Maxout (9/11/10) S3E4 Results


SSF4 Teams 8 Teams

1 Team Barlog
2 Team Red Menace
3 Team Fuck Democracy
4 Team Border Wars
5 Team Dat Ass
5 Team Rubies WTF
7 Team Gandhi Rocket
7 Team Dizzy Chicks

SSF4 Singles *21 Participants
1 Rexor (Balrog)
2 Mr. K (Seth)
3 Camron (Vega)
4 Axiom (Ryu)
5 Focra (Zangief)
5 Warden (Bison)
7 Radian (Bison/Cammy)
7 JSpoT (El Feutre)

T6 *7 Participants
1 That Boy STL (Bruce)
2 Axiom (Eddy)
3 BoxbroSG (Christy)
4 Eugene (Nina)
5 Prod1gy (Steve)
5 PataPete (Jin)
7 No Alias (???)

BB:CS 11 Participants

1 That Boy STL (Ragna)
2 Dator (Litchi)
3 Axiom (Jin)
4 Prod1gy (Random Select)
5 IOKain (Ragna)
5 Warden (Litchi)
7 DrunkNinja (???)
7 SniperNav (Bang)

TvC *11 Participants
1 That Boy STL
2 Kurasa
3 Warden
4 GetThere1Time
5 DrunkNinja
5 Luigi182
7 JSpoT
7 Eugene

Mystery Tournament #1 Sengoku Basara X *17 Participants
1 That Boy STL
2 JSpoT
3 Focra
3 PataPete
5 BoxbroSG
5 Luigi182
5 KC Notorious
5 Warden

Mystery Tournament #2 Samurai Showdown VI 8 Participants

1 Kurasa
2 PataPete
3 No Alias
3 Focra
5 BoxbroSG
5 Prod1gy
5 Eugene

Ranbat Season

Rexor - 32
German Leuger - 16
Axiom - 15
Dr Kong - 14
Warden - 9
Boxbrosg - 6
Mr. K - 5
Chachi - 4
Focra - 3
Jspot - 3
GetThere1Time - 2
Big Dick Fuerte - 2
Sang - 2
Radian - 2
SFCatgirl - 1
Zenkix - 1
Don Quixote - 1
Cactusguy - 1


AxioM - 31
Boxbrosg - 26
Mr. Mister - 18
Prod1gy - 11
That Boy STL - 8
ArkiveZero - 7
Ekie - 4
PataPete - 4
Count Smackula - 3
Dr. Kong - 2
Chai - 2
GetThere1Time - 1
SfCatgirl - 1
No Alias - 1

Wow once again Maxout has been a huge success thanks to all the guys who came out. And once again we got 7 tournaments done in less then 6 hours thanks to all the guys who brought setups and the with some help from my organization staff. Good shit to everyone who had shown up to had make an appearance to Maxout. I think this has also been one of our most fulfilling turnouts per tournament yet. Every tournament that was ran had at minimum of 8 participants even though they were mystery tournaments or games that not allot of people in our very own scene play enough of. The only thing I wanna apologize for is the 2nd Mystery Tournament announcement. I didn’t think we would finish with so much time to spare but we did so running a second Mystery Tournament was no problem. So I sorry for anyone who left early and didn’t get a chance to partake or to even know about the second mystery tournament.

Hypest Moment of the day was definately the Grand Finals of TvC with Jeff and PJ. It was Jeff’s signature Daronjo and Chun Team verses PJ’s Polimar and Ryu. PJ put the kibosh on Jeff making him switch to his secondary team of Saki/Chun. PJ beat Jeff in a clutch 3 out of 5 match putting Jeff into Losers Bracket. When they ran it back Jeff took the first two matches from PJ using Saki/Chun with unblockable bullets and the craziest Chun combos. Like seriously his combos went on for days. Then PJ step it up with Polimar squeezing out the tornado duck sauce out on Jeff. Jeff decides to go back to his main team of Daronja/Chun but to no avail PJ beat him again setting the score 2-2. With the last match on the line Jeff and PJ went at it again. PJ took out Jeff’s Saki. Jeff came back and took out PJ’s Palimor. With the last 40 seconds on the line Jeff and PJ went at each other using Baroques, burst and air dashes to get in each other face. Both players were left to the bare minimum when Jeff missed with Chun’s 3C and PJ punish the shit out of him. Winner That Boy STL aka PJ.


@ PJ - Congrats on winning big time for STL sir. I think you won like 4 out of the 7 tournaments we ran including the mystery tournament. In fact I think you won every tournament you entered which was quite a feet. Good shit sir I hope to see you next month.

