Maximilian Dood hate?


I’m a bit newer to the FGC. I mostly got into it because of Maximilian Dood. I have noticed that there is a lot of hate towards Max. Why is this? I don’t think he is a god or anything. But I do think he is pretty good at what he does. He brings a lot of friendliness and peace to the FGC personally. He is a really humble guy and to be honest I’m subscribed. People have said “he is annoying”, but I don’t see how. He helps the FGC grow, and isn’t that what we all want? I would put in more info but I got somewhere to be. Comment your opinions. Be straight forward. I won’t get butt hurt.


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There are two sources of hate.

First is those who don’t like his newbie friendly personality and style. IMO, this is a mostly bullshit complaint.

The second is that Max often speaks or tries to be technical about things where he doesn’t really have the knowledge to do so. This usually comes out alot whenever he says anything about Street Fighter V, as many in the SFV section will point out.


I don’t think it has to do with SF5, as I’ve been seeing those complaints way before SF5 was even announced.

I do find it disturbing how many viewers he gets. His viewer count usually overshadows most tournaments that are going on at the same time. I don’t really have an issue with what he does, I just don’t understand how people can watch him instead of big tournaments that are simultaneously playing.


It’s not hard to realize why most people like to watch him or even watch him over a tournament as there are a lot of players who are intimidated by tournament play. A lot of fighting game players are just people that want to hit buttons and learn to hit them a bit better. Max provides that while doing it in an entertaining TV show style fashion that keeps his fans hooked.

For someone more competitive it would be a lot harder for him to hold your interest as he isn’t a real high level player and pretty much just plays a shit ton of fighting games at a decent level which makes it hard to relate to. You never know what random game he could be playing and generally most competitive people only stick to a few games.


I don’t dislike Maximilian, but some of his fans dickride his opinion on gameplay. I have a friend who is subbed to his channel and treats max’s words as if it was god’s. One time a friend and I were saying SFV’s gameplay reminded us of alpha and this guy would disagree with what we said until max himself said something akin to that.

I also don’t like how some people in a community thinks they NEED max if they want their game to survive.

What I’m trying to say is that I dislike the mentality that his word is the “be all, end all” for some people. He’s just a guy making video’s and offering friendly advice and opinions. He also has his part in promoting the scene too.


Max is a cool dude. We played Xrd at E3 once. All around nice guy. His content though? Terrible. Absolute travesty. And I mean I get it, he’s not trying to be expert fighting game top player wise sage coming down from the mountains to pass down knowledge, he’s just a guy trying to live off of his video content, and that’s fine. It’s a matter of I understand the game but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. His videos are often very ill informed or have very shallow opinions, his knowledge of games is not extensive, he often talks about games he really doesn’t have much experience with, and the people who watch his videos don’t know fighting games more than he does so they think everything he says is accurate and intelligent.

I’d say a lot of it comes from his fans who act like Max is the smartest dude in the FGC or something or treat him like an OG when he isn’t. Mashing with your friends at home in CvS2 doesn’t make you an OG. If that was the case I would be right up there with Valle and Watson for my time on SNES Alpha 2 back in the day. If you hang around the internet long enough you’ll probably run into a lot of Max fans and they really just wear on your nerves, and it can give you some very negative opinions of a person because you spend so much time arguing that X person isn’t actually good at fighting games and doesn’t know what they’re talking about until you just end up resenting that person.

That’s why I try to separate the two, because Max in videos is not Max the person. The content is not who he is, it’s how he makes a living, and that includes filling airtime with what his opinions are and what he believes to be true, even if those things are wrong. Max the guy is great and no one should have any ill will with him. Max the content creator can be really annoying and falls into the typical Youtuber rut that a lot of people are tired of even if it’s successful.


he is ass at cvs2


See it’s not about the quality of gameplay.
Most people that watch his stream are probably not even into SFIV.
He’s friendly, charismatic, likable and entertaining that is why people watch his stream.
It’s not how good he is at the game he plays or which game he plays. If it came down to that he wouldn’t hold a candle to Chris G, Eduardo or JWong when they stream.

The biggest reason for his popularity is probably his band Nickelback though. I heard they are the shit over there in the States.
How often do you see a rockstar play video games? Come on!

tl;dr He’s a Let’s Player and rock star not a pro gamer


Nah, the biggest reason is that he is an actor that plays games, you don’t actor playing games all the time.


I thought he was cool till I fought his retarded sabrewulf. everything was plain sailing till that dog showed up


I don’t think anyone hates Max the person. People are either not interested in his content, or don’t like interacting with his fans etc. etc.

“Newbie friendly” implies an intended goal of improvement and conversion into more serious higher level of play. But his channel doesn’t try to convert you, nor cater to any level above the casual player/viewer. Maybe some people got disappointed because they expected him to be something he is not?


I crushed his soul on one of his streams and he didn’t upload it to youtube (his 3s episode conveniently starts the match after I beat him)

his fans need to know about my greatness


Max is a nice guy and i have respect for what he does. He doesn’t claim to be a full pro or claim to give any great gospel to fighting games but he is the guy who gets the noobs into the game. I don’t really care if he gives some stupid shit from time to time, he’s just a big fan of the games he is playing and voicing out his scrub thoughts which is almost like everybody else in this forum.


They jelly of his shine.


Max is cool enough. He kind of bridges the gap between casual fighting game fans and the hardcore scene. There’s a lot of guys who can only fit in one or the other, but Max is just that approachable. Casuals like him because he’s funny and presents something more than raw gameplay/analysis, and people who may play fighters a bit more like him because he just comes across as a decent guy who likes fighters and cares about the community.

The “Max’s word is gospel” thing comes from him being one of the better players a lot of his audience knows of. I can bet a lot of those guys don’t really watch tournaments that much and don’t see the level of play above his.


Max the Person looks like a good dood IRL

Max The Content Creator ? eeeeeh

Most of the times he just fills his channels with stream archive footage

He has legitimate good videos sometimes such as those tutorial videos or dem real talk videos
But these are few and far between :confused:

And then his fanboys who take his opinions as the opinion of second coming of jesus


I think the real problem with Max is this:


max gets a lot of hate because the FGC is mostly a meritocracy that respects tournament results and community contributions. when you look at max it’s not easily apparent what he’s contributing to the community and then it becomes easy be jealous of everything he has and completely ignore all the time he’s poured into working for it.

his fans can be kinda stupid, but that’s true for every fanbase. if it weren’t him it’d be someone else doing the same thing he does (probably dsp).


That tweet was in response to a video Jiyuna tweeted about some other, non-Max dude screaming random shit while playing though P4A’s story mode. I’d post it if I could find it.

From the little Max content I’ve seen (mostly UMvC3 stuff he put out before the game’s release), he’s not like that. I still don’t like his content, but it wasn’t anything like that.


Max literally has a video series called Boss Rage where he fake yells and gets angry over fighting CPU final bosses.