Maximizing Damage/Reset Potential Out Of Machine Gun Upper



For the record, I looked through all of the beginner guides here and did not see one mention of anything I’m about to say below. If it’s a repeat I apologize in advance, but there’s my disclaimer.

So, I’ve only recently started playing Dee Jay a bit seriously and after watching a Super Turbo tutorial on the character I was informed that there was a special technique to getting all of the damage out of MGU(machine gun upper). This was news to me as I hadn’t ever played him in ST. So, out of curiosity I decided to go into training mode in SFIV and try their technique. To my surprise my 7 hit version of the LP MGU which normally does 150 damage did 162. I tried it several times. Sometimes I’d get 150, sometimes I’d get 162 and every time it was 7 hits! This was true for each of the MGU as well. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything about this, but I saw someone in ST talk about the special way people try to get the 4th hit out of MGU and randomly decided to try it in SFIV and got an extra 12 damage out of it. Any more information on this would be VERY much appreciated.

Here’s the other thing I was testing. I saw Chris (the Ken player from SoCal) do a cross up after a knockdown using a whiffed uppercut to get meter and cross to the other side. So, I decided I wanted Dee Jay to do that too. Obviously Dee Jay can already jump to the other side safely, but I wanted a way to build meter as well.

cr.jabx2 xx LP MGU (piano across punches twice then hit 1 more punch [ so 7 buttons total after the LP for MGU]) MK Jackknife Maximum
For the Record: All meterless versions of MGU can be used, but LP or MP are the easiest. Backdash may get caught using the HP version.

This is fair damage and I’ve tested, if Ryu ukemi to reversal mp DP, it gets blocked every time. If you do MK you’ll cross them up, but the common thing you’ll see a lot of Dee Jay players already do is LK jackknife for meter and move right on top of the opponent (same side) after any knockdown. This works here too.

The other thing I’ve already tested is if you backdash right after you land from the MK Jackknife, Ryu’s DP will actually whiff and he’ll land right in front of you, ready to receive a full punish combo. If he EX DPs though it will catch the backdash since Dee Jay doesn’t really travel very far.

Since Dee Jay can cancel his cr.jab into any of his MGU, that means he gets a free get-out-of-corner with safe escape out against anything that is 4f (or 3f if you’re godlike and do the st.jab into MGU) punishable.

Any thoughts from older/wiser Dee Jay players out there?

-Changed “safe jump” to “safe escape out” since this is not an actual “safe-jump” to avoid any confusion.
-Added For the Record section to elaborate on MGU versions.


This is a pretty basic technique and has been known for a while. I appreciate you trying to help the Dee Jay community, but you can find most of this stuff on the Jamaican Set Ups thread. This youtube channel also has some neat Dee Jay tech: . Take some looks through :slight_smile:


i had posted stuff about the damage somewhere else in this forum, its depending on what button is hit the “most” when mashing MGU. with MP getting you the least damage and HP getting you the most.


Thanks for the reply and sorry it took me so long to get back over here. I looked through that channel. Some funny stuff.


Thaaaaaaaaaank you. You have no idea how many hours I’ve spent trying to figure out which side of what got me the right damage. I was pianoing and I kept getting different results 1/5 times. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. I was losing my mind. lol!