May 5, 2007 Gamefrog Charlotte Tournament Results:

Again, thanks to everyone who showed up to support the NC scene!
Any time we hold a tournament at a brand new venue there are expected to be hiccups but thankfully we able to finish 7 tournaments.
As I’ve said, one person does not make a tournament…it takes an entire community, thanks to our community I had too much fun yesterday and I’m sure a lot of others feel the same.

Eddie, Isaac, Bryan, and Dark Geese for running brackets.
Eddie and Majors for TVs and systems.
Dark Geese for the PS2 and swap magic.
Kevin for the PS3.
Majors, Roski, Josh, DG, Darklight, Eddie and everyone who brought games.
Patrick and the Gamefrog staff for keeping the tournament flowing and giving us extra time to finish.

Partial Results:
3rd Strike (16 Entrants)*
1st–Jordan Al-Khouri (Makoto)
2nd–Alex Roski <Cajunstrike> (Makoto, Urien)
3rd–Jose Hernandez <Evil Morrigan> (Chun)
4th–Josh Ballard <Josh-TheFunkDOC>
5th–Nick <xYourMasterx>
5th–Dark Geese
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (13 Entrants)*
1st–Peter Hou (A-Chang, Sakura, (2)Dictator)
2nd–Jose Hernandez (C-Cammy, Claw, (2)Chun)
3rd–Tomas Zachery <Panther NeoGeo> (K-Geese, Athena, (2)Hibiki)
5th–Return of Shiki

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Round Robin (9 Entrants)
1st–Isaac Graham "<3"
2nd–George Alvarez
3rd–Brandon Swett
4th–Danny Lima
5th–Jose Hernandez

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Round Robin (6 Entrants)
1st–Red Dragon (Kevin)
2nd–Tomas Zachery
3rd–Yoroichi (Vince)

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (9 Entrants)*
1st–Alex Roski
2nd–Dark Geese
3rd–Josh Ballard
4th–Tomas Zachery

Guilty Gear Slash (7 Entrants)
1st–Garrett Hills <apsycho1226> (Chipp)
2nd–Alex Roski (Potemkin)
3rd–Josh Ballard (Axl)
4th–Eddie Wiggins <Dub> (Testament)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Round Robin (6 Entrants)
1st–Jim Sejas (Ryu/FeiLong–14 points)
2nd–Return of Shiki (Honda/Chun–10 Points)
2nd–Josh Ballard (Zangief, Dictator–10 Points)
Josh and I tied for points and decided to split 2nd place

Hokuto No Ken
Called for time :sad:

Fun tournament. Can’t wait to see anyone at the bi-weekly tournaments. Still a little mad that I let Nick steal 5th place away from me, but oh well.

in NGBC…that marco was fucked up…he did tons of impressive shit…wow im going to get that game ASAP

next time i want smash bros. melee/brawl (considering the next time it takes place)

i was to nervous at first so i failed in owning.but i owned a few people so im happy…great tourny shiki

Let? Are you joking, that shit was FRREEEEEEEEE! bet it! <3 I’m mad funk took 4th place away. RAWR! Dood, I feel like the fucking hulk behind this keyboard.

edit: Anyway, the tournament was okay. I had fun chilling with everyone that I got to chill with. I still have a lot to learn in 3s,mvc2, and cvs2. oyg, next time…

GGs to all, thanks for Shiki and Gamefrog for holding the tournament.
Shiki’s honda and Jim’s Ryu gave me some problems.
It was fun beasting on Roski in ST… he returned the favor in HnK. :mad:
Ali and Garret… solid games in HnK dudes… we should play MOAR!
Good games to all in GG, except Dub… I just can’t win against that mofugga. :rofl:
Sorry to Your Master, I saw you and didn’t say hi. Maybe next time!

Good games to everyone. Thanks for the tournament Shiki.

Major thanks to Lukus for coming all the way from Texas, Josh from Ohio, and Mondo from 7 hours away. The dedication is unparalleled. Good to meet you guys too, and good luck with the Juarez tourney NeoPenny. Coliseum stays home! Thanks for SC for coming up too. Good to see ya again OYG and JohnnyQuest.

The only thing that really pissed me off about the tourney was unfinished HNK, especially when I was in winners grand finals. Oh, and just a suggestion from personal opinion…I really hate this “Play everyone 3 times regardless of the actual wins” round robin. To each their own I suppose.

