Maxout (1/3/11) S4E1 Results

SSFIV Singles

1 Rexor
2 Dr. Kong
3 GetThere1Time
4 Count Smackula
5 Zenkixs
5 Peaceful
7 KC’s Notorious
7 Koga

SSIV Teams

1 Team Fight Rupies
2 Tea Dive Kicks
3 Team Italian Shoes
4 Team STL Aces
5 Team We so free
5 Team Big Sticks
7 Team Air Force
7 Team KurChachi


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Blargh
3 IOKain
4 Prod1gy
5 SniperMav


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Axiom
3 Rick Tha Rular
4 Prod1gy
5 BoxBroSG
5 Dragon Immortal
7 Chronosphere
7 Mr.Mr


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Kurasa
4 Warden
5 GetThere1Time
5 Chronosphere

1 DatBoiSTL
2 Radian
3 Warden
4 Kurasa
5 Prod1gy
5 Gilty
7 Blargh
7 Habu

Mystery Tournament Virtual On

1 Warden
2 Axiom
3 Count Smackula
3 Focra
5 Roblox
5 Gilty
5 Habu
5 Prod1gy

SSFIV Points
9 Rexor
7 Dr. Kong
5 GetThere1Time
4 Count Smackula
3 ZenKix
3 Peaceful
2 KC Notorious
2 Koga
1 Axiom
1 Focra
1 Boxy

I’ll do rambat points and shoutouts later

my only shoutouts are to the food hookups and everyone who attended. Food hookups are godlike.

GGs everyone. Shoutouts by game:

Worst BB I have ever played, no doubt. My execution was so fucked up I shouldn’t have even entered that tournament. We should’ve just done a round robin for that game with that few of entries.

SSF4 teams:
Chad, I had a couple comebacks in those ending rounds but just couldn’t clutch it out. Sorry bout that. Thx for joining up and making Team Daddy Fat Saks Inc.

Chachi - Yeah I honestly didn’t think that U1 was going to hit you but that has hella long active frames haha. By the time I jumped to do the instant overhead I was like, eh what the hell why not try it and see if it actually works and it did. Oh well still lost anyway.

SSF4 singles:
Chad - I figured I throw you for a loop with my Honda. I know you’ve only played my Honda once and I remember doing pretty well against you.

1Time - I really need to sit down with you sometime and figure out what to do against your Rufus. I think I have ideas but I’m not confident enough in them to actually try them out. GG though.

Roblox - Honestly, I knew your Ken didn’t stand a chance against my Sim. I also thought I could beat your boxer with sim but I didn’t try again after you beat me that 2nd game. Honda ftw.

Jspot - I hate you and all of your sliding BS haha. Why do I keep falling for it?

Definitely the hype of the tournament. GFs was one of the hypest things I remember at MO so far. I wish I could’ve seen that prod1gy vs boxy match, all the hype actually caused me to drop a combo in my match vs Nick1time . Man I don’t even play this game but after seeing all that shit I’ve really come to appreciate it.

Thanks as always to Le, John, jspot and the BUZZZ (lul) for a great tournament.


Nick1time-YES, i told you believe in the thighs and they will take you wherevr you wanna go.

First off snipermav if anybody should be sayin i’m sorry it’d def have to be me, tournament jitters was an understatement of why i was playing so nervous like, pressing buttons dropping combos, doing terribly, and you had some clutch comebacks man. i’d def like to try again and I’d be willin to prep this time. and you pickin honda def threw me for a huge loop lol i had already picked fei when you picked honda instead of sim. nonetheless ggs man.

Idk what the deal is with me not bein able to beat kurasa in anything street fighter related, bad times.

Chachi-good shit in the tournament against le, and even better times playing garou, i could def get used to playin that a lot more.

Wichita crew- always good to see ya even if i feel like i’m gettin trolled on consistently lol.

Ant-I feel like you got a little too anxious maybe, esp after i lost the first round and was debating i should switch to boxer or not. keep at it though and try to be more patient with a few things.

zana- I remember playing you last time in singles and remember you run stop ultra’d me in a match, and You kinda made it obvious at one point where you wanted to do it. the guy matchup is something I needed to again play.

Mute- I was def pissed that i lost to you in teams, and def prayed i got to play you again in singles to redeem myself, i coulda lost any match after that and would’ve been mildly contempt. your makoto was a def new shocking thing for me though. and glad i won the matchup later down the line.

Focra-smh alex, SMH, lol your gief used to be something I could not stomach at all to play. but after playing you for a while i got used to some of the things you do for ultra set up. and you overall helped me play that matchup ten times better than i used to.

Zenkix- atleast i think thats your name, man guile match up was bad times, I felt a little more confident about it though after all was said and done.

Idk what the deal was with the beginning of the tournament, it was like i was too nervous to do anything right. but after that first loss of the first round in singles, it was like my switch finally flipped on.

Overall man it was a good weekend kickin it with you guys, I needed that esp after a stressful week.

