Maybe I'm helping beginners become intermediate

I noticed that a lot of the people that post on Shoryuken come either as experts or fancy themselves as experts, want to be experts. They know that milliseconds matter.

That’s why there’s lots of discussions on parts. and for some strange reason that might be the reason why my idea of a Sinister stick is scoffed that.

there is a difference between an off-the-shelf Mass retail joystick and a custom just for you joystick.

Most srk posters seem to be looking for customs to gain milliseconds and single percentage points of accuracy by mixing and matching equipment.

I on the other hand am of the First kind. I thought fighting games are fun and I did decent vs computer but against my friends I will shut out.B Then I figured out why. I felt I always know the strategy of doing the dragon punch when people jump at you with a kick. The problem is execution. I think it, but I can’t do it.

And the biggest cure for that for me was a right-handed joystick, which they never made an off-the-shelf six-button version of.

I am aware my beginner arrangement is not so organically perfect in the sense that there’s no fingers reaching problems.

I am also aware that if you try 180ing a standard joystick the results are the contour is more of a hindrance than a help that right stick should one who would be helped by it.

I understand I’m not the kind of joystick that’s what be showing up on the world championship circuit. i understand I’m the kind of joystick that people buy in the store when they first want to play fighting games. Especially if they have no idea whether they’re left-handed or right-handed or if it depends on the fighter or the game or other factors than just 100% Righty or 100% Lefty

Pretty soon there will be second generation fighting game champions. Soon just like the parents of kids participating in sports are called football moms and dads, soccer moms and dads, cheer moms and dads, etc there will be Street Fighter moms and dads. When I grew up, there were no video game dad’s, let alone Street Fighter Dads (using “dads” because I’m a guy.)

Is there a way I could create a poll? I just want to know for example if you’re a baseball, hockey, or golf mom or dad, which of these questions do you usually answer first, Is it…
a) what brand of baseball glove or hockey stick or Golf club does your kid use,
Or B) do you try to figure out if your kid is left handed or right handed for the purposes of your respective sport?

In other words if your kid is 5, and they want to play baseball, and all inventory of the better brand is of the wrong glove hand, do you tell him suck it up and throw with the wrong hand because you’re getting a higher quality glove. Or do you tell them technique is more important then material goods and if your technique is better opposite-handed, you will go with the opposite handed equipment even though it may be technically inferior?

If you beleve the second it’s because no amount of equipment superiority will overcome clumsiness. If it’s a game about equipment that it becomes an arms race like IndyCar and F1 and other machine based Sports. NASCAR is more about the driver than the car bring the star, and rules tend towards technological parity. That’s the way reason why car and associated companies front and center sponsor IndyCar and F1 more because the results show up on the field versus NASCAR which sells more merch pertaining to a driver a driving team as a larger percentage vs. car and part ownership.

If you saw my original Sinister Stick, at the time called “The Confirmer”, most of you would probably laugh. Every who was there also did when I went to one friend’s house that day…

Until. I blanked everyone on a day I got my first win against these guys. Then gave the power to others.

The question is what’s the more important aspect: the man or the machine? At the beginner and early intermediate levels it’s more about the man in the machine. It’s when you get good enough to win a local that you start worrying about equipment to get that edge over the higher people. but until then it’s more about fundamentals and execution and basic understanding of strategy and technique.

Besides, if Street Fighter is a passing fancy for your kid would you want to pay big bucks for a custom stick that they put away in 2 days, or do you want to see them show interest in it with a basic off-the-shelf stick before you spend the money on making their stick better?

I’m trying to design that basic off the shelf fighting stick. And I understand experts dealing in milliseconds and tenths of a percent percentage rating are going to scoff at me, but remember they were at the bottom too.

I’m solving a problem that no one saw and most people just say “suck it up” as their standard response. The last fight stick that was ambidextrous and authorized by the system maker was not even a 6 button joystick.

By the way my testimonial story is true and is intended to get beginners to question left-hand only stigma Get them to think maybe the reason why one does poorly is because one can’t execute well because the joystick is backwards for that person.

The Golden Rule is the reason why Street Fighter joystick start out left-handed: he who is willing to give hold makes the rules.b the people who had the gold were arcade ownersz not individual players as far as Capcom was concerned.

But Street Fighter 2 shows there’ll be lines, and a guaranteed moving line, and unlike signle player games, it doesn’t matter if it’s left or right handed when the while point of the game is Vs.