@ Jeff - Thanks for making it out all the way from Omaha man. It was pretty tight seeing you at your game. And congrats on taking 2nd in TvC and 1st at SamSho6.

@ Glen - Thanks for running things when I was having my matches as usual and the commentary with TvC. Even though you don’t know shit about the game. And thanks for the assist on the CoMo hookup and most of all the Food Hookup. Korean BBQ is the shit.

@ Rex and Camron -Good job taking teams again. Its great having you guys com out here and represent STL these last few months.

@ Alex - I wont say you have gotten better anymore. You have already proven yourself strong at SF and I will have to play extra tight on you from now on.

@ Peter - Thanks for representing Wichita and giving a good show in T6 and SBX. Too bad we didnt play MB

@ Nick - Too bad you werent on your game Saturday. But it was nice to see you play out your baby Honda.

@ JSPoT - I can’t believe you beat me in that last match bro. I wanna run that back in a FT5 Tuesday brother.

@ Everyone else- Good Shit KC

Yo Blargh you owe PJ some money


I used nina once, the rest of the time I used baby asuka. axiom taking 2nd in T6… I expected better.


This was a great time, it was awesome to see/play everyone again.

Rex - I’m going to beat boxer one of these days. You’ll see. Good shit!

Mr. K - Congrats on 2nd, you definitely earned it.

Jeff - It was awesome to see you again, can’t wait until you run another AR.

Dator - Thanks for the advice on Litchi combos, I really need to put in more time with BB to get better. It’s always fun though.

PJ - what a beast. Your crossup/assist motion with Polimar/Ryu was a complete mindfuck for me. My eyes could not see what was happening.

It’s always great to see my KC fam, Jspot, Nick, Axiom, Radian, Focra, everyone - you guys are a lot of fun.

Mad props to Radian/Glen for running a busy ass tourney on time.

I did pretty shitty at this tourney but I think I had the most fun, so I still win. ^^


Had a great time yesterday, kinda sucked that I had to leave early but at least I got some games in.

TOs and set up crew (Le, Glen, Jspot) - Great job and as always, we appreciate the work that goes into hosting this every month.

Sam - Sorry about the teams performance…I didn’t play that great. Got a bit too tentative during my match against T Hawk, didn’t really stand a chance against Cammy either…

STL - Thanks for coming and taking all of our money. BOOO. :tdown:
Rex - you should give me a cut of that pot since you used my stick to win it. :smile:
PJ - Dude, you are a fucking beast. You did shit with Rags that I’d never seen before. Good shit man.

Deron - Thanks for knocking me out of Blaz then telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I’m looking forward to learning more in the next couple months.

Nick1time - Keep working on that Honda man, I know you’ll be beasting with him in no time. Thanks for the furious slim juice afterwards. At first I didn’t really consider taking him that seriously but I think I’m really gonna spend more time in the lab. TWEEEE

KC - We NEED to get EVERYONE at these tourneys. I know I’m hella free at all the games I enter, but so what? I feel like I’m improving. Don’t be afraid to lose, everyone has to start somewhere.

Food hookup was godlike. All of you guys are hilarious and a blast to hang out with.


STL - Good shit as always. You guys are beastly. Thanks for the tips Rex…I’ll try to put those to good use. Luger, I love watching you play. Vega is a blast to see in action when the person playing is as good as you are. Glen, why don’t you play? I’d like to see how you’d do…

Nick - Baby Honda is coming along nice. We could use a Honda player, since I’m sure more folks than just me have trouble with that matchup…you dominated me; felt like I had just started playing the game all over again. I’ll need to play your Honda more…and what the fuck is a skadoken?

Chad - Your Boxer is good, but you seemed like you were getting inside your own head. Good game, though.

Ryan - Don’t worry, bro. I played like shit too. That matchup seems pretty even, but don’t sweat it. Like you said, gotta learn sometime.

Warden - Man, why is it you never miss a link against me? :3 One of these days, I’ll get you…until then, keep beating my ass lol. Good match dude.

Le - Dude…close fucking match. I threw that shit away though; could have had it if I hadn’t thrown that fireball. Sick reactions, btw. Gotta stop letting me get in on you though.

Deron - Get trolled, son! :slight_smile: That was good times, man…we need to play more of that, if not just for shits and giggles. I did just pick up CS today, so I wont be a scrub forever hehe.

