May 14th PSM tourney *ECC INVITE*

GG’s guys. Props to CF and Potter for not only beasting in marvel but cvs2 too! WTF haha good shit.

Nice meeting ruin, even tho he had no prior knowledge that they made a street fighter 3 he still entered and hella beasted =].

<3 NSJ for all the nonsense and beasting.

And thanks to y2drunk and Dues I’m learning that underage drinking is OKAAY! =P


-Bill losing to atruevato…(fuck you vato)

uuuh was that rlly neccessary? i mean rlly idc if u were joking but rlly? :confused:

man, this tourny was hot. seem like it gone melt.

good shit reset, just keep doing that shit until ecc comes along.
pozzle, u the nicest dip.

bill, let’s qualify at ecc. fukk this shit.

ru fucking in

get em boyz

DucJr’s feeding me the matches so I can put them up - niiice, fellas, niiice. :tup:

Cool - vids up now:

good tournament, was cool to see everyone again

i did better in CvS2 than in Marvel :wasted:


thanks for hosting the vids preppy <3

<3 preppy
</3 msp lol

Good shit Preppy

3 hermanos(watson, ruin, petey) el union de Mexico, straight from D.F.

Preppy’s THE MAN :tup: 100,000,000x


Is Reset coming to ECCX?

lol, these matches are funny. justin is nice with random babbling.

My parents should let me know by the end of this week. Being a young marvel player is fun. :looney:

ps- nebody wanna try to hook me up with cheap tics? LOL

Good games people.

Julius, I want you to finish more combos. Nice work vs Amir. :tup:

Must brush up skills against Colossus. :xeye:

You guys are lucky Jay was drunk.

GG’s guys i had fun nice vid justin k pros tp you on that reset lmao

GG’s to Atruevato for sending Bill to loser’s and for being a vato w/out being able to speak spanish.

GG’s to JustinK for finally beating me in a tournament…you should of beat me a long time ago, I’m garbage.

GJ to Justin and Reset, you guys are dope.

deus vs combofiend
i can’t handle this commentary