It just got so engrained that few remember the old days. (Not that few. I would like to see typical age breakdown. By answering "Name what game (preferably fighting game, if young enough. Of non video game if old enough, otherwise any game will do.) that was big when you were 10, and were you into games yet? My answer is, I had a Colecovision, and dad brought home Me Do’s Castle for CV on my 10th Birthday. And dad frequently found lots of Coleco sales in bargain bins. We hit the motherlode. I’m a 1974 baby.)

if you think a five-year-old could wear Air Jordans and become instantly Michael Jordan-in-his-prime-like caliber player just by putting on Nike Air Jordans, you probably have the same imagination as that 5 year old.

There are two ways you can play like the pros, either In style by using their endorsed parts, or indeed by doing well with basic beginner fundamentals and running up the charts in your age group. Rich kids mainly do number one, and young natural talent does number 2.

Everyone’s got their role in the community. if my design every becomes more widely accepted as a first stick for fighters and arcade style games in general, mainly by having a mass joystick manufacturers manufacture these, then I’ll be happy not being even the county Street Fighter champion, and instead be known as the person who gave people a choice.

I never thought I’d be a dexterity crusader on srk until I saw the results I’m not just me but for my friends improve with my stick and thought, “If I can improve, and four other people out of 4 who tried can also improve, and the only thing we did different with switch hands, maybe quite a few more people can improve that way too.”. trust me if I was the only one then improved because of it I would not be such a crusader and think it was just me. But when four out of four friends tried beat a person who later became a 00s basic cable video game champ, I really think I’m onto something.

Topper hitting SRK with that 1400 word essay


TLDR. Unless you have something tech to talk about here. Dont post a book about how you are somehow changing the game. I understand how you would think you would be, but no one ever comes straight to SRK to read posts like this from you. By all accounts most people get easily annoyed by your posts or questions.

I understand where your mindset is, but please just try to keep it tech and keep it short.


Unfortunately there isn’t a PC-like file-within-file-within-file system where there’s a main header at the third or 4th level of files, of ambidexterity and then sub files where I could put shorter more direct points.

Here is the TLDR version of the first post:. Most people who talk a lot on SRK are either experts, future aspiring experts, or joystick craftspeople catering to experts. (Or enthusiasts)

I understand my Sinister Stick is a better "off the shelf’, mass market stick (well, at least mass market compared to one-off customs.). Most people who “know” won’t buy mine. Enough first time fighters WOULD where there could be a market for it.

My mom and couldn’t give my brother and I advice. We were on our own. I was in the first video game generation.

If some women would have married me and we had kids, I could be a Street Fighter Dad, like there are Soccer Moms. I could help my hypothetical sons and daughters, like parents pass other activities to children.

I predict, withn 5 years, the whole nation will have high school video game teams, competing against other high schools, competing for scholarships for college gaming teams.

I think I came up with some features that would make sense for a youth/beginner stick that actually improve their skills by adding the choice of lefty vs righty.

Since the arcade owners are no longer the Primary customers of game makers like Capcom, now is the time to rethink the youth joystick. Since there’s no incentive to make unfair quarter eaters, forcing left hand stick at home looks archaic.

Since I probably won’t have kids ( and not by my choice ) this is probably my biggest contribution to the FGC.

Please judge according to the above standards. Would it be a good beginner stick? Now that it’s no longer about quarter milking, is now, is now the time to not always assume left stick? Have I solved auxiliary issues associated with this issue? (flipping countour, cutting expense of button mirroring, left-to-left vs index-to-index)

Why is this guy incapable of summerizing. Like, seriously. No reason to make your posts these long.


It’s easy to say yes to popular opinion just say yes and shut up.

To convince the industry to go against the grain, you have to do a lot more talking to turn the stream your way.

That’s why my typical response takes more than one screen.

You’ve already had several poeple here tell you they aren’t reading all that. Several people telling you your posting style is way too long to bother with.

Not everything needs to be some huge exposition dump. In fact, I’d argue a lot of the most influential speakers in human history were only idolized because of their ability to take complex issues and summarize them into concise, easy to understand footnotes.

Just a thought. You can continue this posting style, I really don’t care, but you’re going to be met with similar responses every time. shrug


Guess what? I’ll be an optimist: I’ll take the fact that over 90% of my criticism being of my commentary length means that very few people find my content hard to disagree with.

if you don’t like the mechanical active reading then gets a computerized voice to read it for you if it makes it easier. I admit I’m one of those types of people.