Chris - Your Blanka is coming along nicely, but you get frustrated too easily, and miss the easy stuff. Just work on the essentials, bro.

On the car ride home, I was fucking FURIOUS! I played like complete shit, and psyched myself out in every match. There was no reason I should have done MOST of what I did…I seriously felt like all the knowledge I had was gone. When MO started, I’d been up for about a day, and I still haven’t slept. Thank god I don’t have to play now, or I’d be fucked.

To anyone I missed, my apologies. You know I love having you guys here, and it wouldn’t be the same without all of ya. Keep comin’ out and showin’ your love for the scene.


I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t on my game. I went there to rep my baby Honda and that’s what I did. I admit, I did some dumb stuff during matches, but I think that more has to do with being put in situations that I’m not used to being in due to playing a completely different type of character. Baby Honda will be all grown up eventually

Props to the TOs doing their thing as usually and making Max Out the awesome event that it is.

Props to STL for doing their thing. I respect your passion for the game. I was going to take a break after Max Out to recoup a little from the SF scene but I’m not sure I want to do that any more. Thanks for beating some motivation into me. Besides the srs business SF, ya’ll are a blast to hang out with. Good to meet some new STLians too. PJ had me absolutely dyin after Max Out. I don’t think I laughed that hard in a while.

Jeff - Good to meet you , man. I’ll definitely be hitting you up for some TvC tips. I feel pretty dumb for not getting in games with ou after Max Out when you had the TvC setup going now that I think about it. Not sure I’ll have that opportunity very often. I suppose at the time I was just caught up in all the drinking and bullshitting. Maybe we can convince you to come back by running a Street Fighter: The Movie : The Game tournament

Oh and TvC finals were RIDICULOUS, holy shit. Two god tier players with Glen being absurd on the mic.

Springfield - GS in TvC, don’t think we played in super. Looking forward to the next time we can get some games in.

Peter - Good shit, Wichita!

Last but of course not least, always much love to my KC crew for pickin me up and helpin me out when I’m down or in a tight spot.


This is crowned king of salt reporting:

This local is feeling more and more like a regional every time we do it. Now we’re using a PA system, as WELL as a full stage setup with a big screen. I’m very happy with the progress Maxout has made, and it’s in a great part to Le’s tournament organization and running, Glen assisting, hyping matches and just generally showing a true love for his community by supporting these tournaments and his crew, and Jspot for always providing a wonderful stage setup and much needed equipment.

It’s great to see so much community support and growth. Funny, that once upon a time these tournaments were piano recital atmosphere (thank you, Rex) with what… 5-6 guys from KC and then there 5-6 guys from STL? I think that was the 2nd or 3rd maxout we did. There were like 10-12 guys TOTAL for ALL the tournaments. We’ve come a long way.

Finally, I want to thank the community itself. Yeah sure, I whine and cry and bitch blah blah blah “SKILL UP PLZ/I hate KC” whatever. Yeah, I’m salty about the quality of our overall skill. However, the quality of passion, fun, and willingness to learn is outstanding. I’m CONSTANTLY seeing new people show up… people I don’t even know the names of prior to them showing up at our front door on a friday going “this the SRK hookup?” It’s crazy… KC fighting used to be 4 guys playing Tekken once a month…and years before that TWO guys playing Marvel…

I’m grateful to be a part of this. I get salty, and then I get over it. I love KC fighting.

Thank you to STL’rs for coming out, I’d do individual shoutouts, but I don’t feel like writing a book in here. Maybe I’ll do some later.

Also, I don’t know what you guys have heard, because this happened only yesterday at the conclusion of maxout: But I’ve just gotten in contact with Bobsmack, one of the TO’s for Final Round, and the owner and operator of the Collectors Cache gaming store. He is actually KC local now. He and I were talking about hosting a regional KC tournament at his store, with a hopeful turnout of 100 people. The major events will be SSFIV and T6 with side events being BBCS and MBAA. My part in this, will be helping to organize and promote this event. The tentative date is December 18th. Details will follow soon, but keep your eyes peeled fellas, KC may be having our first regional event. There’s an especially nice goodie involved in a grand prize, but since Bobsmack hasn’t posted anything official yet, I’ll leave that little morsel hanging to the people who were NOT at the food hookup. If you WERE at the food hookup, you know what I’m talking about.

Peace guys.


Sorry for sitting out the past two months, be back next month.


dis+dis= :confused:
did you guys happen to record da matches?


