Maybe a common sense way to use Legacy sticks without a dual shock interfering and "cutting out"?

A simple way I found to bypass the dual shock connection was by inserting my Hori FC4 into one USB then my Madcatz T.E. One edition in the other USB you have to turn the system on with the dual shock but then you can disable it. Lag “seems” gone now but no way for me to test with data, it would be great to see if anyone could prove this but it sure feels more responsive unless they did an update. No need with this method to run batteries down on the dual shock and no Bluetooth interference. Just a new find I have not seen anywhere, but I don’t read every post so I am not sure if it has been mentioned. This is my first post and I hope it helps someone, Fight on!

Ok but can the hori and the te each be used separately in vs mode? I mean, can the hori play vs the te without a ds4 connected?

They are both “active” when I use this method but unfortunately you cannot use them for separate players. I was just playing around and noticed the lag seemed gone that I noticed with the dual shock, although it might be placebo? Just throwing an option out there…

Its possible, ive also read that having many ds4s connected wirelessly increases lag.
Unfortunately thise solution requires 2 ps3 sticks + 2 fighting commanders, so 4 usb ports for vs multiplayer.
Its a good solution for playing online or vs cpu though if you already have a wired ps4 pad around though

True, I just love my old PS3 TE fight sticks and wanted to see if I could make them lag less. Why they require another pad to authenticate is absurd in my opinion. Maybe an update will fix that, I mean how many tens of thousands of people have PS3 sticks?

When you say “disable the ds4” what do you mean? Because it sounds to me like you are using the legacy driver with the ds4 and not the HFC4. If you need the dual shock to synced prior to getting the legacy stick working, its not really a work around, since that is how it was designed to work. Using the TE after syncing with the ds4 and then turning off the ds4 is how the driver works on skullgirls and MKX.

I just need the dual shock to get the ps4 to boot up and enter the home screen. Once I get that up only the Hori fc4 and legacy stick function in the game once it loads up. My ds4 is no longer active i.e. Buttons do nothing at all. Inputs on my stick seem less laggy this way in my opinion.

For some reason the Hori fc4 “home” button won’t boot up a ps4 from standby. Technically you could manually boot the ps4 and use only the Hori and legacy stick. Edit: I just manually booted the ps4 and only used fc4 and legacy stick, never touched my ds4 once and it worked

No controller other than the Dual Shock 4 can “wake up” the PS4 console, that includes the Hori Fighting Commander 4.