May 20 Pre-ECC Bash!

As you can see the tourney will be on May 20th, a week before ECC which is a SATURDAY. The tourney is going to be 3s/cvs2. If other people wanna run something else. HAVE FUN. Just post it up.

The tourney will be a 3S/ CVS2 Singles and a 2 on 2 tourney for only 3s

Singles: You already know what the rules are
2 out of 3
3 out of 5 in semis and winner finals
4 out of 7 grand finals.
KEEP SAME CHAR IF YOU WIN. Loser changes char if desired.

The 2 on 2 will be the same as last month tourney. You wont be allowed to pick your team mates. They will be randomly selected by choosing a number or picking it out from a bag/hat.

2 ON 2 tourney rules
Double elimination 2/3

For example Player A + B VS Player C + D
Player A beats Player C
Player D beats Player A
Player D beats Player B

Team CD gets one point

but each team has to get 2 points to advance to the next round. This setup should give people more incentive to come out and play because now everybody has a fighting chance.

Entry fee for singles will be $5

Entry Fee. $5 per person. So each team is $10
Pay Per Play
Signups 4pm
Tourney Starts at 5pm.


Any suggestions/comments/and whatever ya wanna say post here. See everyone on May 20th

yes! teams again!

Ill run CvS2 if needed.

Cmon People Post Post

I’m in for CvS2 and 3s Teams. And hopefully this time I won’t lose all my games.

Without CTF in the title. I got confuzzzedddd. :rolleyes:

hahahahahahahahahahahaha woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Why didn’t fools show up for Vampire Saviour?

I’m there regardless.

Anyone want in on an Alpha 2 tournament?



I’m there for 3s singles. If I have the time, I might do 3s doubles.

Ok, Chibi and I are going to try to do an A2 tourny.

SF : Alpha 2
$5 Entry Double Elimination
$0.25 pay per play
2/3 Preliminary
3/5 Winner/Losers finals
4/7 Grand finals

Winner must keep character, loser can change

Also, Mike / Infinite:


Teach me Melty Blood aka : Guilty Gear Junior.

lol ;p

Wait for it to come out in two months and I’ll be happy too.


Just curious, why do the winners have to keep the same team/character? Seems that if its in tourney mode you should be able to pick any team/character you want regardless if you win or lose.

Chibi: VS got cancelled, there were 5 people I believe and I handed over to Sayyd to run but he opted it get cancelled and I agreed. That tournament was announced short notice and basically I would have to go to CF 3 weeks ahead of the date just to let the CF regulars know since almost all of them dont come on SRK. Dont worry Im actually going to be running a tournament of my own there sometime with something Different to play and not the same old shit.
Look for Vampire Savior, SVC (Yes this game is being played hardcore at CF), ST, Neo Geo Battle Collisium and possibly Alpha 3 and sighs…CVS 2
Dont count on that last one though!

should be fun

i’m interested in coming to this tourney(tho no promises just yet)… god bless the summer :slight_smile:

this is CF and not the break right? (JUST MAKING SURE!!!)

Can someone teach me how to do double quarter circles on a joystick?

Since I am in ct now I’ll show up eventho flash says noone enters the 3s tournies