Maxout (7/31/10) S3E2 Results

SSF4 Teams

1 Run Stop Balrog
2 Splendid Combination
3 Team DiveKicks
4 Team Ninja From the Future
5 Team Meta
5 Team we <3 animated boobies
7 Fine Ass Anime Bitches
7 Team Fuck Democracy
9 Team Unko Pirates
9 Team Good shit KC

SSF4 Singles

1 Rexor (BR)
2 Dr. Kong (CH)
3 German Leuger (VG)
4 Axiom (RY)
5 Big Dick Feurtue (EL)
5 Sang (VI)
7 Don Quxtoe (BL)
7 Zankix (GU)


1 Axiom (Steve,Lee,Law)
2 BoxbroSG (Christy,King,K-bob)
3 Prod1gy (Lee,Steve)
4 Mr.Mister (Bear,Anna,Nina)
5 ArkiveZero (Julia)
5 Dr. Kong (Julia)
7 GetThere1Time (Bob)
7 PataPete (Jin)


1 Luigi182
2 Drunk Ninja
3 ArkiveZero
4 Prod1gy
5 FullBleed
5 Focra
7 BoxBroSG

Mystery Game (Last Blade2 and Gundam Battle Assault)

1 PataPete
2 DrunkNinja
3 KC Notorious
4 ArkiveZero
5 Masaki
5 Don Quxtoe
7 Dr. Kong
7 Rexor

Good shit to all the winners. And big ups to all of STL and Springfield for coming out. It was kinda bad without having the feature monitor but thanks to everyone we had I think the hypest Maxout yet. Well anyways congratulations to Vince for his first ever tournament victory in TvC. And Deron congratulations for beat Dave and getting him to rage on you. Fuck you should have done the money match. Also whoever wrote “Good Shit KC”, signed Peters name on it and posted it on Johns door gets a thumbs up. There was allot of shit going on like Peter winning a fireball war on John but all in all good shit to everyone and thanks again for everyone who brought a setup. If anything else I was satisfied with KCs participation but I think we were still missing like 8 people who came to the hookup on Friday but didn’t show up for the tourney.

good job rex. i kinda wish i woulda went now. i heard it was fun.

nice job leuger for the 3rd place finish, i know you’re happy about that. finally got in that top 3 in singles! you’ve been wantin that for a while, keep it up man…ur gettin a lot better everytime.

Thanks to everyone for all their participation and support! And a big thanks to Le for doing the T.O. work as always.

This is always a blast to have fellas. And you can expect our next one way sooner than later. Last maxout was 2 months ago. The next coming one will probably be in about 3 weeks. (yeah, I know, really fast) but the point of this will be a proper send off for our boy ArkiveZero, who will be moving to California on September 1st. We’ll miss you bro, and we want you to be able to do one more maxout before you go.

STL, glad to have you guys. Super strong play. Leuger and Rex are both waaaay better than last time I saw them play. Rex’s victory was decisive this time around, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. Leuger, great matches, you earned your spot in the top 3. You’re welcome to come back and stay with us whenever fellas.

Springfield, great to have you guys as well. Mega level up, Torrey. Nice job. Sang, your viper had me sweating something fierce. I hope we will play more in the future.

Peter, great to have you too sir. I know Melty didn’t work out as a tournament, but we’ll try again. If we can rally the support, we’ll run the game. We just need another PS2 setup next time. Thanks for the tips on the game. GOOD SHIT WICHITA!

Jspot did not make this tournament, so we didn’t get the run the stage setup. However, this won’t be an issue next time. The co-owner of the bar has graciously offered to buy his own set of the equipment that Jonathon brings, so he can keep it at the bar from now on. We will have it specifically for Maxout tournaments. His way of saying ‘thank you’ to the tournament participants for always making these events a success.

The turnout this time was great. One of our best. 27 for SSFIV singles I believe, with 10 teams, and even 10 competing in Tekken made that our 2nd biggest Tekken showing yet.

Here’s what to expect next time:

SSFIV Singles & Teams
BlazBlue CS joins the roster
Mystery game

We will leave Melty Blood open as a possible side tournament. Guilty Gear as well, but I just don’t think we’ll see it make its return. HDR has also seen its hayday in our tournaments I believe.

And we WILL have the stage setup running on blast again.

Looking at August 21st or August 28th for the next event. Expect details later this week!

Good shit, had a great time, hope to see everyone next time! btw, if you find a little black pouch that says “Wavesense” on it in the bar, it’s mine. Got home before I realized I left it there. No big deal if nobody found it, I got another one here, but just keep it on hand if you do.

