Mayflash Arcade Stick help

I just got the mayflash arcade stick and before i decided to get into moding the thing, i figured i’d make sure it works. and it works with my pc and not my 360. im pretty new to arcade sticks, is there something i’m missing? i thought it was plug and play =[

…Last I checked their stick was PS2/PS3/PC, not 360.

This is the Mayflash USB Fighting Stick - - right? The one that specifically says Playstation 2, Windows, and Playstation 3…

=[ it says it right on the bottom: “ps2/ps3/pc usb/gc/wii/xbox360”

maybe a marketing scam? =[

that is the stick, but i got mine from amazon cuz the shipping from that site was 40 bucks…crap ? It too specifically says PS2 PS3 PC.

The stick is from a company in china that just sells knockoff parts (apart from their switches), it wouldn’t surprise me to see false advertising on the package its self.

Long story short - no, it shouldn’t work with the 360.

=[ k, well ill search the forums to mod this pos, thanks for the help

This is the main thread going about modding the Mayflash stick -


The 360 claim is a little ambitious but it’s implying that you use their Max Shooter Converter with the PS2 end.