Maxout (8/21/10) S3E3 Results


SSF4 Teams

1 Team Balrog
2 Team Fuck I dont know
3 Team Clever as shit
4 Team ExShurg
5 Team Low Tier for life
5 Team DiveKicks
7 Team SS Goku
7 Team Meta
9 Team Good shit KC

SSF4 Singles

1 Rexor
2 Axiom
3 German Leuger
4 BoxbroSG
5 Warden
7 Focra
7 SFCatgirlFanatic


1 Axiom
2 BoxBroSG
3 Eugene
4 Ekie
5 Prod1gy
5 CountSmackula
7 ArkiveZero
7 PataPete


1 Warden
2 DrunkNinja
3 GetThere1Time
5 Eugene
5 BoxBroSG


1 PataPete
2 Radian
3 ArkiveZero
4 Axiom
5 Euegene


1 Rexor
2 Jude
3 Focra
4 MegaManny

1 Dator
2 CatusGuy
3 Blargh
4 IOKain
5 CountSmackula
5 DrunkNinja
7 Axiom
7 Eugene

1 Prod1gy
2 Jude
3 Snipermav
3 Blargh
5 DrunkNinja
5 BoxBroSG
5 PataPete
5 Eugene

Ranbat Points


Rexor 24
Kong 14
Axiom 11
German Leuger 10
Warden 7
BoxbroSG 6
Chachi 4
GetThere1Time 2
Big Dick Feurtue 2
Sang 2
CactusGuy 1
Radian 1
Don Quxtoe 1
Zankix 1
Focra 1
SFCatGirlFanatic 1


Axiom 24
BoxbroSG 21
Euegene 14
ArkiveZer0 7
Prod1gy 9
Ekie 4
CountSmackula 3
Chai 2
Dr. Kong 2
Patapete 2
GetThere1Time 1
SFCatGirlFanatic 1

Yo thanks to everyone who came out Maxout. I think this is the first time ever that we manage to get done with 8 different tourneys with so lil time. With that said I wanna give a special thanks to John and Glen for helping me run things while I was away. Also big ups to my guys Real Sean, Deron, and Glen for bringing the hype. And for everyone who didn’t know this was also Real Seans last Maxout showing since he’ll will be moving to NorCal so a big thanks to everyone who showed up to see my boy off.

The highlights of the tournament were definitely Axiom epic timeout against Boxbrosg Ultra in the team tournament with his Ryu against Cammy. The Losers finals between Axiom and German Leuger was also a epic fight to watch. Seeing both these players go back and forth between each other in Teams then again in Singles just shows that these two were at an equal level against another. And my favorite moment was the day was Prod1gys and Axioms super scrubby but hype as fuck match between Prod1gys Tager and Rachel versus Axioms Jin. So so scrubby but there was so much hype for this match that I didn’t even needed to watch to know what was going on.

@ Peter - Good shit wichita. Yeah I knew if I can take John out in MB then it would probably be you and me. Good shit though, I’ll work on my tech traps for next time and maybe I’ll stop hitting buttons on you.

@ Ryan and Sam - Good shit to the both of you. I don’t know what I was doing but you guys sure did and you prove your point at the tourney. Because of that I will FT5 one of you tue and the other fri

@ Rex Glen and Leuger - Always a blast having you guys here and coming to make sue we stay hungry. YO BUTTER CHICKEN IS GODLIKE THATS WASSUP.

@ Sean - You are gonna be missed bro. You better come here for the last two hookups or I will hunt you down one of these days.

@ Luke and Dator - Sorry we couldn’t get BB:CS on the big screen for you guys. We were kinda rushing things though and didn’t realized that you guys were already playing your finals. Hopefully next time we can get another setup going so that you guys can play casuals afterwords.

@ Deron - You have decided your destiny. You are the best random HNK player in the world.

@ everyone else - thanks for making Maxout a huge success. We got sooo much done in so lil time. Thanks for coming out and hopefully we can see you all next time.


