May 20th: Why Me Do? SF4/UMVC3 Tournament in Petaluma

Our monthly tournament is happening this Monday in Petaluma!

The fourth in a series of fighting games tournaments held at Why Me Do-Jo in Petaluma. Join the competition with players from all over the bay area at the low venue fee of $1 and just $4 per tournament (SF4, UMVC3.) All games will be played on XBox 360, bring your own controls.
Live stream provided by IPLAYWINNER

Why Me Do-Jo
133 Copeland Street, Petaluma

Monday May 20th
Registration from 7PM - 8PM
Tournament at 8PM

The Rules:
$1 Venue Fee + $4 game
Prize split 70/20/10
AE: Double Elimination, 2/3 matches, 3/5 Grand Finals
UMVC3: Double Elimination, ALL 3/5