"Maximum Brofist" The Kanji Thread


Kanji Tatsumi

Name: Kanji Tatsumi
**Persona: **Take-Mikazuchi
Age: 16
Date of Birth: January 19th, 1996
Height: 183 cm (6’)
Weight: 65 kilo (143.3 pounds)

A student of Yasogami High School. Kanji often skips classes and apparently gets into many fights in the streets (not out of simple delinquency, but for different (often trivial) reasons: for instance, he beats up a biker gang, because they are too loud so his mother couldn’t sleep).
He struggles to find acceptance within society as he’s afraid of being looked down and laughed at due to his unusual hobby: Tailoring. Since his mother runs a textile shop he is very skillful when it comes to handling clothes since he was a kid. For that reason he distances himself from others and is insecure around others, which he disguises behind his tough appearance and delinquently manner.
In the past he questioned his sexuality since he never got along with women and felt confused after meeting Naoto (who disguises as a boy) and developing a minor crush on her (“him” at that time for Kanji). However, even after learning about Naoto’s female gender, he still has the crush going on and gets easily shy around her, meaning he’s rather “straight”. Ever since, he gets very angry when someone implies otherwise.




Frame Data


J = Jump
SP = Special
SU = Super
SW = Sweep
AoA = All-out-Attack
FC = Fatal Counter
KD = Knock Down

= Requires Persona

Why Pick up Kanji?

  • Highest Health in the game (10.500 HP)
  • One of the few characters with a Command Grab including a Grab Super
  • HEAVY damage dealer
  • Arguably the best Reversal Action in the game
  • Very cool personality including delinquent smack talk
  • He simply does things like a boss
  • He beats people up with a frigging chair. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!


Will be added later in great detail. For now visit THIS THREAD for a lengthy combo list.


Been following the game since the beginning. Been wanting to play Kanji since the beginning. Picked up the game, don’t regret my character choice at all. His damage is so sick that even his tough matchups (Liz, Aigis, zonerz) become really 6-4-ish once you get that one opportunity. Kanji seems to capitalize off big gambles like most grapplers, which is why he’s got all that health, and he works so well with meter it’s crazy. EX BYCTT = fuck your full screen.

Since I’ve been keeping up with him since the start, I’ve got some vids I can share on ~pro jap Kanji~ and some combo vids so hurrrr:


PET is a beast. If there’s one player you should be following to learn Kanji, it’s that dude.


Yea I am having a blast playing him. I can tell that he will be rough once people learn his antics, but still a threat if you learn to catch people on their mistakes.

Not that this holds much bearing, but I mained Gouken, and picking up Kanji felt soo good.


the game mechanism alone somewhat make the game balanced. character independent you can almost counter every situation you face. combine that with the unique tools characters like kanji have and it becomes clear that you can win against every matchup. sure some are harder then other, but it’s at least doable.
so I’m positive that if you take the right gambles you’ll be able to win against equally skilled players that use elizabeth for instance.


I’ve just begun playing him, but what combo should I use as his BnB?


Kanji Combo thread @ Dustloop http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14488-I-am-not-done-beating-you-yet!-Kanji-Tatsumi-combo-thread


Wish I can pull those off. Having a hard time on the 360 due to all of the lag and lag input though I still play decently. Have videos of my matches so far as Kanji and really having a fun time with him :smiley:



I love the pet videos… there is a video with a Kanji video on the Aigis thread, who pulls off some wonderful combos.

Last night I played a ranked against a solid Naoto, and it was viciously hard to get in on her. Any comments/advice vs Naoto/Eliz?


There is a trial mode combo that incorporates his air grab, but it requires a counter hit. Is there a combo that doesn’t require a counter hit?
I’m talking about his trial combo. cr.B>st.A>st.A>j.A>j.B>qcb.B
The cr.B needs to be a counter hit in order for the combo to work. I was asking if there are any combos that lead into his qcb.B without the need of the counter hit.


I too would like some more input for this. Unlike Yu/Yukiko, where if you catch them over committing to a projectile, you just ex Air grab and they regret being alive, Naoto can change her bullet trajectory to stuff this every time, so it’s not reliable. Her mixups aren’t quite as solid as Yu/Aigis/Aki’s though, so you should be able to fish for a D standing command grab if she goes for her overhead, but all zoners are pretty harsh on poor Beefcake emperor.


You’ll learn in a later trial that Cruel Attack can be canceled into air grab before Kanji hits the ground.

You can do something funky like cr.C>cr.B xx qcf.B xx qcb.B (midair) xx super or CA followup.


Finally a Kanji tread :smiley:

His grab set-up gives huge Soviet Damage.

Still, there are some characters out there that out zones poor Kanji. For example, Elizabeth//aIGIS (-_-)


GDI… Now I have to play as Kanji…


I havent seen many good Aigis players yet. And most Elizabeth’s will make a mistake, and that will cost them 75% of their life.
Naoto is giving me the most trouble though. Any tips or tricks vs that gun totting troglodyte?


A small thing (Sadly not Naoto related), that I’m not seeing talked about a lot is Kanji can cancel the recovery of his 2B with 5B, which has tiny recovery/blockstun/hitstun can set up some throw stuff if the opponent doesn’t see it.

I tend to do it a lot now, since 5B recovers so quickly that you can still 236C on a normal hit or 5AA into combo deliciousness on a Counter hit.


Yea i stumbled upon that in player matches. 2b into 5b, also allows me to play a little bit of a vicious barrage of 5c, 2c, and chair pound mix up, and rushing 2a into 2b to reset the process. I am sure on veteran players they may be able to counter it, but the high low mix up, partnered with some armored moves can decimate a players health bar without being a proper combo. Anyone else have experience with this?

Also, have a problem with timing 2b into 5c. It seems to hit like 50% of the time, and the rest just whiffs. Anyone else having this issue, is it timing related, or a setup issue?


Kanji is one of the most fun characters I ever played. I love being full screen, having the opponent think “oh it’s okay to throw a projectile right now” then I do an EX jumping attack(forgot what its called)


Wait until you play people with a brain and they realize, ducking is all it takes to punish you. Still you can catch so many people off guard with this move.


Pretty much this. One thing I realize, making it an easy match, after connecting a sweep most players reaction seems to just mash A. Just 214D to get that invincible frame for a grab :slight_smile:


works the other way around as well. B combos into c.B as well (yes I ignored numpad notations right now :>)