Had a lot of fun, even though I had one hour’s worth of sleep. GG’s to KC and STL. Always a pleasure to see everyone again. Good shit KC!

John: Thanks for whoopin’ my ass at Tekken and for not going easy on me. Your match against Luger and Rex was amazing. Mad props.

Le: Nice V Sion! I had expected to see you in finals, and you put up a helluva good fight. Thanks for all the help with the mod tips man. See you next month.

JSpot: Fellow VLX comrade, SALUTE

Arkive: I was a bit bummed when I didn’t see you there at first, but thankfully you came by after all. You will be missed sir! Love that S. Akiha. Rep that shit in NorCal!

Dave: Good shit KC

Deron: Good shit KC

Boxy: Good shi- no, eff you scumbag lawl

Rexor aka Wreckszor: Grats on HDR and Super IV. Good seein’ you again!

Glen: Hype man to the fullest :smokin:


I had a great time at this tournament. My poor showing at the Round Robin the night before had me thinking I might just not enter the tournament on Saturday, but the more I Thought about it, the more I just shook it off. I had my shit together by the time I got going in the tournament. Especially after Leuger put me in losers.

Le - Thank you for always doing the TO work. You know you can ask me any time you need help. I’m glad you stayed sober this time. :lol: Don’t sweat what happened in teams. Everyone has a bad day, and you just didn’t get over what happened the night before. You’ll bounce back, and be back in top shape in no time.

Arkive - SOOO glad you made it meng. Your presence will be very missed. Fuck Slamma Jammas, and fuck Onion Rings. hahaha.

Deron - glad you made it too man. I’m sure it helped to get out of the house. Hope you are back in tip top soon. But NEVER pick Tager against me again. >:D

Nick1Time - Our duet was a beautiful thing. What happened to you in singles? I was surprised you weren’t in top 8.

Lyquid - Likewise. Though I’m glad you made it out. Did you play Abel? You were making splashes with him last time we played.

Boxy - Stupid close matches in SF. ONE SECOND HAHAHAHA. Soooo good. PURE skill. there was NO luck involved in that…AT ALL!!! Next time, I won’t pick Steve either…

Dave - Good job knocking Sean into losers in Tekken. Your Nina seemed on point. You did a lot less random stupid shit and played solid. Keep that up.

Sam - Good shit the night before, but I had to set the record straight. I’d be happy to sit down with you sometime.

Warden - I am always surprised when I beat you, because you are so good. You will get better at the ryu matchup, and things will become extremely rough for me. You are great player though. Good performances in Street Fighter, and TvC. Oh and I guess that OTHER game too. heh.

Dator/Kain - Glad you fellas made it, and are going strong on BBCS. Congrats on your win dator. I wasn’t surprised you were good, but beating Luke is big time. You’re someone to watch out for in that game.

Peter - ALWAYS a pleasure. Even when you’re trolling me… you bastard. Good shit on winning Melty, like there was any doubt at all. I hope you can stay longer next time, so we can chill again.

Darnell - I hope you continue coming out. I think you might have tourney nerves though,because when we played in Wichita, you were more solid.

KC KILLER - …Why weren’t you in the top 8? And we never did get that money match. Next time someone asks you if you’re the “KC killer” or “STL killer” or anything killer, say 'No, someone just called me that." rather than “Yeah, that’s me.” :lol:

Torrey - beasting in Blaz and TvC. Nice. And I HATE SLAMMA JAMMAS!!

Sang - SO close… again… jeez. Like I said, next time, if you get past me, you better go all the way.

Rex - The champ is here. I hope I at least made you think that KC has potential in more than one player now. I had a good time playing you in the finals.

Cameron - Man, I know I was kind of a bad sport about my win, but I wanted it so bad it was tangible. The way you beat me the night before, and at the last tournament, I was more focused than I’ve ever been in my SF career to take that one from you. I paid reaaaal close attention when you and Rex played. I know he made a bad call playing you with Ryu right before we played, and I’m sure he didn’t think I’d download that fast, but hey, you motivated me with all the beatings you gave me. I’ll look for your vengeance at the next tournament, sir.