We did some recordings on Blazblue


GGs KC. I had a great time. Seems like having the tournament at a bar was conducive to my secret technique, getting buzzed during the tournament. Rum and coke is delicious.

Warden good shit in SSF4. I want to play you again when we get a chance. Keep coming to Aerial Raves and we’ll show you what’s up.

Axiom good games. I look forward to repping St. Louis again next chance I get. I’ll post more shoutouts in the KC thread when I’m not so damn tired.


Seems like having a bottle full of pills was conducive to my secret technique- win and then get fucked up and go to the food hookup.

Had a great time as always!

SniperMav- Good look on the stick and the shot of whats it called yeeeeah. I like your attitude about leveling up, you’ll be there sooner than you think!
Le- Godlike tourny organization! Good shit as always.
Axiom- Thanks for having us and our skadokens! This regional sounds hype!
Nick1time- yeah yeah u already know. Buttsplash!
Jspot- coming through with godlike setup, pad, and korean drank? Ok im listening!
jeremy- stick wit it, like i said you were WAY better than i was expecting. Fun kickin it with you, u have a great attitude too.
Lyquid- where u be disapearing to? would like to get some casuals with yah sometime.
Deron- mad fun chillin with yah, good to see you healing up live wolverine.
Peter- cool kickin it with yah again, next time we need some more KC killers please.

Everyone else- good shit KC! Great seeing everyone its always a blast. You guys have a great scene, strong foundation and good people. Keep grinding and maybe ya’ll will come into our house and take the cake.


GGs to everyone. Food hookup was epic

@Rex- we need to get some casuals in… but not too much cuz im not sure what to do in winners finals
@Luger- our battle of patience needs more rounds! GS whoopin my ass via waiting for me to make the first move. your combo hits SO hard on my mexican ass… just wait till you taste that RSF
@STL- much love. keep coming back, hope to see you all back next month and at SB5
@Lyqid/D-Fens- borderwars needed one more thing, communication. i need that coach. to bad you speak english and i speak spanish. if only there were something to bring these two countries together.
@Radian- i love you (full homo)
@AKS- i know you werent at maxout, but big ups for helping me get over my fear of honda
@Nick1Time- see AKS shoutout
@PJ and Kurasa - thanks for bringing back that loving feeling called TvC. im in practice mode now.
@CPHAME- hella good time stick modding with you on sinday afternoon. sorry a lil bit was on the shoddy side but time constraints and (insert other excuses). im working on the other buttons after lunch. ill holla
@Luigi- we so captain planet… carpool=save teh earf

@everyone - cant wait for next month


Good shit guys, had a great time as always. I think I ended up 0-2 in every tourney except SSF4 Teams and TvC this time, but it happens (and hey, 2nd in teams aint too shabby, Warden only had to save my ass once). Shoutouts to pretty much everyone for making this shit hype and amazing. If I ever get a chance to come out to a pre-tourney hookup or anything else, I’ll definitely be there. God knows I could use the practice.


Great turnout at MaxOut this time. Had a ton of fun! Still pretty tired from the trip back, so I’ll keep the shout outs to a minimum. The mystery game tournament gets more and more fun each time – three moves ftw yo!

John: Thanks for being my partner. Hearing you try to encourage me while cheerleading on the sideline kept making me crack up during teams! We’ll keep in touch man. Send me a pm with your email so I can send those interview questions your way.

Le: Good job running the tournament. Two mystery tournaments in one day? Godlike. Still think you should’ve went with Ippo, but maybe next time heh.

JSpot: The man! Man, thank you so much for taking most of your free time on Sunday to help me mod that VLX. I really owe you a lot man. See you in a month again lol (I can’t remember that hilarious comment you said after we finished hahaha)

Deron: You definitely went up a notch in my book man. Props for trying to cheer me on in BBCS with my trashy Hakumen lol and the random “good shit wichitawh” trolling lol! It was cool chilling with you and talking shop on games, dude.

Boxy: I can never seem to find you after the tournament’s over, why is that?

Nick: Good shit KC :clown:

Rexor: Thanks for the pregame casuals and general SF advice. Always a pleasure dude.

Glen: Yooooooooooooooooooo lol

Kurasa: You are cooler than I thought you’d be in person! Hope to see you next time (and please learn some Melty dude! Arcana Heart was hella fun with you too)

PJ aka Da gawd: This guy’s a real champ. So humble, and so amazing at games. Thanks for the tips at T6. Renewed interest is forming again!

Mr. K: Hope you enjoyed that drop of beer at BD’s!


GGs to all.

