Maxout 9/22/12 Results


1st Raith
2nd Focra
3rd Dekline
4th [WDP] Dr. Gatorade
5th Belaul
5th GetThere1Time
7th DFS KC’s Notorious
7th MGF


1st Axiom
2nd Chachi
3rd FullBleed
4th Focra
5th Liffa
5th Protocal
7th Mr. Mr
7th Yo Gabbi Gabbi


1st Greyburg
2nd B1argh
3rd Matt Dold
4th MGF
5th GetThere1Time
5th Focra
7th Chef
7th DFS KC’s Notor1ous


1st Prod1gital
2nd KC’s Notor1ous
3rd Radian
4th Axiom
5th MGF
5th Belaul
7th Uli


1st Axiom
2nd Mr. Mr
3rd Prod1gital
4th Count Smackula
5th Chachi
5th PBJ Mixxa
7th Conical
7th Radian

The MVP’s were definitely Kevin and Dave in their respective games for how solid each of them were in Marvel and Tekken.

Also a TE and a copy of SF were found at the venue. If anyone is missing any of these items please contact me.