Glen - Thanks for always bringing everyone down and being the STL hype man. Good games, good times. See you next time.

Ok, my novel is done. PEACE.



@Luger - Good shit on top 3, nice catching up with you, hope I get to play you some next time you’re down.

@Rex - Too beastly, don’t spend it all in one place.

@Glen - I’ll make sure I get a chance to see the Fei next time, glad you’re bringing people down to play.

@Axiom - Good shit for holding it down and getting second, nicely done. I got peaced out playing mostly Rufus, I got lots of grinding to do to catch up.

@SFCatgirl - I used to think you were wasting your time playing Sakura when your Rose was soooo much better. But I gotta admit it was pretty impressive, hitting them links like no tomorrow.

@Focra - Told you what I thought at MaxOut but I’ll say it again, glad someone is playing Gief and trying to do it right. Look forward to more games.

@Nick1Time - F your job.

@Jspot - Saw some solid play, I like it. Good shit bringing all the setups and shit, respect.


GGs all, had a great time at my first Maxout.

@John, Le, Glen, Jspot - Thanks for setting up, running the event and bringing setups and shit. We all appreciate the hard work that you guys put into making this tournament a success. Le, I won’t be able to make it on Tuesdays anymore, but I’d be happy to play you on Friday.

@Alex- ExShrug baby! The team tourney was definitely the best part of the day for me. Thanks for saving our ass against Sam, and sorry that I couldn’t save us against Axiom…

@Sam - GGs man. I feel like I can hang with you most of the time in casuals, but man you totally destroyed me in our singles match. I’ll be honest, I had been sitting for a while and didn’t have enough mental preparation to prepare for our match. I felt like you had a great read on my Boxer, and then when I changed to Sim I knew I had made a big mistake. I usually don’t like making excuses, but I think you and I know I can play better than I did during that match. Gotta give you credit though, you were on point and didn’t drop any links. I’ll take it as a learning experience this time and I’ll be ready next time.

@Deron - Pink throw 720 was one of the great highlights of the tourney lol…And good shit on that HNK victory.

@STL - Damn you guys are impressive. Congrats on your victories.

@Torrey- GGs in Blaz. You probably don’t know who I am, but you knocked me out of the BB tourney during that Bang mirror. I think I played way too predictably during the later parts of that match. I was pretty disappointed in my BB results but I plan to keep playing and I’ll definitely show up next time.

@Sean - I know you don’t know me that well either, but good luck with the move to NorCal.


Man, i was sore as a bitch on saturday but i couldnt miss my boys last MO even tho he got trolled like crazy, plus fuck being in the house another day. Goodshit to all the out of towners since ya’ll are key to making MO better every month.

Real Sean - I got your back bro, imma knock off boxy for the troll session he gave u.

John - Goodshit in super bro those matches with Rex were some of the best at MO. Oh, your seeing tager from now on until i find a main. Pink 720’s allday son. :china:

Le - I wanted to tell ya’ll awhile back that i got heat in HnK.

Chris - Good to see your still alive

Peter - Good Shit Wichita

Torre - lol i think u beat me in every game we played again.

Sam - GOODSHIT to you sir. I didnt get to see your matches this time but im hearing nothing but good things about you. Keep that shit up bro

Ryan - Glad you like those pro tager strats lol

Stl - Congrats to Rex and Lueger for placing top 3. Always a pleasure when STL comes down puttin that hunger in some of our players. Glen super silly as usual big ups to u sir for puttin me on that butter chicken.

All in All goodshit to everybody who showed up and to the hosts for always setting this shit up. See ya’ll next month or whenever the next one is.