@JSpot - Hrm, I dunno man…during teams you were on point, me coaching prolly woulda brought down your level of play. Seriously, I see people act like they shouldn’t have lost to you sometimes and play it off like “whatever, randomed” but that kinda playstyle is what makes you strong in a one game environment like teams. Everytime you got a knockdown I just saw mixup, after mixup, after mixup and solid baits. Basically, you showed em’ no respect every time and I like it. Next time I’ll try to pull some more weight lol.

@Rex - Next time I guess, I usually bounce after I get knocked out of a tourney if I can cuz I find the downtime really boring already. I say peace out to whomever I meet heading towards the door, just how I is.

@focra - Terminator scares me, Kyle Reese blew your legs off in first teams match we had but injured himself in the process and could not recover. Your Gief just exploits one of my biggest bad habits with Guile and it’s when someone gets to mid range I hit buttons all the time and eat a green hand against you, focus against others, a raw fucking ultra from Rex. Expect a ft5 challenge from me sometime so I can work on the matchup some more.

@Everyone else - Good Shit™


to start this off…

dont say KC is free unless you have proved it. just because others did it doesn’t mean anything. if you have to hide behind other ppls success, you a bitch.

food hook up saturday was godlike. food hook up sunday was godlike.

shout outs to no one. why? already did it in person one way or another.

john/le - so wanna do the next one oct 2nd or oct 23rd?


Wait - need to clarify something - I’m not the owner/operator of Collector’s Cache. I am, however, good friends with the owner/operator, so everything else in this statement is true. Sorry if I misconstrued anything there :slight_smile:

More details to come, it was nice meeting the few of you that I got to meet on Saturday.


Goodtimes all around, MO as an event always seems to step up every month. Im glad im starting to see some of the new hookup players make an appearance, im loving the scene growth. Big ups to John, Le and J Spot for making MO happen in general.

Glen - lol Goofy as usual, im glad you took over my hype responsibilities, cuz i wasnt feelin it much on saturday. Im just glad you brought me a tekken player. Watching STL take everything lit a new fire cuz it pissed me off, hopefully it did the same for others.

Rex - Yea bro always cool to chop it up with you, eventually i might be trying picking your brain in Super since thats all i see at hookups.

P.J - I dont know if your on these forums like that, but i appreciate the shop talk we had. I most definitely needed that, it was nice to have that change pace. What made it better was you were hella silly and mad humble. I hope you can make it out again soon.

Kurasa - Good to meet you bro, your a real chill dude.

Peter - Always good to talk to you, when are you gonna teach me how to play V. Akiha?

John - Normally when you go on your “I hate KC and nobody in tekken can ever come close to me” rants i normally ignore it because your usually salty, but this time it kinda agitated me. I mean I know you dont mean to be disrespectful but, i refuse to be this “free” dude in KC that wont catch you. Fuck that im not putting in work just so you can take my money every month. That may be cool with boxy and dave since they dont seem to care. But yo, I done making excuses for myself im coming after you. On another note, Watchu know about that random select player taking 4th in BB?

Sam - You try to troll me, I trolls back son >:[

Ryan - Im glad you liked my ghetto BB 101. You got any questions just ask.

Torre - I told you, you werent gonna give me a L in watever we played. :rock:

Jspot - You sir are the man

To anybody i forgot, oh well my bad lol. Naw much love to KC, STL, Springfield and Peter for making it out, always goodtimes when i kicks it with yall on the weekend. To everybody who missed out on the food hookup, your lost shit was godlike. Kalbi Beef and HITE allday, i recommend you get your eat on with us at the next one.


cross posted from KC thread, just in case you fellas dont check it

chad - THIS CLOSE to fight money.

luger - AGH what a way to fight you for the first time. we’ll get some more matches in next time you’re in KC

rex - thanks for the matches, still learnin, i appreciate the tips.

mr k - i thought about picking fuerte first, buuuut oh well! solid gouken. i’d love to try out the gouken v gief matchup sometime.

jspottington - ZANGI BABY. sorry i got the headbutt in. i think my mustache was in better shape that day. good games though, always have me on my toes.

warden - tense business. i think all of my matches with you stress the point of that delicate space between bison and gief.

axiom - so close in teams. i’ll get that ryu one of these days.

boxy - get back in shape, start showing up more!

josh - cool games bro dat sum good guile :bottle: :bottle:

nick1time - i never play you in games anymore. we need to change that.

le - so_tense. always fun playing games with you.

sam - thanks for the beer. chin up!