EX savage times

le, could you do a full results on ssf4 singles please.

i dont feel like switching the names so here ya go:

1 Andrew
2 Kong
3 Nick
4 Chris R
5 Aniel
5 Justin
7 Chad
7 Brandon
9 John
9 Alex
9 Sean
9 Jon
13 Clint C
13 Tess
13 Sang
13 Ryan
17 Drew S
17 Deron
17 Markis
17 Anthony
17 Chris
17 Mike
17 Dave
17 Rob
25 Jeremy
25 James
25 Sam
25 Masaki
25 Jessie
25 Brad
25 Jeff
25 Torrey
33 Derek

GG to all KC and STL players I played. Sorry, I don’t remember everyone. I’m still learning names. I’m not done with Ibuki yet, I’ll come back next time and try to do better.

Jessi - Thanks for all the Ibuki tips and matchups. I’ll start using it in my fights a lot more so it won’t just be on the offensive all the time.

Boxy - I’ll have to fight you again with your cammy. There are times I notice I just let you go free cause I’m scared of the cannon spike.

Koga - Thanks for the tip man. Next time, it will be different. I’ll start seeing those throws.

Juri player - Sorry I forgot your name. I’ll definitely look forward to fighting you again.

Fullbleed - That was a tough match for me. I was afraid of using my target combo 4 on you cause sometimes it will miss on the third and fourth hit after a Kunai. I still don’t understand it yet.

Kong - I want to fight you again using Ibuki next time. Hopefully I have a better understanding of the matchup by the next tournament.


Had a blast playing with you all, even though I played Street Fighter like trash.

Give me some giant robots and I will destroy anyone (especially when nobody has played VO before).

Kurasa - don’t let low tier strats get you down. Everyone has to learn why certain things are bad ideas before they stop doing them. It’s still a new game.

Le - I don’t feel so bad having PJ rage on me after he did the same to you. Gotta stop sending him to losers, it makes him too good!

Gllty - you’ve got good taste.

Nick - grats on third, you came back with a vengeance!

Next time will be a new era of hype (and maybe I’ll even come up for the whole weekend so I can go to the food hookups and such).

Yo, this was quite the Maxout, had a real good time. I kinda fell out of the community for a bit after the vicious beat down from Chachi, so this was my attempt to get back into it. Well, it did the trick, I’m looking forward to getting in more games now. Shout outs by game like snipermav.

Virtual On:
Warden - Damn dude, you really knew your stuff, it was impressive. Definitely good times getting to finally play real people in that.

Everyone else - hope you had fun getting to try out a real unique fighting game, even though it was obviously real hard to just jump into.

Nick - Very impressed with how you did against DatBoi this time. You obviously never lost the fire for this game, unlike me. BEES! Thanks for the drink my man.

Derron - Well, what can I say man. You really got my number now in this game. Straight up destroyed me this time. Good shit and also good shit bringing the hype we’ve all come to rely on.

Julian - Man, how the f!@# am I suppose to know how to block against Zafina? Makes it even harder considering how offense oriented you are. :mad: Nah, I’m not mad. Good seeing you again, it’s been quite a while.

John - Grand finals was all kinds of hype, can’t wait to see you take DatBoi down, someone’s gotta keep him from winning all our tournaments.

I’m not sure if these guys read the forums, but to the C.Viper player and Mike, ggs guys, keep at it. Mike, you had some moments of really brilliant footsies, I wasn’t sure how to approach there for a bit.

John - GG man, I was in shock over that fight. Didn’t really think I had it in me, but I guess I was in the right frame of mind and like you said, I was playing at my potential. Many thanks for the props, hope I can repeat that kinda play more often.

Nick1Time - Damn dude, you really dashed my dreams of making money that night, haha. You exploited a weakness of mine, but I don’t hold it against you, it’s up to me to stop you. Plus, you beat Rex’s Vega, so I have no doubt that the results wouldn’t have been too different if I could have reacted better. GS getting paid.

Peaceful - That was a good match man. After the first match, I thought you weren’t going to be a problem, but you really shut me down in that second match. I took that third match, but believe me I was getting nervous.

Kong - Man, you also just straight up wrecked me. I really need to get some casuals in with you and other Chuns so that I can see if I can figure out something to do to that bitch. Seems real difficult for Vega, but there’s gotta be something. GGs.

Rex - Good chilling. I gotta give you credit for giving me some ideas from watching your Vega. Congrats on getting KC fight money once again.

Gllty - Cool hanging out bro, next time you should bring down some of that honey drank again.

Sam - thanks for the $5 bro, you really helped me out. I was actually able to eat thanks to you. Imma have to hit you back for sure.

Well, long winded shout outs being out of the way, I’d just like to say I regret missing the food hookup considering Sean is such a bad ass (I was broke, but that wouldn’t have mattered if I actually went, huh?). I was intending on coming back over after the food hookup to chill at John and Le’s, but my ass passed out on my bro’s couch so I ended up missing out on the post tourney hangout. :shake: no good. Maybe next time I won’t stay up till 5:00am, puke my face off, pass out in a bathroom, and wake up 6 hours later hung over, so that I actually can stay awake. Then again, maybe that’s the routine that gives me power…