Good shit and all


WHHHHAAAAATTT??? So that’s why you were able to defeat my Kenshiro >:(
Anyway, way to pink 720 John :rofl: That shit was way too funny. And start learning Litchi already I want you to main a character so I can troll you when I beat you lol

@Dator + IOKain: COME TO HOOKUPS GUYS! Seriously, it was great to play you both again and how you guys had improved, although Dator I’m still kinda salty over not knowing that our match was winners finals and doing a best of 3 instead of a best of 5, especially b/c our matches were close, but that was partly my bad so uggghhhhhhh

@FakeSean: Non-stop T6 trolling. I love it haha

@STL: Way to make things hype! Maxout is always better w/ you guys around

@RealSean: Ah man, this was an interesting last MO for you most definitely, getting trolled in T6 and calling out the slamma jammas all day. You will be missed :china:

@Luke: You don’t post on SRK so… lol

@Mr.Mr: Keep the work on Lambda, you’re getting better. Like I said just learn some more damaging combos and as soon as that Lambda player gets back to me I’ll forward you his tips. Remember: is your friend

@Focra: Many thanks again for the PS2 stick, I hope to see your Tager enter next MO

@Jspot: So much pink and even some Hello Kitty lol. And thanks a lot for bringing the PS2 w/ HNK, so much fun

@Chris: Hope to see you at some hookups so we can finally get some BBCS in >_>


my nina played like poo. I dropped so many juggles


STL - Fun times as always. Stay beastly. Food hookup was awesome. It’s all about that butter chicken flavored saliva. Fei Long is broken. Sagat vs Honda matches were crazy fun. I love pickin your brains about SF too. I feel enlightened.

Peter - I don’t even think we talked really but… Good shit, Wichita.

John - I didn’t make top 8 in SF because I didn’t enter, bro lol. Good to see you’ve recovered quickly from the RR. I would have liked to see the finals.

John/Le/Jspot - Good shit on making things happen as usual. You guys are the reason we keep getting so much out of town pull. Keep up the great work.

Torrey - GS in TvC. I couldnt figure out how to shut down that SJ dive kick. Imma be ready for that shit next time!

Warden - GGs as always. I’m kinda disappointed we didn’t get to play more TvC.


Alright; time for my two cents.

@STL You guys are a dominating force out here. Even in HDR lol…you guys had better watch out though. It seems like some of the boys are starting to get you figured out. Bring some fierce shit next time, and prove my statement wrong.

@Witchita I’m glad you guys made it out. Peter, Will, Darnell; all you guys are like strangers, per se. I know it’s a long drive, so I’m glad you made it. Good shit in Teams Darnell…your Makoto is pretty solid. There’s a few things you should work on, but I need to work on them too, so I’m not dissin’ you. Will, your Cody and Guy were great. I didn’t even know you played them! I thought it was just Ken and Cammy…good shit Witchita!

@John/Le That teams match got me pumped. I never expected to pull in a win against Le, and almost taking John was gettin’ the fire started in my gut. I needed that early on to get me motivated. Le, I don’t think I’ve played you enough, so that’s why it might have been a little harder for you. And John, one of these days, I’ll beat you in a FT5 Ryu mirror. Give me some time lol. Any advice you have would be nice.

@JSpot I’m glad you made it bro…you are the equipment master. Not to mention a mean Fuerte…I’d love to get to play you more sometime.

@Ryan Yeah; I had your Boxer downloaded lol. But I know you can do better with Sim…I was on point, and you seemed a bit shaky. Don’t worry about it though…in due time, you’ll be able to focus easier.

@Dave You should stick with Guile, bro. Your Juri must be pretty new, so I give you props for having the cajones to use her in the tournament. GGs though…I have never played you before that. :V Or in Tekken for that matter…

@Deron Glad you came out bro. Even injured, you still brough the biggest hype to BB…you even had me turning away from my match to watch! When I get that game up and going, we need to practice. You’re very solid, and the hype is always nice. You seemed kinda shaky in Tekken, but I can see why. Don’t let it get you down.

@Alex Damn, your Gief is solid dude. I saw you fighting Smakula, and those were some close matches. I think you’re getting better at adapting on the fly, which is nice. Keep it up…even though I hate fighting him, we need a Gief player.

