Maximizing the range of LP SPD



I was experimenting last night how on doing walk up SPD’s, and I found that by changing the way I input the SPD command I could greatly increase the range of LP SPD.

Full writeup here but here’s the summary:

Basically if you end your SPD input at forward, wait until the last possible second then press lp, you can almost double the range of lp SPD from 5 squares in training mode to around 10 squares.

The input for this is:
s.lp/, buffer ub, hcf, (keep holding forward for 1/2 a second), lp

Unfortunately I don’t have a video yet, but try standing 10 squares away from your opponent in training mode, if you do it correctly you should be able to grab them with lp SPD.


Interesting, works great!


hmm I’m going to try this later. Will have some nice uses.

*edit I’ve tried this for a few min. I don’t have the timing down 100%, but I definitely see a noticable difference in training mode when I get it right. Nice find man.


Man, pretty cool. People just keep finding more and more stuff out that Gief can do. Hopefully someone will find that broken as hell full screen grab.

In reference to the write up, what IF the japanese didn’t know about this. I know they are asian and all, but they don’t know everything.


I live tested this against real players by applying this at the local tournament (maybe a bit too much).

Yeah it works, but I think it will take some time to it work into your normal arsenal. Getting used to the new spacing is hard and I found myself getting swept alot more (trying to spam it too much), but it’s good for getting in on those camping turtles in the corner.

Also I found that when using for buffering, in the case where you do hit your opponent, you have to wait a bit longer before doing the motion due to the block/hit stun or whatever.


He got it from Itabashi Zangief…


after some initial testing, i dont think it actually increases the range of lp spd.
it does allow you to start the motion farther away, and to buffer in one quick step forward before hitting the spd…giving the illusion of farther reach.

to demonstrate this, you can practice whiffing it in training mode. zangief ends up about one bootlength farther forward…or roughly 4 small squares (at least that’s what i got)
if at that point, you are within the range of a normal lp spd…well then it connects.

still a great trick though…if you add it to the forward step you get from well then it gives the illusion of really getting that spd from faaar away.

if you or anyone gets even farther distances than this…sweet.


You’re right, it doesn’t actually increase the range of the actual SPD, but it increases the effective range in which you can attempt SPD. The furthest I’ve managed so far is 10 squares between the tip Ryu’s feet and Zangief’s boot.



oh look, i made you the video. first three attempts are to demonstrate that the lp spd will whiff if the st. strong whiffs

edit: it’s just a really fast walk up spd


This is definitely helpful in footsies games, especially in the corner where they get really nervous. I’ve psyched out many opponents with lk mp pressure that they would just crouch there and I can just walk in and lp SPD. That makes them jumpy so I can s.HK them. If they try to jump out, headbutt. But this would make walking in and SPDing even faster I believe and surprise them even more.


It’s not really increasing range, it’s just that you end up walking for a slight bit right before you do the spd putting you within range to land it.


Huge thanks to Ywj for giving out this info. This another trick to put under my sleeve. Huge thanks, dude.


You can also work Up-Forward Kara-ing into your SPD game though. I’m actually working on it. It’s applicable in different situation, as what you wrote is mostly applicable in footsie, but it’s nice.


awesome technique!
the suprise effect this has is incredible
the reason why this works is that you don’t expect an spd at that range!
it’s a little like the short jump “effect” if you ask me…