May 5, 2007 Gamefrog Charlotte Tournament Results:

Let Me Hear You Nc…who Wants Money Matches…isaac Stop Dodgin The Match…lol Jk…and Jordan & Cajunstrike…you Down For Money Matches At Evoeast…callin U Guys Out In A Very Competitive Way…lets Go…put Ur Money Where Ur Skillz Are???

The tournament was good, I had fun.

GG to everyone I played in marvel. Big ups to Jordan for beasting in 3rd, and Roski for holding it down in 3rd and SNK. George you should have had first in Marvel seriously. Peter why is your bison such a beast, gs. Jose who want it with you? It should have been top 4, but top 5 in every capcom game… GDLK!!!


  not wise to antagonize a death dealer<>you and your area will know the real soon<>

HAHAHAHAH, clearly you lack a trip up north…I f Isaac got all his skill from upnorth, and Erik K won 1st in 3rd when he was down there…shit I won plenty of tournys down there…you my friend have a big surprise comin when you come step to the tri-state area…BET IT…dont hide at Evo East…ima b lookin for ur money…make sure you back up your comment sir…peace

ok im gonna add fuel to da fire, to be honest…i dont have any of the games at tourny but some of yall struggled and i lost…which when i get them its on like donkey kong…im bringing da heat[not a gun] and my own hype crew[cheerleaders] to da next tournament…dark geese made me interested in SNK again and i keep fighting cajun strike out the blue lol…jose you ocv-ed me man and i need justice for that in CVS2

ggs to all

The era of Shadow Ace will begin


Oh Yeah Lolz


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Well U are all welcome to our tourny in VA (C3) may mayhem…its this weekend…so if ur on the map come thru…If U dare!!!

And in all honesty in MVC@ u have no chance without Isaac(who is from our area newayz)IN CVS2 nope…And in 3rd no chance in hell…We brew killers up here…

PS…shout out to Sie Clayton…u da man in my book!!!

Oh Yeah Lolz


REALLY>>>>>>>> Well U are ALL welcome to our tourny in VA (C3) may mayhem…its this weekend…so if ur on the map come thru!!! I got 100$ a head on a 5 on 5 MD/VA vs. NC…BET IT!

And same 3 vs 3 in CVS2…$100 a head!

And in all honesty in MVC2 u have no chance without Isaac(who is from our area newayz)…Victor and I vs anyone else in MVC2…Bet IT!

PS…shout out to Sie Clayton+ Mega Zangief and of course Isaac…much respect… :smiley:

Is that Eric V???


Yes sir how have u been…I see u comin up brandon good shit…tell Jose I said sup plz…come to our C3 tourny!!!

Awesome weekend everyone, you guys are mad cool, and I’ll definitely be down for another one sometime. GGs to all =)


Yeah, Josh…my quote in your sig is what I MEANT to say…usually my quotes don’t come out too well since I either surf SRK late at night or early in the morning :lol:

Anyway, thanks again for coming all the way to NC. We need a lot more people like you to help drive the American scene.