All sets will be open for casuals/money matches from the end of the singles until 9:30 PM

? Pot split 60/30/10

General Rules:
? No pausing; intentional pausing may result in a forfeit.
? 99 seconds, 2/3 rounds
? 2 out of 3 up to Grand Final; 3 out of 5 Grand Final
? All characters/stages legal
? Loser may change characters, winner may only change Ultras.

GamePad is a LAN center located between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. We are the only center in the area fully participating in the GG Circuit. Our location has 36 Xbox 360s, 3 PS3s and 2 Wiis hooked up to 20 32" 1080p HDTVs, 19 23" 720p HDTVs, a 40" 1080p HDTV and a 23" SDTV that is wholly dedicated to Super Street Fighter 4.


Richmond and NoVA/MD need to get back down (or up) here and see how much Fredericksburg has improved. Blue, Bolt and Matty P can hold their own.


I’m gonna try to come up for this. Hopefully I can get some others from Cville to come along.


You know I’ll be here. (^_^)b




Wow, I see Ken trolling his own buddies. Or just mad he wasn’t included in the list. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know I’m down for this :smiley:


I will see if I can be there for MVC3.

I don’t even know what Super IS anymore. xD

3s Side Tournament if we get enough interest?


I want to know who wrote that, haha.


The GamePad gods.


I haven’t been to a tourney in quite a while…I’m definitely coming

VG Lounge


Just a heads up, we’ve been in talks with Muvico about doing the tournament there instead of at the store. Will update the main post accordingly.


double elim ssf4 pls? :@


Always double elimination.


May cancel this unless we get some confirmed attendees. Looks like Xanadu is going to host an event at the same time.


Count me in. As long as don’t see any orange or other certain tropical fruit colored mutant killing robots. For I hate the knickerbockers of new york with a passion.


I’m in, of course. It always seems like we’re in a conflict with another tourney. I know Saturday is the most available day for everyone, but there doesn’t seem to be many other choices.



We’re moving the date back to March 12th to avoid schedule conflicts with other big tournaments and whatnot. However, we will be having MvC3 tournaments on Fridays with Super until the date as well.


I’ll make an attempt to show my face :3


One of the prizes for the tournament: Fan photos from Gamepad VA | Facebook