@Josh Dude; you’ve been a stranger for a long time. Much love for you coming out and showing us you’re still interested. I’ve given up the Rose of KC spot to one of the new guys, but I’ll still play her. Are you still using Cody, or just Rufus?

@BoxSean Sucks about that fucking Ultra bro. You had that match…you seemed on point, dude. Good to see you’re not slipping. Hitting those tough links like they’re nothing. Good shit, bro.

@NickBlargh You did alright in Super, but you seemed to psyche yourself out, and had some trouble adapting. Your Seth is getting better though, so keep with it. Also, good job in BB. I’m not sure how well you did in ALL the matches, but what I saw was nice. Hazama = broken.

@Nick1Time I didn’t wind up playing you at all. :S Did you only enter into teams? If so, good shit. We tied lol. I know you had to work, so I can see why.

@Warden Dude; I choked so fucking hard against you. That matchup is so hard, but Sean gave me some good advice I’m going to use next time we fight. What you know about whiffed ultras??? :3 You’re a very solid player, and I’ll beat you one of these days.

This was the best I’ve done at a tournament. 2-2 in teams (which I wasn’t even sure I was going to enter), and 3-2 in singles. If this keeps up, maybe I’ll actually be able to place well for once in my life lol.


Really fun trip as per the norm when KC holds it down. From round robins, to butter chicken, to poker it was a blast kickin it with team kc.

Le- Thanks again for putting us up. Dont get discouraged with your performance, seems you had been bouncing around with characters and stuff and should see better results next rr. Awesome job as TO, you were throwin matches around faster than Zack Greinke son- 8 tournys? Good shit!

Axiom- Good final! When i won the first match i thought i could take it with vega but you adapted fast and hit some nice clutch frame traps. I really thought i was gonna hit you riiiight before time ran out when i jumped that ultra with dj >_<. I dunno if the last match was very hype though lol. Thx to you too for the hospitality and good shit in tekken.

Jspot- Godlike setup raised this Maxout level so much over last month! Good shit in four, glad i didnt have to play yah in teams and our singles match was mad close- i was sweatin. Keep workin on rsf, seems your already pretty good at it and i bet you could with a lil practice get 4-5 into mixup every time.

Warden- Good to play yah again, always love to hit your dic (no homo). Close matches each round in the robin.

Arkive- Damn man…like cali yo? Good shit for doin it right and sayin u wasnt gonna come and then makin the hype suprise entrance. This man knows how to work the crowd! Your viper was gettin pretty good. I could see u training out there and coming back and showin us all whats really good. See below.

Box- One button!? Damn thats so cold this dude moving to the beach shit. Good poker and good shit in SF, one match away was a dominating performance over the room.

Nick1time- u know i just got one word for yah son, shoryuken! Shoryuken, shoryuken, shoryuken, shoryuken! Good luck with the job and next time someone trys pullin that not paying for the pizza shit- u know what to say. “YOU IS DUMB!”

CPhame- ungh gettin in that ass in melty like always. Good shit on coming out with a full (an understatement!) car load!ah

Deron- funny and hype as hell. Hope you get better soon bro.

Afro Magician- wish we could have played more, grind that rust off and KC’s fabled #1 ranking spot could be in reach soon.

Sang- Good games, wish we could have got some more in before the finals start. I see alot of potential, hopefully u get time to at letast hop in training mode on a regular basis cuz viper takes prolly more effort and practice than any other character. Alot of stuff like combos and mixups can be practiced alone.

