Maybe we could see SFIV at EVO, maybe?

Yeah that sounds CRazY! ANd this will be my first EVO so i am clueless to the set up. Just wondering if there was some way to make it happen. SFIV is projected early summer, and having it at EVO would be a good way to promote it here. Anyways, just a thought, i’m sure it comes down to money.

I probably would’ve told you your thread was stupid up until this week:

Capcom Europe just announced they’ll be sending a couple of SF4 cabs (completed arcade release version) to Battle of Destiny, the UK’s Evo “qualifier.” (They also get a SFHD hands-on, if anyone is interested. If you’re cool you should be interested.)

Now it will be funny, sad, and embarrassing if Capcom US doesn’t give Evo the same (awesome) treatment!

Yeah…you could say that unofficially SFIV will be at Evo at this point. Looking forward to it.

I’d be looking forward to it if I didn’t know there will be lines out the building to play it, but hey, good shit Capcom :tup:

S.Kill where r u tell us this is true make it happen :slight_smile:

we cant confirm it at this point, but there is crazy speculation that sf4 and sthd will be at evo. get hype!

you tease

? The man with the plan!


:open_mouth: o RLY?


Why wouldn’t it be there, this is like a Capcom tourny and their whole fan base is at Evo…They better be there.

If SF4 makes an appearance at Evo, I strongly recommend a constant SF4 direct feed to the big screen during the pools of all games. It’ll allow everyone under 6 feet tall to see the game while we’re waiting in a 500-person long line.

How rude, haha

Anyways, they couldn’t possibly forget about us, aren’t the numbers at EVO larger than the BOD? Hoepfully it costs money to play, that’ll cut down half the line.

sfiv is arcade only at this point. Evo is a console tournament. LOL

Please put gameplay footage of both games on the DVDs.

if it will be their i want to put a open challenge out their i will only be using two characters Honda and el Fuerte ill put 20 on a race to 5 in the game :slight_smile: it looks too hype

Oh man…I can see that shit now. I’m sure I’d like watching it for like 20 minutes and then once I realize how scrubby everyone is playing on that screen I won’t care less to look at it anymore. I’ve seen enough vids of SFIV to understand how the majority of everyone will play and a general idea of what the game looks like. I can understand a majority of people will probably want to watch what’s up there but I know I’ll get tired of watching people scub up on that big screen. People that are new to fighting games or the 2 people who actually haven’t seen a whole lot of footage should find it interesting but…I can’t see myself looking at that screen for so long when there’s so much else going on. The only time I’ll be looking at SFIV is when I’m actually playing it (or everyone’s screaming after something crazy happened). It’ll be good for promotion and kicks and what not.

Another option: a scheduled “2-man tournament” in SF4 and STHD similar to the Wong/Choi and Hsien/Amir showdowns.

The reason BOD got it is because a very prominent member of the UK scene (Golden Gunman) is also a valuable employee at Capcom. Its all thanks to him that we got it.