Maximum Wesker Vol.1



A bunch of creative Wesker combos I made with what I believe to be new Wesker technology. Specifically, the use of the “Jaguar Kick” in combos. I found that it can be done up to 4 times in one combo in the right conditions. It is THE move with Wesker to extend his combos. I look forward to hearing feedback! Also, if desired, I will make a video explaining certain combos. Thanks guys


Such a waste of life! The Wesker Video thread

This would have been better in the video thread but I guess a link will do.

A couple of things:

  • From a damage based perspective, the damage could have been improved on some of these combos if you did cr.:m: and cr.:h: instead of the standing variants - primarily the standing :h: as it’s 2 hits and causes unnecessary scaling. Obviously you need standing :h: for some of these to get enough height to do
    Ghost Butterfly or Jaguar Dash, the combos I’m talking about are for example at 0:41, when comboing into Rocket Launcher.
  • I don’t mean to burst your bubble but it’s not actually new tech I’m afraid :frowning:

Otherwise, it’s some decent stuff and you’ve definitely practiced some combo variants with your team.
What’s your PSN?


I uploaded a video to correct what you said. While the standing :m: does less damage than the Cr.:m:, it’s only a slight difference and not enough worth caring about. Standing does 83,900, crouching does 86,200. The standing :h: however, while it is 2 hits, does 106,300. The Crouching :h: does a good bit less damage at 92,000. Another thing, the combos you criticized are command grab combos and do shit for damage anyhow because they’re heavily scaled. They just look really cool and flashy, which is nice. As far as bursting my bubble goes, it’s still in tact. I challenge you to find any video showing Wesker doing the Jaguar Dash 4 times in a combo. You won’t find it because it does not exist. I searched thoroughly. I don’t even think I’ve seen a video of him doing Jaguar Dash 3 times. I wouldn’t claim to have discovered new Wesker tech if I didn’t actually believe I had done so. I’m not trying to come across as antagonistic, just defending myself and I was surprised that’s all you had to say. If you noticed, in a few combos I super jump cancel Wesker’s :s: into Ghost Butterfly or Jaguar Dash as an assist connects. The enemy is left in the launch state, and at the end of the combo I do an air :s:, resulting in a hard knock down as if you had done a launch into air series. This is not new technology to the game as a whole but it’s something that I as well have never seen done by Wesker. Here is the video comparing the damage difference in with the Cr. :m::h: that you suggested vs my standing :m::h:.
I saw you added me on psn, I will accept the request and we can play sometime. I’ve been a Wesker main since Vanilla Marvel came out. As you can tell by my name, I LOVE Resident Evil, which explains maining Wesker and having an all RE team. My vanilla team was Wes, Sent, Dorm though, with the occasional Chris and rarely Jill.

Here’s the link



The issue is the Standing :h:. Crouching :h: does less damage in that one particular hit but because Standing :h: is 2 hits the other moves you do afterwards are scaled further. Fair enough in this case it’s not worth it because it’s from a command grab but from a normal hit definitely go for the crouching variants instead.

Nice tags by the way nigga.

It’s true that there’s no video evidence of it, but there has been discussion both here and in other sites about the properties of Wesker’s Jaguar Dash. You’re the first to show it on video and props to you for that, but this technology has already been shown to exist beforehand so it’s not exactly a fresh discovery.

Sure we can run some sets. My team is quite similar and the combos are too, the only difference is I have Spencer with Slant Shot instead of Chris.


I know what you’re trying to say with the scaling, but it’s such a minor difference in that combo and the damage is already bad with the command grab scaling. In the end, the combo with the standing :m::h: did more damage.

I have seen discussions on the properties of Jaguar Dash but no one ever inquired about it being able to be used 4 times as far as I know. Thanks for the props.
If you ever wanted to pick up Chris, he works AMAZINGLY with the Spencer assist. You can do tons of cool shit using it. Chris is awesome.


sikk video!! nice combos and editing


OP, any help landing gunshot from Ghost Butterfly teleport? Mine either doesn’t come out or misses - is it character specific?


It’s a little strange but you need to time it right and avoid mashing H. Press it once at the right time.


It’s not character specific. You need to do the teleport rather late, do it when wesker is almost done recovering from the ghost butterfly animation.


Lol this was awesome, but due to the fact that I use Albert on anchor, I’ll stick to ABC S BBC S gun S BBC S gun THC lol.
I’ll leave all the swag to the sparda twins. Awesome tech btw dude. The Jaguar Dash XFlvl3 loop was pretty cool. I think I’ll try that and the samurai edge setup.


Trying to find an optimal assistless combo with Jaguar kicks, or one with strider assist. I run Vergil/Wesker/Strider, so my wesker will very rarely have rapid slash, most of the time he just has Vajra.


I’ve been able to get 4 Jaguar Kicks by just using Spencer’s Slant shot assist. I can give notations if you want them but it’s fairly simple.

This should be your BnB, it does just over 786k one meter assistless.
cr.:m:, cr.:h: Cobra Strike, (Phantom Move :l: depending on spacing), Samurai Edge (lower shot), cr.:m:, s.:h:, Ghost Butterfly, Delayed Phantom Move :h:, air Samurai Edge, Jaguar Dash+Kick, (Dash underneath), cr.:h:, :s:, j.:h:, Phantom Dance

Note: This is with glasses on

As for combos with Strider Assist, it should be roughly similar.


I saw you Vol.2 on the main page and I’ve been lookin for Vol.1 so glad its a recent thread.
Im not gonna start to try you combos because my memory just aint that good yet.
I start of my combo with [L,M,H, Jaguar Dash/Kick, cr.M,H, Jaguar Dash/Kick, etc.]
For some reason the second Jaguar Kick doesnt go through & the character falls/recovers.
Am I missing something?


You’re being a bit vague here, is Wesker going through the opponent or is something else happening?


Im sorry, Wesker is literally running through them.

Edit: not through but UNDER.


Try doing it a little later. Also make sure you time the kick correctly.