Maya Tips?



I was wondering if anybody has any tips on leveling up mayas daggers & help regarding how she should be played I tend to get beat alot online since i’m not tht good with her & I spend alot of time trying to figure somethings out with her in the lab haven’t really found to much with her but i’d love it if anybody had any tips &/or tricks on her style? how to get dmg? & whts a good way to level up her daggers i’m on xbl at OG Swiizy if you guys wish to send me information about her on there


After a knock down, go for Shadow Daggers to level them up to maximum. The only way to avoid this is with an invincible wake-up (Fulgore’s Shadow Cyber Dash for example).

Also, Daggers,, daggers is a true blockstring I believe. I’ve actually found that leveling up the daggers isn’t as hard as I thought it was originally going to be, especially considering how quickly she gains meter. You want to always have the pressure on your opponent, she’s a big pressure character. Watch out for Fulgore and Glacius though

As for damage, outside of daggers, regular combos won’t really push you much past 33%. There’s some broken looking stuff with her air command grab though. It’s possible to convert raw uppercut into an unbreakable 30% with no meter. Go for Hk. Uppercut xx Medium Dagger, forward dash xx neutral jump cancel xx command grab. Sounds really gimpy, but it does work. Timing’s just really tight.


When you land a throw, immediately neutral jump and whiff any normal. Buffer a dagger on the way down and it will come out on landing and then throw the second. The opponent can only take the hit or the block. If you get the blocks, you have a pip on each dagger (with easy retrieval) but if you get hits, follow up with combo of choice.

Her dagger damage ender (max charge) is unbelievable and should be used once you get a lockout. I usually hit when they are on their second bar and once I have a good read of their combo breaker strategy.

Against the less mobile characters, I tend to get to just outside sweep distance, where I neutral jump and throw a dagger before throwing another on landing. After that try to mix up low/high attacks.

Learn to make your uppercut safe by throwing daggers on the way down if blocked.

I’m garak001 - send me an inv.


thank you both for the tips and advice we have to play sometime i’ll add you garak001