Maxout on knockdown and options it opens up

Hey. I’m a fairly decent DeeJay player (I can dash ultra ingame, and I watch Akimo, Hatrify, and follow other DeeJay players on XBL. Whenever I see them play I never see them throw a light sonic boom on hard knockdown, such as after a fthrow. If you time it right you can force them to block. This allows a little of chip and then you have the opportunity to train your opponent. Doing this allows you to

  1. walkup and throw again which puts them back at square one.
  2. Walk forward as they are blocking, then block any counterattack and use to punish SRK like moves.
  3. do a instant kshot and then throw (this is after they have become familiar with the technique.)
  4. Walk forward then backwards and do a
  5. Cross-up.
  6. throw a heavy sonic boom and have it whiff then walk up and throw when they are expecting to block (when they have no meter or projectile invic reversals.)

Anyone have any other trickery?

Junk works against the characters with shitty wake up…but you have to be carefull about people who realize that you can do fireball invince moves through and that at certain ranges a blocked airslasher into a follow up isnt a real blockstring.

Not only do we now have less hit and blockstun…but we are counter hit state when we fireball! Thanks capcom!

Its still safe against all wakeups after a Fthrow once you get it. You have plenty of time to throw it and block. Im not suggesting you try this on a soft knockdown, its too risky. But this a safe method to train opponents, do a bit of chip, and continue pressure off of fthrow.

It not being a blockstring works to its advantage. You can bait out a crouch tech if they are suspecting a throw follow up and lack a srk, then punish wit a far I find that it helps a shit ton with C.viper as it can scare them into ex seismo with wastes one of their meters.

aww man i use those tactics, they work wonders in the corner

Hmm, I think throwing a light maxout on knockdown is a pretty standard tactic, not sure it’s as underused as you say it is. I certainly use it. The main reason not to, though, is that Dee Jay’s pressure game isn’t very strong, and a hard knockdown is an opportunity to try to get some crossups/mixups going, or to get some space to zone, the two areas where Dee Jay is best. It’s rarely the best idea to bully the opponent with Dee Jay by laying down a maxout and following behind for pressure. I use it mostly for the chip and meter gain, and to keep me safe as I gain distance, or to distract the opponent if I’m trying to jump for a crossup/knee shot.

I dunno, I suscribed to Da Knut and hatrify for a little and I didnt see it once. Im just trying to share it because i didnt see it in your guide, and i would love to know if there are any other tricky options you can pull from a well timed maxout on knockdown.

I find that it breaks up the crossup fest and confuses the opponent. It is, IMO, one of the strongest tactics that Deejay has, just because it truly is individual. No other character does anything like it! Its kinda like yang/yuns palm, except you can move while it is chipping.

It prevents you from falling into a pattern. I was able to get free throws on BP Amoco the other day because he is such a turtler. If the opponent is scared to throw dp, go ahead and expect to walkup throw and put them down again. If they are fearless be prepared to punish an srk with something.

Its dirty. Its grimy. Its an essential tool. It works wonders if you know your opponent. especially rapes makoto. :smiley:

Lol guile can do it. And do it much better.:rofl:

It’s decent, like I said…but good players will know this trick. It’d be a lot better if slasher had it’s old hitstun.

There’s definitely something to be said for mixing it up and not becoming predictable with the crossups, I’ll grant that. I don’t think it’s as good as, say, the twins palms or Sakura’s charged fireball on wakeup just because it’s unlikely to lead to any juicy frame traps or point blank mixups. With no overhead or effective reversal (especially without charge), characters like Balrog can just crouch tech all day. Dee Jay also has no great option selects for backdashes, so you can’t cover that base either. It’s also not worth it against characters that have FADC reversals. The mixup is actually in your opponent’s favour if your opponent has meter to FADC a DP.

All you can really do on the back of maxout pressure is attempt a walk up throw or try to frame trap them with your jabs. To me, at least, those are middle of the road options that leave Dee Jay in a range he’s not comfortable in. Dee Jay wants to be at the tip of LK sobat range, or at mid- to full-screen; he almost never wants to be point blank (possible exceptions being vs. characters like Dhalsim or Sagat).

i pretty much only use maxouts when i have people trapped in the corner. and even then the left corner jump in is so deadly i dont really use it there. So right corner is basically it. In open space deejays jump in off knockdowns is best way of winning most matchups and u have ways to make your post jump in attacks/chains unreversable. I don’t use maxouts as much because you have to be so conscious of reversals, they can reversal before they block the fireball, after it and any point in your subsequent ch/throw setups and even if you chain stuff deejays chain ability is so weak you dont get much from it

Left corner jump? Am I missing something? How are your options different depending on which corner you’re in?

Thought left corner was common knowledge.

Crossups are dangerous for any character in the left corner. I forgot the technical explanation.


The left corner is glitchy. It’s been like that since Vanilla. Watch how the DJ player abuse the left corner in the first round. Those setups won’t work in the right corner. There is even more that you can do. Cross up j.fp and Knee shots hitting on the front and crossing up on the other side etc…

his left corner game was ass to be honest, but that’s the best example we have on video.

i have to start making tutorials. too many ass deejay players. i’m tired of seeing them. so since they won’t go away i’ll point them in the right direction.

Wow I had no idea. What a blank spot. Weren’t you making those matchup vids for all of Dee Jay’s matchups Jcool?

I was then college happened. Every day I should make a video of something useful deejay can do.

Go into training mode and mess with deejay in the left corner.

You won’t get a tokido unblockable but you’ll get some dirty shit like crossups that land in front instead of behind. Things that clearly look like crossups, but aren’t.

If I get somebody in the left corner I’m going nuts.

I knew you could do that stuff…but didnt know it was left corner exclusive.
I’m really surprised that they keep somethin that’s a glitch like that…yet try to nerf akuma’s vortex…I’m not sad tho.:wink:

Digging through old topics, bumping this to see if anyone found anything cool since 2012 dropped.

I pretty much learned about the left corner nonsense through experience, too. Early jumping mk I’m pretty sure hits like a cross-up but he lands in the front. Cross-up Knee-Shot, cross-up roundhouse…I need not go further. Jcool pretty much summed it up.

I certainly had no idea of the left corner shenannigans. I tried them out today in endless, switching sides on purpose and comboing the carry moves to do some awesome and ambiguous shit.