May I ask for help with Hayate Cancelling?



I have difficulty cancelling then comboing… I can get the s.HP > HC > MP out like… 5-10% of the time.

I keep LK pressed to assist in the hayate cancel… but other than that, I’m stumped… I can practice for hours, but I’ve not gotten any better at it.


Are you plinking the MP after the Hayate Cancel? Since it’s a 1 frame link it helps a lot if you plink it


I know what plinking is, but I’m not sure how I’d go about it in this situation. Could you describe the hand motions for this particular setup?


First, if you’re not getting it, it is because you are canceling the Hayate too late. It must be done ASAP AND the sMP is a 1F link. So it’s like 2 1F links. Have a lot of time to cancel it but it must be done as early as you can do it in order for it to work.

Second, the motion is this:

s.HP, :d::df::f: LP+LK, s.MP~s.LP

Pretty straight forward.

Third, we have a Q&A thread for simple questions like this. It is also pretty straight forward. Next time use that. Thanks.


Thanks for that. I can still hold down LK for it to come out… I managed to get it a few times straight out using this motion… ^_^; I was doing it a bit late. so, many thanks.


I actually use MP~LK since I can use that plink for the MP as well.


yeah but you can’t get negative edge ex orshi out if you plink with lk