Max SHooter Adapter X Arcade Stik


Hi,I bought a Max shooter adapter for my Xbox 360 so I could play SF2 REMIX and SF4 with my X Arcade stick and i cant get my xarcade unit to work.I have tried so many ways to get the xarcade to work and nothing happens.Is there any way you might be able to help a fellow gamer? My E mail address is I emailed someone from youtube and he said that people on this forum were the most qualified to help.My wired 360 controller works through the adapter and so does a keyboard and mouse but when i hook in the X arcade stik I get no movement of anykind.I blew $60.00 on the adapter and im frustrated.If anyone could help i would gladly take advice.


Try a Sony brand PS2 or PS1 pad on it. If they work then it’s an incompatibility issue. If they don’t then the PS2 port on it may be bad.


If a PS/2 key board works and the X-Arcade doesn’t then the adapter proably isn’t compatiable with the encoder the X-Arcade is using. You are using the PS/2 port and not USB off the X-Arcade right?