[May 25, 2013] CFAS Monthly #3 - UMVC3/SFxT/KoF13/Injustice/MK9 (Northern VA)

Link to Facebook event post: https://www.facebook.com/events/182716858547690/

Location: 7540 Gardner Park Drive Gainesville VA 20155 (Map)

Venue Fees (based on Comics and Gaming club memberships):
-Non Members and Bronze Members: $10
-Silver Members: $5
-Gold Members: FREE!
Venue is also free for casuals and spectators, so if you just want to hit some buttons and watch some great matches then come out and join us!

Game Entry Fees:
All games are $10 to enter. Our usual pot bonuses will be making a return as well with one difference. We will be adding $50 to a pot for every 8 players that enter that tournament. So encourage your friends to come out if you are looking to win big!

Schedule (will be updated to reflect side-events as they are added):
11:00 - Venue open and Sign-Ups
02:00 - Street Fighter x Tekken (X-Box Only)
02:00 - Mortal Kombat 9 (Side-Event, PS3 Only, presented by our local MK community)
04:00 - Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (X-Box Only)
06:00 - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (X-Box Only)
06:00 - SkullGirls (Side-Event, PS3 Only, presented by KenInBlack)
08:00 - Injustice (PS3 Only - we will be running this side-by-side with our good friends in the local MK community)

All sign-ups will end 30 minutes prior to the start of their respective tournaments, NO EXCEPTIONS.

I’ll be here. Best believe that

I might be able to go. Anyone down for some 3S or AE friendlies? (I Can supply a PS3 setup for it)

Skullgirls by chance? I can bring my own PS3 if I show up and I think I can get some people to show up.

If you want to bring a set up for Skullgirls. Your more then welcome too. If you can get enough people to show up, we’ll see about having a side event for it. Just contact us on our facebook page about it and we’ll get back to you about the details.


Maybe next time.

Keith my man it goes like this.

I might be at UFGT…

If not I’ll be running SG.

Bringing a setup would be sick so we could have two, I’ll keep ya posted on SH.




The monthly is this coming Saturday and I’ve updated the original post with any new information that people may need. If you’re a fan of fighting games in the DMV area then come out and press some buttons with us!

There were quite a few people playing 3rd Strike friendlies today. Side event for next tournament maybe?