And shoutouts to the TvC and Mystery Game tournament players. May not have had the most skillful play in the games, but damn if we don’t get hyped and make it fun as shit. Still kinda funny that all of us in Springfield actually got together and played Last Blade 2 just this last Monday, lol.

rumor has it kong will be leaving as well. for the schoolin at Minnesota. will this also be his last max out as well as my dude, arkive?

Nah, the doc will stay with us for at least another year. I was concerned about the departure of the champ as well. But he’s sticking around for a skosh. :china:

Some corrections for the results (just to keep my dude Le on his toes)
1 Axiom (Law, Lee, Steve)
2 Boxbrosg (Christie, King, K-Bob)
7 Zenkix (GU)

Also, I just noticed that Springfield brought 4 guys, and 3 of them made it into our top 8 (Which is awesome for them btw. Good job guys). in addition, 3 of the other top 8 (including 2 of the top 3) are from STL. That means that only TWO of KC’s players made our own top 8… and gents, we had a 27 person bracket.

KC needs to STEP. IT. UP. Let’s GO.

Aight MAXOUT already means goodtimes so imma just throw out the shoutouts. Big thanks to my boys axiom and radian for keepin the KC scene alive and hostin MAXOUT. Bigups to STL, Springfield and Peter for showing up to the occasion and showing us some love in KC.


Drunkninja - lol Goodshit in kickin my ass in every game you played me in. TVC was automatic ass beating, but lastblade was rigged im callin red flag allday. jk lol

Mr.Mister - lol way to challenge me to a MM for $10 grand after taking that L. I know you feel that “it was a fluke”, “it will never happen again” and other bullshit like that. So im down for a $20 MM next hookup, its not 10 Gs’ cuz im not a boss like you.

Boxy - I thought about trollin you in this post, but when you spend as much as you did on drink for a few of us you get automatic praise. So this whole post is dedicated to you, even if you are a trollin bastard. lol

I hate doing long ass posts so, imma just say congrats to Rex for takin super again. Glen is hella goofy, Hectors hat is dope and springfield says were free at last blade. See everybody whenever the next date is set.

Damn, I didn’t even place in Tekken? T_T That sucks, oh well. And I do find it odd that only 2 of us (well, you guys) placed in the Top 8. There will definitely be some stepping up in SF come next MaxOut.

Finally got home, big thank you to John and Le for your hospitality all weekend. Was most awesome.

First win ever at a Maxout! I’m so happy. You guys are lucky Jude didn’t show up for the mystery tourney (aka Last Blade 2). He would’ve made all of us look hella free…

I’m kind of disappointed at the sudden swap from Melty into Mystery game. It had just started, and should’ve been finished. Didn’t even get to play anyone, either. I know Toad’s has a time limit, but you guys should really try to run it more smoothly. I don’t mind helping out if needed, either. Just some friendly words from your neighbor down south.

Random shout outs:

To the the mysterious guy who posted “GOOD SHIT KC - PETER” on John’s door and tried to frame me: Good shit KC. I like the way you spell “K”. Very fine penmanship. Keep up the good work, son.

Axiom: You suck at shooting fireballs. Thanks for letting me beast on you in teams. And good games at Melty. Keep it up til next month; I wanna see you improve! And if Nero is your bag, then run with it all the way to the bank. Looking forward to playing you (hopefully) next time.

Le: Wow. Drink and drive, +1/2 cool points (just kidding, thanks for the lessons at BBCS).

Jesserugi: Thanks for letting me play on your stick – that VLX is GDLK man! I have to get one now, too! (lol) It was good to see you again, friend! See you at the next Maxout!

Boxybrosg: Stop playing me at Tekken. This is the fourth time already! Thanks for the booze too :rock:

Justin Kong aka Dr. Kong aka KC’s 26th best Tekken Player: Good shit KC!

ArkiveZero aka Mr. Stylin’: Good shit KC! (we need to play some Melty before you go man! :shake: )

Dave: Thanks for being the anchor at SSFIV teams. I suck, sorry!

Rexor: Whenever we hit up Denny’s again, I’m asking you to hook me up with some free eggs

Player: Thanks for whooping my ass at hungover Tekken

To everyone I missed: GGPO

Fun tourny guys, good to see KC growin. Thanks alot for the great hospitality john and le, and the well run tournament. Will be great to have the feature stage for the next one. GG’s to everyone i played.

Good look big dick feurte for teaming with me and wrecking shop.