May Flash Xbox 360 -> PS3 Converter

My most sincere apologies if this has been answered somewhere. I did some searching around here with no luck.

Has anybody been able to check out May Flash Xbox 360 Controller Adapter for PS3: Toys & Games and see how it works?

I recently got a PS3 and it’d be nice to be able to use my 360 TEs on the new console.

Ideally, of course, I’d like to be able to install an MC Cthulu, but that’s currently out of my scope (and wallet) for the time being.

So, yeah. May Flash Xbox 360 Controller Adapter for PS3: Toys & Games


According to this thread, No one have tested it so far. And so far there are no good converter for PS3 to Xbox 360. It seem like unless you are modding, getting a PS3 and convert it to Xbox 360 is some how easier then the other way around.

Though that thread is huge. I might be missing pages. Might want to search a bit more.

I was searching a few weeks ago, and the consensus seemed to be that none of the converters worked well for joysticks, and were mostly made for people who wanted to play PS3 FPS games with the 360 controller. I ended up just buying a PS3 stick.

Hopefully someone with some actually hands on experience will pop in the thread though.

I searched it pretty well and saw no mention of this particular device. I may have to snag one and give it a go, myself. Thanks for the input!

Has anybody out there actually tried one of these? There are a couple reviews on the Amazon page, but they don’t talk about fightsticks or fighting games, nor do they mention any sort of input lag.

Id love to know if It works, preferably with no lag, with a PS3 Sega Saturn controller on the 360. Ive been using a PS2 Sega Saturn controller with the Xtokki 360 converter flawlessly up until recently, but the right trigger has finally died on that controller, I might have to be the guinea pig here and buy one.