Maxim Hot 100 2013: Get ready to bitch

Pretty sure this wasn’t posted:

Their #1 and #2 are both lolol.

Dark Prince:

“This shit ain’t nothin but a popularity contest.”

#69. Nice.

That list is all kinds of messed up hahaha.

Mantai Te-O’s imaginary girlfriend? Really?

How is it that the girls get hotter the further I get away from #1?
I don’t even know #66 but I know for damn sure she is hotter than Emma Watson.

The only reason I didn’t flag the OP’s post as spam/troll.

zooey deschanel 95?!

You read a Maxim list, you accept the consequences.

How in the world did Miley Cyrus beat all of them out…how many dicks did she take up the ass?

Fuck this list… but I know what GD prefers from the Womens Madness tournaments so fuck yall too.

What in the holy hell is wrong with the people who put out this magazine?


So this was the result of a vote by the general public.

What in the holy hell is wrong with the general public?

Why is Kat Dennings so low?

I’m so mad about this. Is this what it’s like to catch feelings?

Seriously, Selena Gomez? Miley Cyrus? I swear, people are closet pedophiles, getting thirsty for “women” who look like they carry around plastic lunch boxes with Dora the Explorer on them.

And Cameron Diaz? Really? Cameron fucking Diaz? For real? Fucking Cameron fucking Diaz?

Peoplez just be voting for who they know from the MTV.

On good days she looks great. On bad days she looks…not human.

Damn I forgot all about Brittany Snow until now.

People have been posting non-stop about how crappy this list is…

looks at list


Really? These many people find Miley Cyrus attractive?
She is a disaster and Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…
Bullshit ass fucking list full of lies!

22/33. Nice.

Maxim Hot 100 list is a joke.

Really? Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend.

Despite how fucking dumb she is, Rihanna still makes blood fill every penis in (on?) my body.