Hope to see yah guys next month, and maybe sooner if the CoMo connection re-opens.


love to help out whenever i can my brotha from anotha motha. yo, whatchu know about dat butta chicken? UNGH! don’t worry, we will see each other soon. you love my version of the game “telephone”.

i feel bad we didn’t hang out like we did last time. FIT SOME MORE TIME FOR MEH INSTEAD OF BEASTIN IN MELTY BLOOD!

i enjoy seein how our new school fairs against KC. i apologize that i didnt have anyone new this month. hopefully next month, some of our other players actually have passion enough to come. as usual, good games.

mos def. you in for a treat, thats for sure. :smiley:

i’m very pleased to hear you had a great first time at max out. if possible, visit the hook ups on tuesdays/fridays. level yo game up and have fun during the process. side note, oh diggity. im KC now listed with the max out dawgs. to be honest, even tho im STL, i feel more at home at KC.

silly is my occupation. position: CLOWN! indian food…hype for a reason. never steer my KC brothas wrong. its GDLK!

fei put rufus on BLAST! why you the most fun to chill with? answer…you a night owl like me and always the last to go during hook ups = more time to get shit poppin! you love my translations!!! “i love fuckin your brains out too. i feel refreshed.” WHATS GOOD?

yo, dem shitz be in reverse. you catz need to be fierce. been around the scene for a long ass time and i havent seen KC top over STL ever. if (big if) by some miracle rex fails(wont happen training with aks and myself), you still have to go through aks and myself. if you dont know how we are, you can ask the KC crew yourself. lastly, if this was a joke…it was a pretty bad attempt to pump us up. props on the effort tho.

saved the best for last…

ARKIVE “THE REAL SEAN” ZERO - you will be heavily missed by me (biggest homo). have fun in norcal. just do me a favor…don’t forget your first home. ITS THAT MIDWEST SWING!(unless you were born somewhere other than midwest, then forget your first home)

p.s - everyone else: ill post when you post. NO! YOU GO FIRST! NO YOU! NO YOU! (hangs up)


@Glen I guess that came out wrong. I mean that while everyone is getting better, a lot of our boys are getting better at adapting. I do think you guys are better than us. I’ve only seen your Fei for about 2 minutes, but I already know you’re an amazing player, dude. In hindsight, I guess that was a lame attempt at trying to build some hype…:V


sfcatgirl - i will admit you guys have more passion on improving than stl new school, but getting better at adapting? i wont get into this. don’t wanna start any drama with my boys. if i must, i will back up my thoughts logically and statistically.

oh, i will also comment on this…

this KC killer was a fucking joke. if he is the best wichita has to offer for ssf4, then wichita is by far the worst city ive come across regarding skill level for ssf4.

if you are reading this “KC killer”, you need to come clean and admit you are no killer of any sort or… on second thought, there is no 2nd option. you were THAT bad. it’s sad that you went along with the kc killer hype. it just made you and your city look like a fucking joke. you are damn lucky peter is a wichita head. if it wasnt for him, id be mad trollin your thread bashin your city.

if you think you are as good as you THINK you are, please MM axiom. you a KC killer, right? oh, thats right. jspot already beat you. that pretty much proves KC killed YOU!

what was the name he went by? apple25 or something like that? more like apple 0-25. SHIT!


My apologies; I had no desire to start any beef or inspire debate. I assume you have opinions on how you feel, and I respect that.

Anyways, speaking on this KC Killer stuff…who was it supposed to be? Didn’t we beat all of Witchita? I mean, I don’t have any ill feelings towards them, but come on…ol’ dude is right. Put your money where your mouth is and show us that you can dominate. If not, then please; refrain from making yourself look like an ass.


yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

big ups to le, axiom, and jspot for getting maxout setup sooooo fresh. you guys are spoiling us. appreciate your hard work, thank you guys!

@ryan - EXShrug! I had a bunch of fun in teams, certainly a high point in this maxout. keep up that boxer, too! once both of us get to the next level, EXShrug is gonna see their way out of 4th in teams. let’s take it to finals next time, seriously. if i was more on point during my match with axiom…

@axiom - aaaaa, solid matches man. wasn’t like a game of tetris, that’s for sure. i remember playing you a while back with my baby gief, and i can see the changes happening already, so. thanks for keeping me on my toes, i know i gotta get those green hands in faster. as i told boxy, i wanna start sitting at the big kid’s table. let’s get some more matches in soon.

