Maximum DMG Corner Combos



Hey fellow Cody Players,

I recently learned of some old tech where you could follow up a HK ruffian with a MK ruffian on specific characters in corner. This inspired me to create a flowchart of all the maximum damage corner combos Cody has on each character. Getting the max damage out of every opportunity is very important for Cody, considering how difficult it is for us to get in.

The Bolded and Italicized column is the most optimal combo for each character. If none of the comboes work, you should go for the standard cl. HP~cr.MPxx HP Criminal Upper (288 dmg). Please note that column C, only does a little bit more damage than the meterless HP criminal Upper combo.

If there are any errors, please let me know!

Edit: Updated spreadsheet to acknowledge the fact that you can use EX Criminal Upper or HK Ruffian as final ender. Also updated so Makoto, Juri, Cammy and Dudley acknowledge that the first combo works given the proper spacing. I would still be wary about using those combos because of the specific spacing.

Edit 2: Changed the spreadsheet so that every combo will be listed as a double HK Ruffian ender. Ex Criminal upper can be replaced with any HK Ruffian ender and those that can end with MK Ruffian will have a special note. I did this because there were more characters that can end with 2x Ruffian than MK, so its more clear. Changed combos for Dudley and Cammy because they can get hit by cl.HP~cr.LP~cr.MP xx HK Ruffian. If there are other characters that work with this please let me know! I will probably start creating a new spread sheet for combos that begin with F+MP this weekend!


Cody can actually juggle his HK ruffian into another HK ruffian in the corner. So for max damage you should be using that instead of MK ruffian. My go to corner combo is cl.HP, cr.MP, HK ruffian HK ruffian. Unfortunately it whiffs on some crouching characters. For those characters you can use HP. criminal upper or ex. ruffian kick for an unblockable/reverse blockable setup (works on 10 or so characters).


MK ruffian does more damage than HK ruffian…


Good work :slight_smile:

Some of the characters you have down as No for the mRK ruffian combos can still be hit by double hRK or hRK exCU if you space the intial cl.hp correctly.


You’d think the heavy version would do more damage. I’m actually shocked about that. Thanks for the correction.

All these years I’ve been doing two HK ruffians…


Thanks for the feedback. Ex Criminal Upper and HK Ruffian both have the same start up, so you can swap our any EX Criminal Upper ender for a second HK Ruffian if you want to save the meter.

I will update the spreadsheet!


You should also include the combos that don’t start with cl.hp for the characters it doesn’t work on. Classic example is Akuma - you can do xx hRK exCU, which I suspect is better than the standard cl.hp xx hCU punish.

And did you do any testing with combos ending in lCU exCU?


No problem :slight_smile: I suppose it’s because of the follow-up potential of HK that it has the lower damage, even if it is counter-intuitive. LK = 120, MK = 130, HK = 100, EX = 130… HK bottom of the pile :wink:


What about Close HP, Cr. LP, Cr. MP xx HK Ruffian? I know this works on some characters, such as Dudley.


If HK Ruffian did more than 100 damage 100stun the fact it trades / gets stuffed so easily / can only hit crouching / is terrible on whiff might not be so annoying lol. If it was like 130/150stun or 110/200 something where it’s comparable to an SRK. Even makoto’s up punch (which is way better) does 90/160.


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll try to find time to update it tonight. If I have more time, I’ll start working on adding combos that start with F+MP.


About this - sorry, it doesn’t work on him. I must have gotten confused with some other character.

As consolation, I found this:

Maybe a bit off-topic, but hey.


Holy shit that’s way too sick!