Here are the full results for all 5 tournies held at Barnage.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Caddles (JCaddles) and Nes (Sage) decided to call it a draw.
  2. Tony
  3. Phil (Punisher)
  4. Moeun (Megetta) and Paul (John Cena)
  5. Dru (LiquidSwords) and Josh (aminorthreat)
  6. Walter (Bacardi_J3di) Phong (SpeedyCT)

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  2. Alex Chow
  3. Nes (Sage)
  4. Tony
  5. Kang and Caddles (JCaddles)
  6. Rich (onionkid), John, and Moeun (Megetta)
  7. Josh (aminorthreat), Walter (Bacardi_J3di), and Joe
  8. Gary (Grifter), Frank (Xer), Nick (PokesYOU), Phil (Punisher), and Dave (Ryoma)

3rd Strike

  1. Caddles (JCaddles)
  2. James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  3. Josh (aminorthreat)
  4. Joe
  5. Phil (Punisher)
  6. Dru (LiquidSwords), Dave (Ryoma), Rich (onionkid), and Phong (SpeedyCT)
  7. John, Jon (Bad Karma), Jay (Rabid Wombat), and Walter (Bacardi_J3di)

Guilty Gear XX

  1. Gary (Grifter)
  2. Moeun (megetta)
  3. James (Amakusashirotokisada)
  4. Brad (Xerlic)
  5. Josh (aminorthreat), Rich (onionkid), Stefen, and Ira (Fasno)
  6. Stu (trash bear), Tony, and Jon (Bad Karma)
  7. Joe, Steven (Dipstick), Frank (Xer), and Matt (trevor chan)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

  1. Matt (trevor chan)
  2. Clay
  3. Caddles (JCaddles)
  4. Jay (Rabid Wombat)
  5. Joe, and Stu (trash bear)

There you have it folks. I’d like to thank everyone for coming down (29 total people entered tournaments today.) Thanks to Jay for letting us use the barn again. If I messed up your name/SRK name I apoligize. Let me know and I’ll fix it, I’m just too tired right now.

As a side note, my copy of GGXX is currently missing. I know a lot of people brought their own copies of games, so someone might’ve grabbed it by accident. It has a ripped “New Release” sticker on the front and it also has my memory card inside. If anyone has this please just hit me up with a PM or find me on AIM (vlqutep) so I can get my stuff back…especially the memory card. If it doesn’t turn up soon I will go Tomass style and call no more tournies if people can’t respect the hosts/organizers’ belongings. Hopefully someone just grabbed it by accident.


PS - I also lost half a sandwich. It was a Buffalo Chicken sandwich courtesy of J’s Deli. I paid $9 for that tobasco-saturated slice of heaven, and I want it back within the next week. It was last seen wearing an aluminium wrapper and acting reportedly “delicious.”

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of my sandwich or “The Buffalo Bandit,” please IM me at “A Robot Bit Me.”

Thank you.



shit, that reminds me. I left the other half of my sandwich at the barn. Oh well


Good job at the tourney everybody i had fun, cant wait for the next one. :smiley:

results are on apex now:


For some reason, I don’t remember the last few hours of Barnage, leaving, or the ride home, but I do remember seeing your GGXX on the left hand corner of the downstairs table when i was looking for my shit. That’s the last time I go to a tourney after not sleeping for 5 days. Thanks for a good time though, Jay and the crew, it was fun, even though I sucked.


damn wedding, wish i could have reped-oh well…

good shit mouen!!


man, why barnage gotta be so far? :frowning: i wanna go up and get money for 3S :smiley: btw – this arcade or console? or both?


all console



nastiest twelve on ec baby baby!!!

my twelve had them on the run :slight_smile: cant escape ex floor tentacles


haters haters haters haters haters


good tourney, i’ll go to the next one if i still play cvass2 or learn mvc2/ggxx by then. hehe a $9 sandwich is like paying $5 for one scoop of vanilla ice cream without a cone. if u want john caddles aka zebracake beast to lose, just say “i’ll buy u 10 zebracakes if u win” he’ll choke even more then he usually does from the excitement. :lol:


Just wanted to give props to RabidWombat, Onionkid
(I wanted to play your Sol some more :P), Trevor chan, and all the other guys who helped run Barnage. Sorry, but I had a hard time placing online handles with RL names and shit.