@warden - always a blast playing you. i used to be FEARFUL of that bison, but now i’m feeling a bit more confident. either way, you had me sweating bullets during our match. always good to see you coming out to play.

@lyquid - thanks for the kind words, i appreciate it. you kept me on point the whole time during our matches, and you really forced me to slow down and contemplate the situations. more matches with you are a must.

@sam - i think this was our first encounter in a maxout? either way, what a way to have it go down, yeah? good matches, let’s keep climbing that grind ladder (what does that mean, what the fuck is a grind ladder?)

@JSPOT - YOU LIKE THOSE GIANT METAL NUTS ON YOUR BACK. good shit in both singles and teams. awesomely timed tortillas, you managed to grab some of my EXGH on wakeup when i was trying to cheese my way out of there. you’re the guy to beat. don’t dress like bubblegum unless you wanna get CHEWED UP SON. as i said before, its an honor to get eliminated by you. you’re keeping my fuerte spirit spicy, i haven’t completely turned my back on the little rascal.

@smak - good games, for real. when we started the match i had some flashback nightmares to the last time we played. scary stuff.

@nick1time - boo work. (yay work) thanks for being a smoking buddy.

@boxy - sorry to hear about that timeout business. thanks for drinking beer.

@jude - thanks for bringing the HDR spirit. always good to see you make the trip out.

@glen - thanks for the gief tipz. i gotta admit, for a while i was a little bit intimidated by your powerful skill and masterful knowledge, and i didn’t think i was worthy because i still had snot on my nose. you’re a straight-up cool dude, though. thanks for making the trip and bringing your STL crew along, it is always a pleasure having you guys in KC. next time you’re here, let’s shoot the shit and chain smoke till our lungs get KO’d.

@deron - glad to see you make it to maxout and decide your destiny. get better soon.



i’m gonna miss you tons. if you ever find yourself in need of a stick in cali, you call me captain planet style and i’ll fucking burst out of the ground with a TE in my hands. safe journeys, hope to see you again.

everyone else i forgot to mention: yo. sorry i couldn’t make it to the hookups pre and post maxout.


I posted my shout-outs in KC thread… should i put em here? can i just copy paste? ok here it is

Maxout was a blast. It was one of my best outings. - No, it was my best outing. I wanna say thanks/whatsup to everyone. here we go

@Warden~ team Clever As Shit was a success in my book.
@Torrey~ i donated to your TvC fund yet you let Warden take it… lucky for you i like him too.
@Sang~ we shoulda got some games going. Always a pleasure to go a few with your viper

@Luger: its always good to see you. Youre legit and i cant believe that at one time you thought you werent. We’re in a class of our own- specialists… and im still gunna beat your ass. Also i went to walmart up north on sunday and found that batman/superman: public enemies that you were looking for.
@Rex: GG’s man. i feel HELLA accomplished for taking a round off you. Way to knock me to losers.
@Glen: BUTTER CHICKEN!! Thanks for the matches we got back at Le’s after the Food Hookup. definitely showed solid street fighter skill destroys someone with some bad habits. thanks for showing me things to work on. thats whats good

@CPHAME~ viewlix 4 life. i PM’d you the links. F you in MB, who plays that game. jk. that shit is so much fun.
@Makoto Player in white shirt (black dude i dont know) GOOD SHIT man. rep that makoto. i wish i could but my main requires too much love to play another shitty character. What i saw of your gameplay, youve really got your shit working for you. Keep on the grind and make it back out to Maxout so i can get more experience.
@Jude~ we didnt actually talk but everyone said you are hella good at HDR- RESPECT
@ guy in babyblue shirt, Cammy player~ i assume youre KCKiller… HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAA i knocked you out of the tourney… kckiller??? welcome to kc lowtier, cuz im scrub as hell. i get owned on the regular. You kept saying you wanted a rematch - hopefully you come next month and hopefully you hit training mode. oh and quit complaining, it ruins the fun. ‘why cant we play on xbox? theres 2 frame difference?’ Well… you got busted with RSF so frames mustve been pretty good! ‘KC does wake up ultra huh? yall so mumble mumble mumble…’ HAHA ya i wake up ultra on someone mashing c.LK vs wakeup. i didnt even have to read you. just BAM ultra. FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. quit complaining. IF ITS NOT KCKiller… opps my bad… ggs… quit complaining lolz
@ everyone else i didnt get to meet, nice to see ya here. Bring it back for more

