Mayflash 2009 JLF wiring issue

After like 6 months of failed attempts, i cannot get my JLF-wiring right. My buttons all work, everyhting fits in place properly, however i cannot find a configuration that gives me all 4 working directions. I cannot work out why.
I’ve looked at and tried:[lots-pictures]-222925/
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as well as a large number of other guides on the forum, to which i’ve had no success. I’ve tried cutting the ground board as well as all the wiring configs listed in each of the topics above.

My current config is this:
It’s cut and pasted from Laugh’s set-up, however it doesn’t seem to be working (which doesn’t surprise me all that much, they’re 2 completely different boards). Opposites seem to give the same direction (either up/down or left/right) and there’s one combination that breaks power completely into my ps3, which i assume to be ground to ground. It’s as close as i’ve gotten so far

I’ve read that this particular board doesn’t use a common ground, however i’ve tried cutting the ground on the JLF board and it doesn’t work. I have one with the cut and one without.

So yeah, i’m well and truly out of ideas. Any suggestions?

If you cut the traces on the PCB (and you have to, since the Mayflash post-2009 is non-common ground), you have to wire each direction to a microswitch separately.

You supposed to wire each Microswitch separately.
That means two wires for each Direction.
So you have eight wires total, not five.

You are to wire it how the stock Joystick was done.

Get rid of that connector.
And desolder the Joystick PCB if you want.

Could i possibly get a high-ish res screen showing where to solder what and exactly where to cut? All other posts i’ve seen of it either are covered by a gate or are too low quality to distinguish.

I have no highres image, but I will try and explains

  1. Desolders the microswitch on your JLF off the PCB. So they become 4 indivdial switches like this

  2. Simply solder two wires from each microswitch to each of the directional joint on the Mayflash PCB.

That really should be all you need. Once you got all of the microswitch working at the same time, simply put it back on your JLF. The OctoGate should hold them together without the PCB.

Just remove the board.
Don’t need to cut.

So if i’m understanding this, the PCB is responsible for the common ground?


Will give it a try and post back, can understand the reasoning, will just see the practical application of it.

It works. It finally works. I don’t believe it =] Now to get some graphic designs on.

Thanks all for the support