In terms of amount of content movies and TV shows have a lot of content. it’s compacted because you could see actions that would normally take an aerator many words to describe.

If someone could show my same arguments in a more compact, sales-pitch-ish kind of manner, if my design ever gets picked up for money I’ll recommend you for the commercial writer.

That’s just the nature of mostly text medium. blah blah blah blah blah. If you don’t like it make and watch YouTube videos.

That word does not mean what you think it does.
You aren’t being optimistic, what you are being here is obstinate.

(adjective) in the sense of stubborn

keeping stubbornly to a particular opinion or course of action

You are combative, refuse to learn, refuse to learn actual terminology, refuse to let people accommodate for you despite people have attempted to meet you half way, you make dozens upon dozens of threads on the same topic but abandon them as quick as you make them.

None of your posts are helpful to anyone, they are long post that say very little and are needlessly complex and confusing.

How does any of this even relate to tech talk?

It started in tech talk because I was trying to learn techniques to describe to Stan. He told me to research it and pass it to him.

As for endless gabbing… If there’s something you want, you just buy it. If it doesn’t exist, you make it

Literally I would not “evangelize” if the results I witnessed on an ergonomically poor, (unnaturally wide button gaps, not flushly drilled).

And there is a difference between being a suggestion for those players who feel backwards playing Street Fighter, which I suggest but not push. What I DO push is finding someone in the industry who to do this. People in Hori USA loved it, (or so they say) but they said their stick design is done in Japan. I think it was cirular filed in Japan if not in the US.

Also I wrote a letter to Capcom. USA. I also tried signing up for Capcom unity, but the email is bouncing in their system.

Why hasn’t he came here himself?
After all of this time, if Stan is the actual technician, why isn’t he here reading the forums and posting instead of you?

Except you are still grabbing at nothing


They were being polite

Or so they say.

Well that’s convinient logic isn’t it.

People don’t even care to find out whether or not they agree or disagree with you because you can’t condense your subject matter. I find it baffling that you were somehow able to warp that into a positive in your head.

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Yeah I know I’m kind of long-winded and I have plenty of time because I’m unemployed and on disabilty.

If people hate extra long windedness, then I’ve got a suggestion I’m going to leave as a helpful tool to make sure I’m not overly long-winded. Going to site suggestions now.

Understatement of 2020. Your keyboard diarrhea is #1 of two reasons I don’t really hit up Tech Talk any more.

You bloat this subforum with nothing but endless, irrelevant, repetitive drivel that no one here but Darksakul reads.

People tell you this over and over and you reply with 21 paragraphs of wasted keystrokes. While I pity you, because it is obvious you suffer from significant mental issues, it’s still fucking annoying…

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I was told to keep it at around 1000 characters or less on a forum, when I suggested that the editor have a character counter.

I just downloaded a free character counter app for Android. I’m using it.

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proud of you, buddy. Hope you can keep it up!

The sad fact is I recognise this guy from a facebook group about arcade sticks… He sticks out like a sore thumb


Hello EarthwormBen,

I am very distinct. I don’t steal the spotlight, the spotlight stalks me.

But I put it to good use before. It would be weird for people to listen to me just spill my mind. There needs to be a topic to segue into my interesting thoughts. In high school it was a locally televised minigolf tournament .

Now it’s a community I’ve vocal in out of necessity. I’m a pre SRK custom joystick client. I got KY Enterprises’s address from Sega in search of an ambidextrous 6 button joystick for Genesis and SNES. Before me, they made only handicapped Joysticks.

Do any of you know anyone who got a custom joystick from the Genesis/SNES days? I am that person.

No we don’t need such a topic. No one asked for one, and none was ever needed (other than your ego).

Really? Out of Necessity or is it Narcism?

Cool Story Bro. News Flash, No one cares.

Again, Cool Story Bro.

Did you build said joystick? If not, then you got no talking points.
Actually seeing from your past post I highly doubt you ever built a joystick yourself before.

No, no you are not. You are no way as famous/infamous as you wish you were.

By the way, I know dudes who had built their own joysticks before joysticks or even home gaming was a thing. They are mostly university students or former Nasa employees. Is there a point to this, No.
Just like there no point to most of what you post.

You just don’t get it, people had tried to help you, talk to you straight, and show you how to do your mod. You been mostly bafflingly combative about actually pursuing any actual progress. You refuse help despite it being offered. Most of the modders here refuse to take you on as a client, as you are too difficult to work with. And going on about the old tymes isn’t going to buy you any cred.