Mayflas body for sale

Sorry for posting this here, im kinda in a hurry and i cant post on the trading oulet. i just want everyone to know im sellinf a Mayflash housing with no PCB or buttons. just the housing, metal plate and the stick (cause i cant take it off.

send me an e-mail at

You’d think since you can’t post in the trading outlet, that was warning enough.
You need 100 posts before you start selling.
This doesn’t mean to go spam by the way.

Agreed, however if you are gonna post in the wrong thread because you do not have the credentials to start selling on SRK, you should atleast make it more appealing by adding a price, pictures, ect.

Bannnnnnnnnnish him!

Well, I’m at work now. Sorry about this. I was kinda in a hurry and I can’t post in the trading outlet yet cause I don’t waste most of my life on this website posting. Anyway I’m selling it for 25 bucks obo if anyone is interested.

I’ll offer you $5… final offer…


How about this. I got a massystems stick with no graphic mounted or a pcb or buttons. I will mount a Bat top american style stick with 10 Convex american style buttons and i will wire it up to a Ps2/ps3/pc PCB board, and if you really want it, i can mount a graphic all for $150 shipped.