Maxout 3/10/12 Results

**SSF4:AE 2012 **

1 Samson
2 NGamer3K
3 Axiom
4 Focra
5 Count Smackula
5 FullBleed
7 AntKC
7 Leon


1 Dr. Gatorade
2 Jamar
3 DatBoiSTL
4 NGJoker
5 GetThere1Time
5 Simon
7 Samson
7 Raith


1 Samson
2 DFS KC’s Notor1ous
3 Jamar
4 Tophat
5 HoF Radian
5 DatBoiSTL
7 GetThere1Time
7 Blake


1 DatBoiSTL
2 DFS Prod1gy
3 DFS SniperMav
4 Blargh
5 DrunkNinja
7 Phantom
7 Neil


1 Ian Kirby
2 Josh Ryals
3 Mason Godding
4 Count Smackula
5 Warden
5 AntKC


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Axiom
3 DFS Prod1gy
4 Mr. Mister
5 Count Smackula
7 CatGirlFanatic

Congrats to all the winners in their respective games.

PJ - Thanks for coming out even though you had to get back to STL the same day.

Deron - You a BUM.

Kevin - GS in Marvel

Iowa and Ohmaha for coming out

Kenshiro - I should have gave you my phone number before you guys left. Really wish we could have played more games. Maybe next time brother.

Sorry to Simon and the Nebraska guys, I thought the car behind me was you guys but it wasn’t!

Good stuff to NGamer, congrats on 2nd and Gatoratde for 1st in MvC.

I’m glad to see other communities play KoF too.

Good Maxout. I liked it. It was the most fun, I’ve ever had at Maxout.

My performance was pitiful, but I learned so much about myself playing all these games.

Good games to everyone I played.
Can’t wait to play everyone again.

Chris - Sorry about what happen at the tournament. When I asked about the results of yours and Ants match there seems to be a communication error and it was mistake. My bad.

Its alright, I know it wasn’t intentional. The nice thing about Challonge is because its on mobile devices we can catch these errors if they happen.

Again, I always love coming down here- it’s always a fun time. In KOF, “Blake” should be “Blank.”

Sampson- Good stuff again. Maybe I’ll get you next time.
Axiom - Sorry we couldn’t have a MM like you wanted, but the people in my car wanted to get back. Next time hopefully we can stay longer or come the night before. Thanks again for running and organizing these events. They’re awesome.
Radian - Awesome event- good stuff in KOF. Iowa is glad other places are embracing the game.
AntKC - :frowning: Too bad with what happened in the bracket. If I was you, I would be pretty upset, but it happens I suppose. Maybe we could play casuals next time.
FullBleed- Was I not supposed to play you either? I’m not sure. Anyway GG. If I was Blanka in that MU, I’d turtle- punish every fireball attempt and when you get a knockdown- go crazy.
JSpot - Thanks for running the main setup- it’s so awesome.
Focra - GGs. I’m really interested to rewatch our match in top 8. You’ll probably get me next time- I think a little bit of luck is always required in that MU which is why I was pumped when I beat you the second time. I didn’t think I could do it. GG in KOF, I hope you’re enjoying the game as much as I am. We had a good match.
Catgirlfanatic - Yo Sakura! I know you have got better since the last time I came. Hopefully we can get some casuals for once later.
DatBoiSTL- GGs. I really respect you in every game you play.

@Omaha crew- Next time tell me before you show up at the same out of state tourney as me so I’m not so shocked. Good stuff as always. Iowa will be at the next MSK.

Eh, it’s all good man, It totally slipped my mind after the tournament ended and I started chasing the girls who came in to watch us. Next time for sure.

Thanks to everyone who came out and competed, and to people who brought equipment. Always appreciated.