Maxout 7/23/11 S4E6


1 Team Ellen Degenerous and friends
2 Team Dramatic Battles
3 Team Derp
4 Team Boxy and Sam
5 Team Shadow Battle
5 Team Jet Li’s Airplane
7 Team Something Awesome


1 DatBoiSTL
2 Samson
3 Focra
4 Axiom
5 Christopher
5 iBrandon
7 Mr. Mister


1 Axiom (Ryu/Chun)
2 Samson (Chun)
3 Focra (Gief)
4 Chachi (Ken)
5 Count Smackula (Claw)
5 Radian (Fei)
7 Z (Guile)
7 DatBoiSTL (Akuma)


1 DatBoiSTL (BRU)
2 Axiom (EDY)
3 Prod1gy (STE)
4 Count Smackula (HWA)
5 Boxy (CHR)
5 PataPete (JIN)
7 Black Phantom (???)
7 MGF (???)


1 Blargh (Kano/Ermac)
2 Black Phantom (Johnny)
3 Mr. Mister (Malina)
4 Chachi (Smoke)


1 DatBoiSTL (Jin/Ragna)
2 Prod1gy (Jin/Racheal/Ragna)
3 Blargh (Arukune/Hazuma)
4 SniperMav (Lambda/Bang)
5 MGF (???)


1 DatBoiSTL (Saki)
2 SniperMav (Weiss)
3 Prod1gy (Kamui)
4 PataPete (Kamui)


Samsom - GS for having only 80% execution today and still get 2nd

Axiom - GS for taking 1st, making such a great show whenever you lose, and good reactions

Chachi - GS to kens dp

Focra - GS in teams today brother

Random wichita guys - Thx for making it out to KC and the work you guys did in marvel especially iBrandon

Peter and PJ - For coming out. Always good times when you guys are in town

DrunkRyan - nuff said

Boxy - GS for quitting SF

Deron - GS for not being the only guy to throw up in Johns apt

Everyone else - either i dont remember anything or you are all scrubs

That concludes this season of Maxout. That’s it that’s all. Peace

GS pj, axiom, and team ellen.

What where the final scores for the ranbat?

due to some organizational difficulties we only collected ranbat points for the first two tournaments. also since we only collected money from the tournament for the first two tournaments it was decided that we forgo any collecting of points or money from the tournament and just payout the tournaments as is. ask john for more details

Shoutouts to no twins in top 8.

More to come.

Yeah i remember in the middle u guys stopped collecting the extra money. I was just curious of how the actual points worked out in terms of ranking not monetary reward. I like seeing my name down in the standings to help ignite that fire :).

I dont really no for sure what the points would be since i missed out two months so i dont have the ranbat points of those respected months. but if i were to make a wild guess it would probably be:


i get to figuring it out when i get a chance

Great tourny guys, I really hope everyone noticed John’s gameplay against me and how strong he’s gotten at this match up, execution, and reactions!

Against focra, I cut down my neutral jumping by atleast 50%. I realized that jumping straight up was a habit I’ve grown to use against lesser giefs and worked against spamming money hands. But doing it against forcra would allow him to close the gap quicker so it was killing my spacing. Actually watching Axiom play against focra reminded me about spacing and taking smarter risks.

The difference between PJ’s point wesker and mine is, drones give a lot more rush down options to open up the opponent than tron. He has much more ground combo situational awareness than I do lol, thanks for the casuals man.

And to the Wichita guys, it’s always good to see new faces, especially people dedicated enough to travel further out of town, thansk for coming~
P.S. Kinda sad you couldn’t come Rex, or any other STL cats, but I know bigger things are around the corner so hope to see you guys soon :party:

Great tournament as usual fellas, and a great way to end this season.


Le - Holy shit, you played so well yesterday. I was shocked at your new technology when you took me out in the grand finals of teams. I was salty, but two minutes later I felt fine. You deserved that win. You’re definitely back on the radar for a top local player after yesterday. Nice job man. Thanks for running a smooth bracket, as well.

Samson - Thank you for the kind words. It took 110% for me to win, especially when you were at tournament point and I was down a match. I HAD to hype myself with all my shit talk, or I was toast. Despite a few minor errors, I think we both played a fantastic set. I have you in particular to thank for my increase in SF skill lately. Also, I HATE playing you in Marvel, but like a masochist, I can’t stop. Someday, hopefully soon, I’ll figure out where I need to tune up, and do it.

Deron - Best Tekken I’ve ever seen you play. Keep that shit up in the future, and maybe you’ll take my 1 spot around here after all. I’ll never let you keep it though. Sorry I lost my shit on Saturday night up in the loft, I thought you were trolling me directly… felt kind of like a dumbass when I realized you weren’t even talking to me. See you for some games this week.

Boxy - … There are just so many words, but I know none will get through. Never have, never will. Do your thing man. We’ll be here when you decide you want to get back on it again.

Nick1Time - Always one of my favorite people to have deep conversations with. I learn something every time we talk. Good times, good drinking with you. I look forward to seeing you back in the running soon.

Alex - As always, a nail biter in the winners finals. Next time we are teaming up, and people are going to get REAL hurt. I look forward to our match this week in Marvel. (Not really)

Z/Dmac - You guys being the beastly melee players you are, I am not surprised to see you fellas making moves. I WAS surprised Z ran through some people in particular with basic Guile tactics, so I said some things about it. We’ll see if the trend continues, but I’m glad to see you both progressing well in the local scene.

Chachi - Team Chachiom… or team dramatic battle… we did well, but oh well. I’m glad you seem to be getting a much better control over yourself, much quicker, when it matters. GS. I love seeing those pearly whites in conjunction with some flames.

