Maxing damage of Iceman's AC into super

As most people who played the game within the first two to three months remember, it is really easy for Iceman to turn an aircombo into a damaging supercombo. However, what some might not know is that there is a way to make it more damaging. This info is pretty well spread now, but I’m only posting it here so that it’s there for everyone to read.

Instead of doing the super with QCF+PP, do it with QCF+K, then really fast afterwards PP. What this does is it makes Iceman do the Ice Avalanche then cancel it really quickly into the super, which makes him suspend his motion in midair and allow more of the ice to hit, compared to the regular version where he falls as he is doing it. It works because MvC2’s engine allows for a brief period where any input you put in registers for any buttons you push afterward. So you have to be fast. Some people find it easier to do it with Icebeam (QCF+P, then PP), but most of the people I know do it better with kick.

It extends the combo from a basic 55-60 point blah combo to an about 66-75 point combo (on the level of Doom’s photons). Worth learning.

Sweet…Rick. I remember you posting about how Iceman used to be considered top tier in MVC2’s early days and how you think he can still be classified as Top Tier if people leanred to play as him again. What exactly does Iceman have that we don’t know about??

Pressure and priority. Iceman is hard to hit. His roundhouse attacks have big nutty hitboxes and every blocked chain does 6 points of damage, so you have to actually hit Iceman sooner or later. He can also cover air-to-ground well which is very valuable. Iceman was popular for a long time until people figured out Cable could stop all his good patterns. The final nail in the coffin was when Rattana (longtime Iceman player from NW) came to SHGL and got owned by Duc’s then-new toy of CAHVB in a tournament. People dropped Iceman like a bad habit after that. But I think he’s still good, especially considering the teams that have become popular now (he has good pressure shit on 3 of the 4 top tier really, and Cable can still get rushed).

I would like 2 know, how was he owned, what did this guy do ?and what character did he use ?

I think the greatest thing about Iceman is that he doesn’t take block damage from beam attacks so blocked AHVB, Photon Shots, and Proton Cannons won’t do much of anything unless they actually hit him. Iceman can also chip like mad with his Ice Beam projectiles. I think Iceman can pose a threat somewhat, but I feel that he’s too limited. Like, Capcom didn’t feel the need to work on him much. What was he like in COTA btw? His one and only super is very effective when mashed and covers a good amount of area, but I think he could’ve used other supers? Remember his assist in MVC1? It looked a lot like Hulk’s Gamma Quake (rocks falling from ceiling). IM definitely should’ve had something like that at his disposal. Also, an ice shiled or some type of built-in move counter would’ve been nice. I also felt that he needed some type of dash move or a super where he freezes his oppoent like SS. Just my thought. But, yeah, I’d love to see him played more. He was a favorite in our hometown. People used to pick him, Cammy, and Jill and do quite well. Those were the days, which surprisingly were about a year ago.

I know this isn’t an aircombo thing, but I’m tired of seeing Icecream Icemans.

When you’re running away with Iceman, don’t do sj.hp icebeam, it leaves SO much lag, and you’re wide open since the beam is very narrow, try this instead.

call ground covering assist, superjump, sj.d+hp XXX

now from here, XXX can mean a NUMBER of things

sj. or j.d+hp has a stupid amount of lag, possibly the laggiest move in the whole game, so you need to cancel out of it, which is possible at any time during the move.

here are the four you should be doing most

HP icebeam: use this if you see the opponent call out and assist, if your aim is well placed, then the assist will eat the beam and that’s hella damage

LP icebeam: use this if your opponent superjumps over the d+hp and the ground covering attack (rocks work well here for chipping purposes, which SHOULD be the main purpose of any iceman teams, save for the occasional aircombo when you can get in and land a hit) if anything, you’ll put them in enough blockstun to save iceman/assist from damage and if they’re looking at you thinking you’re lagging from the attack, then you may surprise them and get an icebeam to connect.

LK avalanche: use this if the opponent superjumps TOWARD you after the sj.d+hp, it cuts off a large part of the screen and has good hit/blockstun so, you’re pretty safe using this.

HK avalanche: this is what I generally use. sj.d+hp goes fairly straight down so the opponent has no choice other than to really jump straight up and they’re likely to get pushed back down into the assist by the avalanche, or be kept in place for the assist to do it’s chip.

