Maybe a dumb question?

might sound a bit silly to some of you, but what joysticks sanwa and seimitsu go be fitted straight into a street fighter AE fightstick?


i thought you could take out the old stick in AE edition and fit a sanwa or seimitsu stick?

not possible

would you have to make new holes to screw the new stick to the box or would the original holes line up?

You can use a Sanwa JLW (not to be confused with JLF) to replace Happ sticks. You need to cut the mounting plate about 1/4" from top and bottom.

I have used Sawna JLWs to replace Happ sticks before.

thanks alot this puts me on the right track, would i need to make new screw holes or would this fit bang in place?

The screw holes do line up, but the plate may be too long depending on the case.

ok thats cool like you said i can always trim the plate to fit thats the stick right? im gonna order myself one asap thanks for your help bro!

Yeap, that’s the one.

PS: It comes default with a square gate. I don’t know if you like square gates, I personally use a circular gate for the JLW.

id like to get a circular or octagon gate but there dont seem to be any on that site where could i pick one up?

check all the common online shops, they are closed atm though (lizardlick, akihabara).

that is crazy they are closed

I think this is the one but I could be wrong.

Yeah, that’ the one for JLW series.