Maximum SA2 damage?

First off , im not a chun scrub , im THE chun scrub. Just inching my way towards " not entirely scrub".

Im trying to learn some neat stuff here , and then I happened to Dizzy my opponent a few times last night. Now , having stock , what is the absolute most damaging and meanwhile doable combo to go for?

So far , ive got 78 damage points ( not counting the move that MADE the dizzy )

I have another combo that uses more damaging moves , but for some reason the damage doesnt tally up to more than 76 , even tho it SHOULD be around 82 .

Also , if the dizzy occurs DURING the SA2 , my combo total damage was 150 ( from full or near full life tho )

Is there anything im missing here , or is 78 about as high as it gets?

By the time you dizzy with Chun, they usually don’t have a hell of a lot of health left. But the most damaging thing is probably j.rh, b.fp, SAII, sj cancel j.fp. To translate, jump in strongest kick, back and fierce punch, super, superjump cancel and hit them in the air.

When you dizzy, the damage counter adds the combo that dizzied and the next combo, that’s why you hit that 150 mark. The reason why a damaging combo is giving you less damage may be due to damage reduction. A special move reduces a combos damage by… uh 15%, not sure but if you do a not-too-damaging special like her fireball, you’ll end up with less damage then if you left it out of the combo.

Yeah I know about the dizzy adding thing.

About the combo you wrote , I cant get that to connect most of the time , and when I do , the damage is less than 78 ( maybe im doing it wrong )

The most I can get is with Jump UP - down+HP - cr.MK - SA2 ( sj HP HP ). Even when I change to b.HP the damage is less ( 76-77 ) :confused:

I think her biggest one is jump FP, back FP xx SA2, sj HP HP. I can’t remember exactly how much it does, but 84 comes up in my head for some reason.

I tried that one , coz in theory , the damage should be bigger with back HP instead of cr MK , but it aint. I think the one you wrote is 76 or 77 , while cr. MK is 78 ( and a lot easier to combo , even if it only has 1 frame less startup )

However , if you get a dizzy after the first hit , and then wait before comboing the back HP , then you get 86 i think , whilst cr MK gives 89 ( iirc ).

This game has such wierd calculations when comboing :confused:

I did some testing and you’re right. When you just do b.fp -> SAII, it gives more damage than -> SAII. But if you do, b.fp -> SAII, the damage increase is gone. That’s really weird.

try doing jump in roundhouse, b. fierce xx SA2 sjc into roundhouse.

In the air, her roundhouse does more than her hp hp combo. If memory serves me right that is.

Got 77 there as well. Air RH gave 3 , where HP HP gave 4. ( Can I combo the RH in the air? I thought not… )

BUT , Jump up , Down + HP , cr.MK , SA2 , sjc LK\MK , land Juggle with LP then Back + HK( RH ) might do more , alltho I cant land it. Yeah thats how sucky I am :sad:

you cant juggle like that unless they are stunned

Its damage scaling. Those big moves lessen the damage you’re getting later on

ok then try this.

jump in rh, cr. jab xx super sj cancel rh.

if pherai really is jesus, then this should do more damage.

not precisely, pherai is right… some moves can just make the difference, for example with dudley f+mk xx mp srk xx super does more damage than hk xx mp srk xx super

Give me a couple of days and I’ll try it out.

I understand that. Its just so weird that b.hp->SAII >>SAII, but add a to the start of that and it flips around.

Thats just how it is. Try b+fp > fb > sa2 and see how bad the damage scaling is on that :arazz:

That’s different though, specials have much more damage scaling then normals. I didn’t realize the difference in scaling between the medium normals and fierce normals was that great. Imagine medium took off 5% and fierce took out 7%. Now the j.rh takes off 10%, it doesn’t simply add up to 15% and 17% decrease to the combo. There’s more to it. Sometimes you gotta not think about it and just know what combos do what at what times.

But I do see a lot of professionals throw out the fireball after a b.hp. I don’t understand why though, a little extra hit confirming time?

yeah, exactly right - it makes it a lot easier to confirm!

Speaking of a FB hit confirm, I accidentally got one in the arcade today. (Without the b.HP, I blame the controls.) ANyway, the FB hit and I cancelled into SA2. The first 4 hits of the SA hit, and then my opponent was able to block. Anyone else seen this before? I think it was against CPU Sean. I was on 2p Side.

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the highest damage “normal” SAII combo is

Neutral jump roundhouse, close standing mp xx SAII, super jump cancel, juggle with (v)mk, juggle with air roundhouse

The juggle (v}mk, roundhouse is barely more damage than the fierce chain (it’s only 1 point different, and then only on low defence characters), but it’s a lot harder, so you should probably stick to fierce->fierce.

It’s not that hard though…