Basically mix it up. Not enough Iceman players use this move, they just sit back and abuse Icebeam because they’re scrubs, this move is hella annoying. I believe Iceman can duck under sent’s s.hp rocketpunch, so if he can, duck that, then superjump before the HSF gets to you, move forward a bit and toss this down on sent’s head, then follow it in for an aircombo. I’m not sure how long the hit/block stun is for this move, but it’s speed is confusing, if you toss it on the way down, iceman can follow it down to the ground safely to come in and start chipping w/ rocks or drones and avalanche/icebeams in the air.

Iceman isn’t as bad as people make him out to be, especially with his lack of chip damage versus laser attacks. Just don’t sit back and be a scrub all day w/ icebeams, they’ll get your ass OWNED. Mix it up, be annoying w/ sj.d+hp, mix up cancels.

Oh yea, sj_j.d+hk has hella reach. You can try using it after cancelling out of a d+hp in the air. Iceman can be a bitch, make him on.

just notice that you can do the Arctic Attack ala AHVB Style by doing the same motions has the AHVB (u,d,df,f,u PP).

Combo’s: anywhere except corner - standing Hk>Artic Attack Corner - standing hp>AA

You can also use standing HK as a air launcher when you do the AHVB motion afterwards (u,d,df,f,u). After the standing HK quickly do u,d,df,f,u and you can air combo.:cool:

just to let ya know man, if you’re superjumping, there’s no need to “tigerknee” a super, since you’re already jumping.

And in theory, you can “tigerknee” any super that can be performed in the air with the same motion.

I.E. Doom’s photons, Plasma Ball/Hard Drive w/ Sent, HVB, Lightning Storm (tho I dunno why you’d want to…), Airctic Attack, MOB/SOB etc…

And Tigerknee motion isn’t d,df,f,u, it’s d,df,f,uf

Just for your knowledge, you can perform it a lot faster this way…

yea thats what i meant anyhow forgot to add uf at the end. Its still practically the same thing.

You can AA in a combo (which i posted above) if you do the ahvb motion which is nice. That what i was trying to say.

you missed the point i was saying about the SJ. Standing Hk isnt Iceman standard launcher (its down HK). But you CAN use standing hk as a launcher if you do the ahvb motion properly. Which works great. And you cant ahvb any air super because some air supers wont connect (in a ground combo that is, which is what im talking about). Of course u can ahvb motion any air super by itself but in a ground combo its a different story. Hope that clears up.

Hey this is Jon from lancaster and i wanna kno if anyone knows how to cancel the combos on the ground like in the joo and yuta and rohitaka video, where iceman hits then like 2 times then like cancels it and dashes again and hits em 2 more times and it combos, i heard that it was called sumpthing like suki cancelling, and i can’t figure out how to do it, can anybody tell me what to do?? :evil:

Hey this is Jon from lancaster and i wanna kno if anyone knows how to cancel the combos on the ground like in the joo and yuta and rohitaka video, where iceman hits then like 2 times then like cancels it and dashes again and hits em 2 more times and it combos, i heard that it was called sumpthing like suki cancelling, and i can’t figure out how to do it, can anybody tell me what to do?? :evil:

i need to know how to cancel combos fast enuff to link other ones on the ground!!

That’s a Suki Cancel

i dont kno, but how do u do it? i wanna know

I can’t explain Suki Cancels myself, but it has something to do with cancelling Iceman’s normals with a block. You’re question probably is…“How do I block when nothing is hitting me?” Well, you have to enter Suki Cancel mode first. Then, while in Suki Cancel mode, you’ll be able to block everytime you hold back and nothing needs to be attacking you. Then, you can cancel your normals into blocks. It’s just a process you repeat afterwards. It eventually runs out though. Honestly though, look at the other Iceman threads in this forum and see if there’s still a Suki Cancel thread somewhere around here. I’ve been told that this is useless though. Never something you want to try in a serious match…

iceman is a proud memeber of my shitty team…yay!


another way to do good damage with his arctic attack is to activate the icefist thing…then just do launch,fierce,arctic attack…works out pretty well…

also another thing this creates for aircombos is just to do launch,fierce,icebeam…i think this connects…hell it should…

sorry for dropping such scrubby iceman tactics…

oh and the only thing i do to impress scrubs is my rollable combo of doom…

iceman/storm(proj)…short(call storm),short,fierce,hk iceballavalanche thing,arctic attack…

only thing cool about it is that it involves the avalanche ball…which is a rarity to be used in combos…teehee

after that you can dhc to storm even though she was used as an asisst god damn it i’m so scrubbilicious…oh and this is rollable in the middle of the artic attack…so yeah…i suck with iceman…

thanks mattdaddy…


i thought that there was a punch combo that involved the ice block ,

i had no clue it was suki.