Maximilian assist me vs FingerCramp umvc3 babies guide


i just gotta hear what other people think is better. i feel i learn alot more and actually enjoy videos from maximilian but on the other hand fingercramp is so much more technical and explains everything.

it’s like a love hate relationship with fingercramp - he comes off as such a douche right off the bat. so my mind sub consciously shut whatever he has to say.

what do you guys think?


I feel that they’re totally different types of videos. From what I see, Max’s videos teach character moves, and FC’s videos teach general techniques. I like them both, but Max’s videos are more enjoyable.


Really should just watch them both. I do agree with you that FC’s videos come off as a little condensending - I think that’s the “point” of the video and the acting is just kind of hit or miss - I don’t think he’s making these videos to make fun of you. I like FC’s a little more because he doesn’t fill it with interludes or acting in between. That being said even though Assist Me’s acting can be kind of cheesy - it’s done well enough and usually kept short enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the actual information.

Really you should be watching Street Fighter is Hard, I heard the guy making them swore of fighting games forever though so I don’t think more will be made in the near future.


I think both of them are great. I don’t really like the acting and story line Max puts in his video.


the story and acting is good!


they are both different as babies is to teach you the basics and assist me is for the characters,use babies guide to learn and then apply it to the characters you learn from assist me …in other words frames and etc


Max sucks. You don’t learn anything from him.
Better off w/ FC


It maybe good but I just want to learn how to use the characters.