May 14th PSM tourney *ECC INVITE*

So far for mvc2, combofiend and potter won the ecc invitational tournament. congrats homosapiens without the sapien.

MVC2 results
1st RESET MUTHAFUCAKZ ugh, yall cant handle duh boy. heard he swept finals like nothin 4-0
2nd (PPP) Psycho Picolo Potter
3rd RUIN (loves dipset and other bad rap)
4th Amir (doesnt play enough warcraft 3 dota)
5th Taiji (spends too much time on guild wars)
5th ComboFiend (modeled his gameplay after myself)


Reset, makes me proud, he’s gettin younger by the minute, reverting from fetus to the embryo.

Way to hold that shit down Reset. What happened with the invitational tourney though? Weird you’d win one, lose the other.

Da boy Reset is just hot :clap: :clap: :clap: I got all the footage and it will be up in a week or so :tup:


man, u did great today, handle that shit at ECC man


-Reset OCV’ing bill and ruin for money match…(ugh yeah gurl…take dat money…make dat money)
-Alex “Tranceboii” Pham - destroying albert like he was wipin his ass with 1-ply toilet paper. Dude hasnt played marvel since 2k2, i <3 u alex.
-Bill losing to atruevato…(fuck you vato)
-Killuh Kai squashed his opponents naked.
-Taiji gave up some pity wins…but he wont tell me names.

Phat Toi, where you been man =[ i miss you, havent seen u at super since april 19th.

alex “tranceboi” is a beast. tell me he used sonson and bang them buttons.

good job nick,
edit: reset 4-0 with msp!?

had fun guys. Great games to everyone i played. Toughest so called “losers bracket” i’ve ever been in. You guys are all ready for ecc. Let’s fuck some bitches up.

Good job Reset. All the unblockables I did to you finally paid off. =)

Screw you JustinK haha GGs to our crazy random match.

Nice seeing you phat.

good games guys i lovd playing everyone agn i need my vengeance from jay tho grrr!! blackheart is just to evil guys sorry…lol j/p!!!

props to justin k for letting me play him and showing me a few sonson things thx man :tub:

Another highlight:

-Alex landing the Dhalsim grab super on Ace’s Magneto. The crowd goes wild XD

Alex is the truth

another highlight, free pizza, you’re dope eugene

NIIICE job Reset. When u go to EC show them fools whats the bizness with mag/storm.

Good shit ECC qualifiers. :karate:


Good shit reset take your a game to ecc and you’lll do hella good

thx eugene for everything and gg’s to everyone i played, my bad reset i was upset with myself for hella not blocking anything =( you won that ish clean tho. Got me back for quals. =D

good shit to pozzle and fiend for qualifying for the invitational.

good shit to the top 5.looks like reset caught wreck eating nukkas food without saying his grace,lol

See ya at ECC!!

Ace, you play guild wars too!!?!?!!! <3

Necris Triath 16 w/mo, hit me up for pvp goodness.