@Le/John~ thanks as always. Venue was perfect this month. minus piano is sad but allows so much room. Makes shit cleaner. Way to get shit done on time. EXCELLENT MAXOUT
@Boxy~ F U for knocking me out singles and teams. Good call on the naan. I’m going to beat you one day… and then i will be the sexier one
@Arkive~ hate to see you go. you gotta schedule some visits back to us… maybe we can setup an exchange student program. tell your mom to clean up the extra bedroom and prepare an extra plate for dinner cuz NorCal is beautiful and i should make it sexier by stopping by sometime.
@GetThere1Time~ too bad you didnt get to enter… but thank God. you always seem to wreck my day. Youre definitely a boulder that i need to get past (figuratively speaking) much respect and we didnt even play.
@Lyquid~ its time to train holmes. i need help. youre smart, im dumb. You can plink, i can mash. you got mad okie, i guess a lot. youre good looking, im moderately attractive. youre yomi lvl 8, im Ms. Cleo Hotline. i’ll holla when were solid on a place and time.
@Focra~ keep on that Zangief. and keep up that MUSTACHE
@Sam~ dude, i watched youre matches. you’ve come a long way holmes. im never gunna stop giving you shit. i’ll be totally honest- before your match with Lyquid, i told him “oh dude, no issues. see you in a few secs. He’ll be fray for you.”… and you won. Mad Respect. all the matches i watched, you hit all your combos and kept 'em guessing. It awesome to see you grow and continue to use the characters that you love. Keep it up mang and hope to catch you at a hookup for some matches.
@whoever i missed ~ i love you.

Damn i look good in PINK


Been a while since I gamed with all you guys, and I’m glad to have been able to make this Maxout. Being there, I realized how much I missed doing this stuff.

Derron - Good seeing you man, I’ll be at some hookups so we can have some good Tekken matches. Pick a main in Blaz dude :stuck_out_tongue:

NickB1argh - Same to you, we gotta get some Blaz in at the hookups, just pm me when you think you are heading to one and I’ll be there.

focra - I gotta admit, I underestimated you. I thought, thank god, after almost getting trolled by b1argh’s Seth, I can relax and fight this Gief who has no idea how to deal with Vega. I couldn’t be more wrong. Good shit man, imma have to challenge you for your spot at a hookup soon.

German Lueger - Apparently you don’t post much, but I’ll shout out anyway. It was good meeting you and seeing your Claw in action. I think I got some ideas about what is good with him. Yeah, I fucked up that Makoto match real bad. To be honest, I barely play any SSF4 anymore, so it’s no surprise I fucked up so bad.

realsean - Man, KC hype is never gonna be the same. Hopefully we can manage without.

boxsean -Yeah, I suck at Tekken now, haha. But was I ever really any good?

Congrats to Dator on the BlazBlue #1 finish. But I’m afraid that you’ll be congratulating me next month :cool:


heheh, no need to feel that way. glad you don’t now. if you have questions when im in town, ask away. as far as lungs being KO’d…LETS DO IT!

WHATCHU KNOW ABOUT DAT INDIAN CUISINE MY DUDE? ggs for sure. work on tightening up your reactions and i think you will be solid. OH YEAH…WAL MART GOT PUT ON BLAST! HORRIBLE ER’THANG! lastly, roommate right here if things go sour.


sfcatgirl- yeah I just started playin’ juri about 2weeks…lol, but I like her so I’m going to keep at it