May 20 Pre-ECC Bash!

first u do 1 quarter circle, then another quarter circle. but with no pause in between.

“No, it’s beggin strips”

damn right.

How about a way that doesn’t turn my combos into block strings?

if u mean hit confirms then u got to work on ur reaction times or hav sharingan eyes like me

people need to come to this

i need to be a beastly ec urien ok

Yo justin where is it goin to be at CTF or the break??

The tourney is gonna be at Chinatown Fair.

Justin Wong and the bumbumbunch

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa people should come to this imo~_~

bump for the begining of the month.

I’m thinking about coming, but this is a pretty limited lineup of games…the last time I went to CTF there was literally nobody there. Will it be different this time?

the turnout has been pretty decent for cvs2 and 3s, not ST though. Not sure about Marvel, its random sometimes.

Any info on this tournament? I can’t find any :confused: .

hellz yea i’m down for this shit!..only 3rd singles and teams tho,i don’t play cvs2:sad:

there is a pre-ecc ct tourney the day before hopefully ppl can make it for both tournies

CF?..Whats CF?


Please fix the buttons on the cvs2 cabinet.

The Rh buttons on both sides randomly die. You hit them and nothing comes out.
Earlier I was trying to do a st. RH, I hit it, at this point my fingers are OFF the button, 3 seconds later, a RH comes out without me pressing it at that time. This was on the 1p side.

Hmm, another analysis/practice tournament (for a certain someone,) interesting. I got five measily dollars to spend, going in there with a normal gaming attitude too not worrying about who’s entering. (As usual.)

Okay, I’ll definitely be coming now along with Tony “the Beast” Barnage. Hopefully lots of people will show up, so we can practice ALL the games that will be at ECC.

Oh yes…DSP and “Angry” Tony??? Good shit lol