Maxout 6/24/12 Results



1 Belaul
2 Focra
3 Spam and Eggs
4 GetThere1Time
5 Steeler
5 Dekiline
7 Samson
7 KC’s Notorious

Street Fighter 4
1 Leon
2 Axiom
3 Samson
4 MegaManny
5 Count Smackula
5 Focra
7 Comatose
7 Chachi

Street Fighter 4 Teams

1 Launch Pad McQuack
2 Team George Sucks
3 Saucy Gents
4 Kick 4 Days
5 Team Viscant
5 Team Linclon
7 Green Sunglasses


1 Samson
2 Prod1gy
3 KC’s Notorious
4 No Alias
5 Axiom
5 Radian
7 BlackPhantom
7 Sarcanis

Tekken 6

1 DatBoiSTL
2 Axiom
3 Prod1gy
4 CountSmackula
5 Victor
5 Sarcanis

Virtual Fighter

1 Whodat
2 Spam and Eggs
3 Roblox
4 Chachi
5 Focra
5 PBJ Mixxa
7 Comatose
7 Riding On Cars


1 Roblox
2 Focra
3 Markus
4 Riding On Cars
5 Doppler

Melty Blood

1 PBJ Mixxa
2 Blargh
3 Radian
4 Focra
5 BlackPhantom
5 KC’s Notorious
7 Roblox
7 Samson


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Prod1gy
3 Dekline
4 SniperMav
5 Blargh
5 BlackPhantom
7 No Alas
7 Markus

Hey thanks for coming out guys and making this event happen like crazy. This local had over 50 participants and despite the heat and cramp settings you guys were kind enough to put up with it. Big big ups to Dan and Leremy for having us at NPD and congratulations to all the winners. 9 tournaments in under 8 hours is crazy so special thanks to Chachi and Axiom for their help as TO’s

Also at the end of the day we found a A/C adapter for an HDMI splitter, A copy of KoF, and a SF:AE case. If anyone is missing any of those items pm me and we will try to get everything back to ya.

Kansas City Drinking: We Have a Serious Fighting Game Problem

Oh and i forgot the quick a quick announcement JSPOT and a crew is thinking of hosting another tournament on July 14. Details are not totally set in stone but a location and date are

The NEW NEW Lincoln, Nebraska Thread! Now we're better than Ken's SA3!
Omaha, NE : Marvelous Street Kombat
Wichita, KS: Pass the salt please, we are in there
Springfield, MO - No, really, we play fighting games here!

1 Leon
2 Axiom
3 Samson

Hmmmmm, I’m a little confused by this but whatever. Sorry I didn’t make it out. I had planned on it but after all the beer and a nasty sunburn I was fucking beat. Ill be there for the next one for sure!!!