[May 24, 2013] Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9: Guts! (Rosemont, IL)


UFGT9: Guts! - Chicago, IL
Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9

Hotel reservations - http://t.co/eWsOACN7
Full event information and announcement stream - http://ufgt.us/

Join us from May 24th to 26th of 2013 in Chicago, IL for the most inclusive tournament experience on the planet: Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9! While the previous installments were huge successes, we still have changes in store UFGT9, including an all new venue.
New Venue: Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare
Venue Features:
[]15,300 sq/ft ballroom (up from a total of 6,000 sq/ft last year). This massive space will give you all the room you need to game with your friends, compete in our tournaments, or relax in the fun and games area.
]Welcome to Chicago. Our venue is only one stop on the CTA Blue Line train from the O’Hare International Airport. Getting to us has never been easier or cheaper. If you are willing to walk a half mile from the CTA station to the hotel, it will only cost you $2.25 to ride the train. Additionally, the Blue Line train leads right into the heart of Chicago proper. If you want to be a tourist for a day or two, you are certain to love our new location.
[]Rooms are available at the special group rate of $79.99/night, only $10 more than in Northbrook. UFGT remains one of the cheapest tournament events you can attend.
]Parking will be completely free for any guest staying overnight for UFGT9, and will be discounted to $10/day for everyone else attending.
[*]The Crowne will offer a cash concession booth where you can get reasonably priced food and drink. No outside food or drink is allowed, but there are plenty of nearby places to eat just a short walk away.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or tweet @KeitsSRK on twitter. Or, visit our thread on SRK.


Best tournament


NEVUHPHOTO in there hope to see everyone from 7 - 8 here and more. Also the new place is very nice good pick keits!


Once again Adam you know you can count on me to help in anyway.


More than twice as much space? Awesome. The only thing about UFGT8 that wasn’t perfect was the pool play areas that were a bit tight.


I’ll be there again to help as well.


Yeah, that space was great for UFGT7, but UFGT8 grew a LOT (double attendance), so I knew that would be our last year in that space.


The only tournament that could top the RESSURECTION… was INFINITY… What can top infinity? Only the one true tournament!!!

Man ive never been so excited for something so far away…


Promise to enter less and help more this time.


damn ACEN then this, might need to save some cash lol.


This is my favorite tournament.


I don’t care what I’m doing! I don’t miss Keits’ tournaments! These things are on another level. #ImOutHere


This new location is perfect.

The area right behind this hotel has been seriously renovated in the last year+. They’ve built several bar & grill’s (with SKYDECKS!!!) including Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar & Grill”, Park’s Brewery (which has a crazy microbrew selection), Adobe Gila’s (Where GLB’s birthday 15th birthday party was held a few weeks ago), Hofbrauhaus (A German inspired (duh!) bar which should be up and running by next year), Five Roses Pub, King’s Bowling alley and there’s even the only Muvico in IL right there as well!

I know me, Geronimo, GLB and a few people here can personally say this location is “prime-time” so bring your drinking faces and look forward to one hell of a weekend cause that place is only going to get better as the date draws near.

Adam, well played my friend.


If we’re still around by then, I’ll make time to be there.


Yess. Even closer to my house by like 10 minutes.



I have been to countless tournaments around the country (and across the border), and the UFGT is quite easily one of the most enjoyable tournaments I’ve ever attended. Registration, brackets, and scheduling are handled with extreme efficiency. The end result is less waiting and wondering, and more games and events.

I’m definitely planning to make it to this myself, and will try to get the rest of Team Replay’d out for UFGT9 as well.


Hot damn! Anime Central two weeks before UFGT9. Such a tough decision. Which one should I go to- nah! Just kidding! I’m going to spend all my money at UFGT9. I had such a blast last time.


Ah hem…

People know how much I love this tournament. I talk about it all year long, then feel like crying when it ends every year, then bug Keits about when the next one will be.

In short, I’ll be there :slight_smile:


UFGT8 was amazing, so i will definitely be there next year!


And again, UFGT happens to fall on my 4 day weekend off. Amazing.