[May 19, 2012] X-Mania Europe 2 (TOULOUSE, FRANCE)


Official Website

So six guests have been announced for now :

  • Professeur Jones (France)

  • Damdai (USA)

  • Komoda (Japan)

  • Yaya (Japan)

  • Kusumondo (Japan)

  • Kenpachi (Belgium)

[LEFT]Also i will be there to stream the event, i talked to the owner of Neo Arcadia and said to him it would be nice that the commentary on stream is done in english.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]He agrees but sadly they don’t have people there that speak english good enough for that, so if anyone that come is willing to help, please let me know.[/LEFT]

Another guest has just been annouced :

He’s considered as the best X Sagat player, he also have a strong 12 dan Guile, YAYA from Japan will be there.

[LEFT]The owner of Neo Arcadia just annouced that Kusumondo will be back this year, also Kenpachi will be there to represent Belgium.[/LEFT]