Malcom - Glad we could give you some insight at restaurant. I hope to see your level up as a result.

Wichita guys who came out - Glad to see new faces, especially some talented ones. Good show, and hopefully we’ll continue seeing you guys. Welcome to the local scene.

Last but not least, my man Peter - Good shit Wichita. Always a pleasure to hang with you. I’m sad you are leaving, but I understand the need to move on with your life. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and you know you always have a place if you want to come back. Stay in touch man.

…PJ - … I know you don’t read these forums… but thanks again for puking on my couch. Asshole. :arazz:

See everyone on Wednesday.

thanx for having our guys over at your tournament, i wish i couldve gone myself to play in the ssf4 ae singles tourney, unfortunately me and some guys wont be able to make it out to screenland showdown since that is the same day as the debut of our group in wichita since i am trying to revive the fight scene down here, btw im the head admin of the WFGA (Wichita Fighting Games Association) maybe in the near future you guys can come down and participate in one of our tournaments, and if you have XBL my GT is theanimefan101, hope to meet you soon one of these days.

Ok, actual shoutouts:

Focra- Props for taking me out in teams and singles. I hope you enjoyed that cigarette.

Samson- Thank you for driving home John’s point about understanding negative frames right through my chest. Ken can’t do a whole lot when Chun gets super.

John- Thank you for putting up with my scrubbiness and carrying us to 2nd.

Le- Fei is looking good. Too bad about U2 not working out.

PJ- Great match. After playing Rex’s and Allen’s Akumas I have somewhat of a feel for that matchup. But damn, dizzying you almost cost ME the match. Stun meter can be sneaky.

Boxy- Congrats on your retirement. I still owe you a pitcher for scrubbing out our FT10. If you decide to come back, remember that dive kicks above the chest are bad.

Raith- I was on autopilot during our set. :frowning: Nice links with Ibuki though.

Malcolm- GGs in MK and AE

Markis- GGs, props to sticking with Boxer even though he’s post-prison Tyson tier now

Special shoutouts to all the kids that came in wanting to play in MK, only to not stick around for the actual tournament. I gotta hold out until they lift the ban on the new characters. I’ll probably have to pick up a PS3 pad too, playing MK on a traditional stick layout feels counter-intuitive.

[INDENT=1]GGs at the tourney, I’m pissed about dropping shit (teleport mixup, houtenjin) but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh good times (except for trying to do a 40 minute drive done in 20…)[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]@Deron: GGs in BB. Most derptastic ending to a tourney match ever? (You know what I’m talking about.) I think so. :confused:[/INDENT]


[INDENT=1]@2am: MK troll sessions in tourney grand finals all day every day.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]@Nick1time: GGs, glad to get games in AE finally.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]@Le: GGs, need to fight that Fei more.[/INDENT]

@Le - Malina? I don’t play Malina, I play Mileena…

@Deron - steve getting better. just don’'t lose confidence in him and switch characters(like I used to do…I’m retired now, everything is in past tense). No more lee at tournies just play steve and you’ll get there.

@B1argh - more MK please

Good times.

Thanks for all the games, and thanks to PJ for buying me dinner.
Thanks to Boxy for the Irish Car Bombs.
Thanks to Dave for bodying me in Marvel.
Thanks to Le for being a good TO.
Thanks to Deron for being a good source to troll on.
Thanks to John for bodying me in just about everything we played (I will beat you at something, one of these days).

It was nice meeting everyone. We’ll see each other again someday.

Good games this weekend everyone! Street Fighter pissed me off…although at least I wasn’t the only one…

PJ - yeah you got me in that MM but our Arcana tourney grand finals match was hella close. Good shit. I love that we are both lamenting the fact that no one in our respective scene plays the game…I’m gonna level up some other characters to use next time.

Deron - God match LOLOLOL. In tournament, are you serious? You might be seeing that more with this Fire Elsa :badboy: Shoutouts to foreshadowing our drunk BB casuals: “Imma get these two seals, Imma get this FRKZ, and Imma win this round.” And NO, you are not the Bang of KC hahaha.

Blargh - I just need to get more games with you man…I don’t play you enough. Good shit in BB though, and really good shit trolling Malcolm during MK grand finals, so hilarious.

MGF - What can I say, I clutched out that match. Once I hit that command grab -> 5C -> 6D -> daifunka combo to kill you with my magic pixel of life left, that kinda woke me up and carried me to finish it out. Appreciate you playing in the tournament though, and we’ll have to get more casuals in next time.

Peter - “Yo Deron, where the hell did this guy come from?!?” Haha that shit was great. GGs in Arcana man.

But I like playing that man chaolan in tournaments. :tup:

i’m not trying to complain/bitch/etc but you dudes need to step it up with set ups. i brought a full AE setup, and a CRT for GG. also, luckily brought two ps3 sticks! good thing we have a ton of pad players

so if you can, bring yo shit, more casuals more games way more fun, doesn’t matter what games you wanna play as long as others wanna play em

just sucks bringing 2/3 of the setups when i know people can provide more

i’m not really bitching, because i still had a great time and i was glad to see GG get all the attention for a while, that was awesome.

nick- imma get that yang, and then that t.hawk… thanks for the tips!
boxy - you own, fuck haters, just play watcha want
axiom - why you so beastly, not just in games but in bro-status
fanatic - great meeting you, super down to earth and great advice!‘
raith - i can’ tfucking believe you toook my 5 dollar entry fee and then forfeited your first match…
deron - you own
prod1gy - we talking about PRACTICE