Max Payne 3: health regen is for pussies


No thread yet? Nobody here playing?




Got the game when it came out tuesday and I’m thinking I’m almost done. Story mode has all these annoying lense flares and captions and at first it really bothered me but I got used to and have even come to like all the visual touches. Also, it might just be me sucking but this game is pretty fucking hard. Pill bottles are scarce and a few shots kill your health meter,which doesnt regen when youre in cover. Another thing is that after some cutscenes you end up thrown right into the line of fire and by the time you get to cover you got 1 shot left to die. Nonetheless I cant seem to put it down.

What really surprised me is how fun the multiplayer is.


Honestly I quit caring when I found out it wasn’t in NY and I think Rockstar as a whole is pretty overrated.


Having fun as I dusted off part one and part 2 beat them again from start to finish and realized how much I missed Max Payne. Shit I even played John Woo strangle hold to get my skills back lol.

I can’t imagine MP3 on the harder settings cause shit is a good challenge. You have to plan out your bullet time in this one. MP2 I just roll in the place dive and gun peeps down. This shit i dive blast a guy hit a wall, then since Max isnt young anymore gotta wait for his old drunk ass to recover from the wall by this time the 15 dudes have already shot me to death.

And I love it lol!!!

Im actually taken a lil break cause the part Im at now got me stuck, I will continue and beat it in a few.

And ya boy or Max’s boy its like dude please shoot people. Obviously im runnin’ and gunnin takin cover just to scope out how many dudes and you cant shoot any of them?? Fuck you got me/Max into this whole shit from the fukkin jump lol.




MP1 and 2 were hard because you only had bullet time which isn’t nearly as helpful as a cover system and pain killers weren’t plentiful. The run and gun game play was very satisfying but the real enjoyment at least for me came from the noir atmosphere and narration that gave Max’s character real weight and incentive to mow down fools. Having what I loved most about MP be replaced with what looks like a generic South American drug operation vibe kind of makes me not really care about 3.


You guys will find that the noir aspect of it is very much still intact. Give it a chance.


“Came back to my apartment and got the best seat in the house; Front row, centre.” - Max Payne

Or something like that lol.


STORIES are noir, not settings. I’m so sick of people thinking since its not in New York its not noir. go read what the definition of it is, you morons…


your enthusiasm is palpable! please share more with us.


It didn’t matter that Max was in NY in the first two games, it was the things he said and the way he described the environment around him. He does the same thing in this game. Pretty much how he explained things to you, me and everyone else was what put us into the game.

Story and atmosphere is what we enjoyed, not a random city. Those games could’ve been put in fuckin Canada, but if Max conveyed how he felt about the world around him to us in a way we understood, we would think Canada is awesome.


You really need to think before you post the only moron here is the guy who thinks that a genre which was definitively born out of setting has no connection to the latter. If MP3 is just as depressing and well written as the other 2 then the marketing team has failed miserably. Rockstar is one of my favorite developers but as far as making it fun to shoot people over and over again Remedy>>>>>>Rockstar.

I just bought D3 so I’m not buying games for awhile and there are other games in my backlog so by the time I get to it it’ll be $30 on amazon.


Film noir is often associated with an urban setting, and a few cities—Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, in particular—are the location of many of the classic films.
The question of what constitutes the set of noir’s identifying characteristics is a fundamental source of controversy. For instance, critics tend to define the model film noir as having a tragic or bleak conclusion,but many acknowledged classics of the genre have clearly happy endings (e.g., Stranger on the Third Floor, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and The Dark Corner), while the tone of many other noir denouements is ambivalent. Some critics perceive classic noir’s hallmark as a distinctive visual style. Others, observing that there is actually considerable stylistic variety among noirs, instead emphasize plot and character type. Still others focus on mood and attitude. No survey of classic noir’s identifying characteristics can therefore be considered definitive.


As a film noir fanatic (say that 10 times fast) I’m well aware that there isn’t a consensus on what “noir” really means, but I have to ask why don’t you post in the movie thread? You’d fit in perfectly.

Also Vertigo>Se7en>Memento>Chinatown>Mulholland Drive.

Fight me bro.


The world… was cold. White, and dark, and cold. This was no place for anyone. Nobody should be here.

Falling flakes stabbed at my face, and the wind screaming past my ears echoed the cries I could still hear playing in my head, punctuated only by the pounding war drum in my chest. The growing, aching numbness of my feet did nothing to dull the pain in my mind. The chill that was everywhere was the only thing tethering those memories to the present, keeping me focused on what I knew lay in store. They were there inside that dome of so many icy bricks. Right inside those round block walls, they were there. What they didn’t know is that now I was there too. But they were about to find out.

The metal grip of my gun was as cold as the night air… felt like it was freezing to my hand as I squeezed my fingers around it. That’s fine. It wasn’t going anywhere.

They were going to pay. This hell had frozen over and they were going to pay.


I finished this last night and it as just as good, fun, dark, noir, fucked up, and awesome as the first two MPs. Awesome ass game.

I do miss the comic book panels tho.


There is like no health regen in this game?

Well that’s one aspect that I like… health regen is for pussies indeed…

I might get it if the core game is good… idk yet, because I’m hella strapped for cash… VF5:FS+DLC are the only items on my to buy list…

I’ll wait for it to go down to 30 bucks, not because I’m hatin’ on it, because I’m broke as shit right now…

EDIT: The story looks so much like a real movie…

Max Payne’s voice actor does not sound the same, nigga sounds like Duke Nukem… that’s off putting…


Duke makes me moist.


You know, the setting of it really turns me down on MP3’s appeal. I always thought of MP a gritty title. Too exotic of a location, is what I believe will dissolve a lot of people’s interests in MP3. I haven’t gotten the game yet so I can’t speak on the gameplay much but I am looking forward to experiencing it myself. I do think that will be a fun experience but it is missing the same draw that got me into the Max Payne series to start with.


^I’m looking at a playthrough, and man yes still gritty as fuck…

I’ll stop just looking at the first 2 chapters…

It’s the sequel to Duke Nukem that I’ve always wanted lol…

Stuff happens when you shoot at things(bottles break, etc.), mad interactivity…

Favors moving forward at all times due to non-regenerating health… and stumbling across health…

Dynamic and never stagnant…

There was one time, where cutscenes blended into gameplay with no QTE’s… ballin’…

It really does seem like a throw back to shooting games before Halo…


This game is just as gritty, if not even more so then the first two considering the better graphics and real life San Paolo being a fucking shit hole. One of the pporest place sin the world. Trust me on this you will be getting your gritty shit hole locations.