Maverick and Demon Hunters - Zero/Dante Thread



Decided to open a thread just focusing on all the tech with Zero and Dante. Seeing how Dante is Zero’s most used partner and will probably going to continue this way, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be a thread specifically for this duo. The team thread is now more to help/ask for help on how new Zero players want to play or to “show off” your team and why does it works.

You can also discuss Dante only stuff, no strict rules even if it is the Zero forums.

Somethings that could go in this thread are:
- Combo Extensions
Dante using Zero assists, Zero using Dante assists, Lightning Loop or Devil Trigger extensions etc.
- Resets, Mixups, Setups
Fuzzy, incoming character mixups, resets, unblockable Sougenmu setups etc.
- Neutral Game + Matchups
How to use both Zero’s and Dante’s assists during a match, how to play against certain characters, what matchups Zero handles better than Dante etc.
- Overall "Tech"
Just overall things you guys find.
- Third Partner
What 3rd characters complete the team the best and why.

Useful info will go in the spoiler tags below. I’ll try to update it as much as possible.

Combo Extensions




Neutral Game + Matchups


Third Partners



Some Zero/Dante stuff:

  • If Dante kills a character in the corner, calling Ryunejin + Air Trick becomes really hard to block because you can delay the timing to make it a cross up or not. Dante’s J.:s: makes it super easy to combo off from Ryuenjin hitting the opponent. Ryuenjin also stops them from pressing buttons coming in but dunno if it stops other high priority moves such as Foot Dive.

  • If Dante gets his opponent grounded midscreen or in the corner, you can plink :h: and then Ryuenjin and cancel into a teleport. If the s.:h: hits, it has enough hitstun for Ryuenjin to combo. If the :h: doesn’t hit, you cross them up. You can combo by double jumping after the teleport and quickly doing Hammer. There’s some other ways to combo from this like j.:h: into Killer Bee.

  • With Zero, you kind of “bait” an opponent to block a j.:h: and go for a fuzzy guard with Jam Session. You press j.:h: then press Jam Session during the second hit of the pizza slicer then go for the fuzzy overhead j.:l: and the combo after. Works midscreen also. A bad thing about this, is that it won’t work if your opponent didn’t block the j.:h: and they were crouching, but you still get the advantage. after.

  • 90% of the Zero/Dante players know you can get the Lightning Loop after DHCing from Million Dollars in the corner. I try to do 1 Raikouzen>Buster>3 TK Raikouzens>Buster>Raikouzen so I build a little bit of meter at then end. Also, you Zero can follow up Million Dollars midscreen with Sougenmu. What I do is jump forward and do a :m: Raikouzen > Buster > :l: Raikouzen > land and :h: Ryuenjin. Does pretty close damage to what you would get if you used Rekkouha instead in the corner. It is to note that depending on the distance, :m: Raikouzen might cross up the opponent and you need to do the :l: Raikouzen motion facing the other side.

  • This one is also very known, but in the corner, Zero can combo off his forward ground throw by calling Jam Session and doing a TK :m: Setsuizan.

  • There’s something similar to the s.:h: > Ryuenjin with Stinger > Ryuenjin. Not as useful, but you can use it in the corner to bait stuff with Stinger’s range and combo off it too. Stinger has a ton of mixup, so you can delay the Ryuenjin delay even more and it will still combo.

  • For the classic unblockabed setup with Sougenmu and Jam Session, I do s.:h: + Jam Session and cancel it into Sougenmu right away in the first hit so I don’t get pushblocked, then just dash up and do the unblockable. Remember this is not a true unblockable because the opponent can pushblock the high hit but you an fake it in different ways (like using qcb.:l: in the air) so you hit with a low instead, or use the Setsuizan fake to mess up their pushblock input timing.


Reserved. Just in case we need this later on, why not. Can’t wait to see what you guys post. I also plan to change the thread’s lame title.



video i made last year showing off the dante/zero extension.

i could write a lot about this duo but i really am too lazy haha


I approve. Now if only the Dante board made a Dante/ Strider thread I’d be set ;>_>


I’m pretty new to the game and I’m wondering if there’s a way to do decent damage DHCing into devil trigger from Zero’s Rekkoha?

I haven’t tried to learn how to do the lightning loop yet, I just kinda wanna get some basic combos up and running first. Or should I just run Dante first and Zero second? Not sure if Million Dollars DHC’s well into Rekkoha or not, though


You should try to learn the Lightning Loop, but there’s some good damage that you can get of Rekkouha with DT. Million Dollars whiffs almost completely BTW.
After Rekkouha you can do:

  • Acid Rain x2 > :s: > j.:s: > Volcano xx Beehive > TK j.qcf.:s: x3

You can do that, or go again into Beehive and do Million Dollars from there.


Ah thanks. I’ll try that next time I get to training. And yeah, I plan on getting the LL down pat soon. I just want to get on a familiar basis with this Zero/Dante/Strider team first. I’ve been swapping out my team members for 2 months or so (ever since I got into the game), save for Zero while trying to find a team that works well and one I can enjoy playing.

Another question: Does Zero/Dante generally work better with Dante second?


Yeah because Zero needs Dante more than Dante needs Zero. Zero damage is only good solo with Lightning Loops, which make Zero waste tons of meter. Dante can use Zero but it’s mostly for TODing the other character with a Lightning Loop DHC.

I also want to play Zero/Dante/Strider, but just saying that having no assist to get in really takes time to get used to. If you don’t like it later, I recommend Zero/Dante/Sentinel, Zero/Dante/Doom (Plasma Beam), or Zero/Dante/Magneto.


Yeah I’ve played all three to some extent and they make getting in a whole lot less difficult. I just don’t seem to have all too much fun playing them :confused:

thanks for the insight though. much appreciated


Can you DHC Dante in after Lightning Loop for more damage?


Err you’d be better off just doing a 2nd Lightning Loop, you couldn’t DHC into Dante without burning a ton of excess meter and even if you did you would get minimal damage


No, you can’t DHC midway through Sougenmu you can only DHC out of Sougenmu at the flash not after you’ve started hitting. It’s completely pointless attempting to DHC to Dante after LL. If you wanted the safe tag you’d either kill with LL (or 2x LL) and raw tag or just do Rekkoha DHC to Devil Trigger.


Zero/Dante/Akuma is another strong combination.


I’m playing Zero (Hadangeki)/Strange (Bolts)/Dante (Jam Session), so far it works really well. Zero to Strange DHC is pretty solid especially if I need to play the runaway game, it’s easy enough as using Sougenmu then DHCing into Vishanti for punishing assist calls.

guessing it’s probably better to learn the LL for killing characters since Zero’s corner B&B with Jam Session into Strange only does like 900k+ lol.


What’s the damage on 2x LL?


What assists are you using with Strange? Because I remember you commenting on my vid that I did 1.125 mil with Zero meterless. In that vid I used both Jam Session and Eye of the Agamatto, and both assist extensions work regardless of any HSD in the combo. You won’t even need the lightning loop.

Dunno if Bolts of Balthhsdbgshbsak works though.

I am pretty sure that with the normal Zero+Jam Session extender in the corner, 2 lightning loops should do around 1.250 mil, or maybe a little less/little more.


Bolts for Zero’s neutral game. he can do some pretty derp mixups with the gap in blockstun in between.


Damn, is there a vid of this? Would be much appreciated.


2.5x LL kills Thor (raw damage) you’ll NEVER need more than 2 LLs to kill anyone.
I dunno if anyone’s got a vid of JS/ HM extender + 2xLL but I’ve got one of just raw LL on Thor