JORDAN! I’ve got you soon…6-4 ain’t that bad of a record, and sure as hell better than when we played in Greensboro last. I’m going to do my best to past this roadblock soon. :wgrin: Congrats man.

Wow I’m shitty at Super Turbo. :rofl: Peace.

Late but oh well…

Had a good time. Dark Geese and Red Dragon ran me out da building in their respective games :rofl: :annoy: Other than that…:tup: Hopefully I’ll regain a mod or import PS2 to practice on. Seeing as 3s it STILL new territory for me, I’ll put my energy into that from now on.

Cajun: If your 3s translated into your CVS2 you probably would’ve ran me out the building, maybe (Damn butchered P-Groove)

Majors: Next time me and Peter meet I’ll be sure to bring my own cheerleader too :arazz:

Shiki: Good tourney, wish I could’ve stayed but I was beat. I didn’t wake up until 5 Sunday afternoon. Check your PM later.

Still in the process of seeing which days in the bi-weekly I’ll be able to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there, hopefully.

Dark Geese: Always good to remember the “Glory Days” of SNK before they went WWE on us. I’ll remember the tire marks you put on me in NGBC.

Good stuff guys.

Cajun, I really hope you got my PM. Let me know if you did.

The tournament turned out alright. I had a lot of fun with the marvel players. Cool Cats. Im still surprised they felt no lag on it with the DC connected to an LCD via VGA.

XI, didn’t happen. But nevertheless, for some reason, towards the end I felt NGBC should have been one of the major tourneys. I don’t know, outside 3s, CVS2, and MVC2 I felt a lot of people were looking FWD to that one.

The only problem I saw in the tournament was A. We needed more TVs and B. we did not needed that many games in the touranment. Either Way it turned out pretty bad ass. I had a blast, and I hope to make it to further tournaments in NC in the future.

GS to my top 5 peepz in 3S. Love Evil Morrigan (more neg rep plz I need some). GS Josh. Good to see you in tourneys again. Oro is that crack. Keep it up Yugioh. Alex and Jordan…expected. Always good stuff from you guys. Dark Geese…good stuff in Threes? Good shit.

Too bad Isaac Graham didn’t win Marvel again.

george step up your game bro, isaac aint shit

“<3” isaac

oh and george, send my converter back noob, 1 assist rapes me ;p <3


I didn’t go cause I only have $28 total to my name. I can’t even buy a WoW game card with $28. (I’m a broke jobless bastard :looney: )

The drive alone would take my money and plus I found out I had a 10 page paper due today. GG hopefully I’ll find a job that allows me to make a future NC tourny.

Nc Heads

LOL…i own NC in mvc2…except for Isaac…actually he MD…so yah I own NC…lol…

EVil morrigan sup fool…George get better so you can get ur revenge on me…U remember the score last time…5 to 1…Wow peter wins CVS2…lol.yah i guess u can try to get ur revenge on me 2…Megazangief is K groove killa!!!

Now i will go back to being godlike…ERIC V

Isaac PM me…I got smoothviper/FUGEE wanting ur money…1st to 10 for 200…BET IT…U said u would take it so here it is!!!

Hey Cajun Strike…U want MM at EVO EAST…Pm me lemme know…My niggz Epsilon Hungry…BET IT!!!

Cajun may or may not be able to make it to EVO East…if he does good…we can continue our NGBC/KOFXI rivalry since he’s given me SST and NeoWave practically!!

Too many shoutouts to list man I listed them in the At the Eye of the Ragin Storm thread though!

I will be back to NC guys count on it! This was the 1st time of many to come!!!

I’m still trying to debate if I should play 3s seriously…***SNK has my time :lovin: …and hope you Tekken players liked my "ESS" Electric/“East Coast” Sidestep.***.

I need to play T5DR more…I dont play it much at all either…

Good shit Jordan.

real positive experience at this event>>>>can’t wait to see the matches, lots of twists and turns,and dramatic endings<> although i guess that crowd noise wont be audible!!! but to all who were there>>>>>>>quite special thanks again

SNK Heads this is how you keep up with what is going on!!!

-Dark Geese

I just wanted to say Good Shit to Jose for Getting top 5 in all the 2-D majors. Why are yo so GDLK?

P.S. Learn how to fight against Makoto you noob! :razzy:

Jose I’ll get you in 3s next time we play…that match was mine!!! :rofl:

CvS2 and 3S vids up: