Maximum Spider --> Devil Trigger potential?

How far can you extend a Dante Combo after the hard knockdown of Maximum Spider?

you can do basic stuff with downforward guns into stinger wallbounce, and dp M x2. use any other move (ie prop shredder or dp M jH) after a long enough spiderman combo and and they will flip out.

I run this team, and it depends on the combo you used with Spider-man before hand. I usually Dante’s Jam Session assist to make sure the TK web throw hits (regardless of hit stun and weird hitboxes) and that means you don’t have access to Spider-man’s assist in the follow-up Dante combo, which is something like: DHC while still in the air->Hammer->Cold Shower->Stinger BC Teleport>Air S->Volcano
If you don’t use Dante’s assist beforehand then you can put a Volcano->Spider Sting Assist->Air.S somewhere in there. Optimally, you should use the second assist somewhere there. I have Ironman as an anchor and you can do another Volcano->Unibeam assist->Air.S there too. You’ll have to one in the beginning, after Hammer, and then the other after the teleport in order to give enough time for the assist cooldown.
Alternatively (as in I haven’t tried this yet), if you have an assist that will allow for a prop shedder to fully connect (Dormammu’s Dark Hole) then you might get an acid rain loop there or something.
But, bottom line, is that you won’t get much out of it-damage wise. Hit-stun is too high, and you’ll likely use the ground bounce for Spider sting earlier in the combo.

Everything you said is exactly what I experimented with last night. I use a Spider-Man combo without the ground bounce to get a little more out of Dante’s follow up. It’s decently damaging but I could get more with an alternative. This isn’t a main team of mine and I just wanted to try some flashy combos with two of my favorite character in the game.

spiderman does more damage than dante off of his normal combos though, so mostly I’ll only go for devil trigger after maximum spider if I got a random maximum spider.

Yeah. For competitive purposes you’re totally right. I only go Devil Trigger for a little style.