GGXX was tight. Sucks that we missed casual, since we would have liked to get in more games with the New England crew. :frowning:


Barn-eee Barn-ee

Hella-fun guys. Wish I had time to play more of you and gotten to know you guys better. By the way, this is Stefen (placed 7th in GGXX). See you guys around sometime.


Don’t thank me, I had nothing to do with it. You wanna be thanking RabidWombat (Jay), Matt (Trevor Chan), and Rich (onionkid).


This was a good tournament, of course I sucked since I don’t own a DC or a stick, and I didn’t practice since I pretty much decided to come less than a week ahead of time, and didn’t even know if I would be allowed in the tourney for that matter. The setup was nice, it was hot upstairs but nothing you can do about that. Only complaint I had was with the brackets, they weren’t run properly; in MvC2 I only played three games and two of them were vs Nestor (shouldn’t have double jeopardy until finals), and in GGXX all of the CT players were put in the same side of the bracket, while a lot of the Rhode Island players were put close to each other on the other side. There could have been some really easy floats to fix this problem. But you guys are just learning, and I could care less anyway, its just a stupid game, so no beef.

You guys are all cool. Jay and I are alike, we get pissed when somebody challenges us and then we butt heads for a while, but in person we’re cool. Thanks for letting me come, nice meeting everybody, let me know where/when the next one is and maybe I can help you guys out with the planning, and getting more prominent players to come.

Next time, have Turtles, or I’ll bring my computer and Fighters’ History and I’ll force you all to play it!


hopefully the next one we will get a hall and bust out HELLA games, more TVs, and more BARNAGE!!!

what the hell does that even mean?!?

anyway…thanks to everyone for showing up, and being cool when it was so god dammed hot!!!

just a reminder about mats game though…it’s still mia. i checked the barn again today and no dice:bluu:

so if everyone can just double check their stuff that would be cool

oh…and caddles lost 20 bucks.

word barnage


Phil, the reason you had the weird match-ups in MvC2 was because there were only 10 people, and you got the area of the brackets that gave you some bye action. The second time you played Nes there was no one left in the losers bracket that you could’ve possibly faced since the winner moved on to losers finals to face the loser of winners’ final. As for GGXX, I was tired and didn’t realize a lot of the people from the same areas were all together. I actually did float some people around so it didn’t end up being as bad as it was originally going to be, believe it or not. As you said, we’re still learning so hopefully things like this will have more effective solutions at later tournies.

P.S. ->Jay, thanks for mentioning the game again. Whoever grabbed it, I don’t give a fuck, I have another copy. You can keep the shit if you want, I just want my memory card back ASAP (although getting the game back would be dope as well)


Hey guys, just got home and wanted to say that I had an awesome time. Played some really fun, tense matches. The RI guys, esp. Joe, were great about checking on us and talking to us and Joe put on GGXX for us to mess around w/when we were standing around. I wouldn’t have been the same w/o the warmup. He mentioned not having a PC so please tell him I said “hi.”

Not to nitpick, but can my Apex score be adjusted w/my last name added? My results were mixed in w/some other guy’s.

I’m glad to have met many of you, but I’m not sure who everyone is here, so if you want to contact me or fill me in, all my info is in my profile.


Team Gold Bond? Would that be made up of one part Gold Bond, TWO PARTS GOLD BOND!?!?!?


uhh i just want to say big up to jay… and hey jay i tryed callin you but it was late by the time i got home. could u do me a favor? i left a gap sweat shirt there , if you could find it, could u hold it for me until the next time i see you or somethin. thanks

its like one of those baseball longsleeve shirts , blue and grey.

p.s. i had fun meeting you guys, it’ll be koo if we chill wit you guys again